The 10 Super Cool Ways to Boost Your Water Intake

The 10 Super Cool Ways to Boost Your Water Intake

Water - the most important and basic need of our body. It not only removes toxins from the body but also keeps health problems like indigestion and fatigue under control, dehydration.

Not that in spite of all the wonderful things the water for our bodies, we would have missed out on his daily intake of it. Here are some fun ways to increase your water intake!

1. Replace the boring glass of water with high water content food

Water, no matter how beneficial, simple and gets more boring than a threshold. So why not consider some alternative! However, high water content food enough that you can help to meet the water needs of your body. Watermelon, apples, broccoli, citrus, berries, fruits and veggies like carrots and cucumber moist perfection replacement. In addition, foods like grains and cereals are a good amount of water.

2. Cut down on coffee

Has a diuretic effect like coffee and cola drinks. It can leave you feeling short of water. So, let this cup of coffee or a glass of soda, and reach out for a glass of water instead! Another great thing you can do is to replace your morning cup of coffee with green tea. Green tea has less caffeine than coffee and is packed with health benefits.

3. Drink with a straw

This is a cool and interesting idea! Obviously, you drink with a straw to drink more and more water in less time. So why not give it a try!

4. Go for liquid foods when you feel like snacking

Liquid food like juices and smoothies are high on water content and are made from fruits that are rich in H2O. If you feel like snacking time, a healthy smoothie will not only convenient but also compassion infuse more liquid in your body!

5. Let your smartphone do the trick

Apple and Android with so many creative applications available in the Android Market, do not install the one that keeps track of your water intake! And send timely reminders to motivate you to do more in a water H2O app by showing relevant data. Not an app, you can set yourself a reminder on your phone. Do not leave any chance of forgetting to drink!

6. Invest in a fancy bottle

It can act as an incentive! With so many beautiful and creative options, style, shape, or color or design, you can take a water bottle trick is (like glasses can be equally effective) Your water bottle to your companion, wherever you go and take it up, and sipping!

7. Put more water in your drinks

With more water will double benefit for the weak mocktails, iced tea or lemonade. First, you have to drink more water. Secondly, you can enjoy the taste without consuming too many calories.

8. Make water more appealing

How jazzed up about the taste of plain water in drinking glass face! Put a few slices of lemon or fresh mint leaves H2O and enjoy their food.

9. Flavored ice cubes

Sometimes adding a flavor to your glass of water looks like a day job, then why not taste ice cubes at once. Cut the fruit into small pieces and place of your choice in the ice tray with water. Glass cubes and add water to make it interesting sipping!

10. Set water rituals

Water Ritual care to ensure a healthy intake of water through the word, or social affiliation. You can team up with them to drink more water in a day is who can bet with your family members or colleagues or with other regular water breaks.