The 10 Ways The World Turned Topsy-Turvy Post 9/11

The 10 Ways The World Turned Topsy-Turvy Post 9/11

Since they are 16 years mighty steel bird hit the World Trade Center towers in New York City. Critical moment for Windows smithereens, changed the world.

It's an army of many "military war" launched called from as far away.

10. Afghanistan

Towers crashed just a few weeks after that first attack on Afghanistan. But the United States rejected the whole world seemed to sympathize. Gradually, the South Asian crisis, Pakistan, Iran suffers from, engulfed Iraq's neighbors and spread the fire. Debris will be picked up, but those who have witnessed atrocities of war will never be repeated.

9. China versus America

Sixteen years later, the economies of China and the United States many of us on the facade of the Afghan war as a game. Since 1989, the United States did not see a rival. It was the only world policeman and China seemed to threaten the strong economy to strengthen its rapid.

Presence in Afghanistan has been deemed to be a presence in China in the region.
You can read more about the US than China Article 10 facts about South Asian geopolitics.

8. Islamophobia

People are literally living in the West to "year" that saw the changing of faces among friends and neighbors. He called Muslims being terrorists and "were notorious for making a clock" called bad deeds United.

7. America has more fuel

Well, it beats the hell out of countries that have oil reserves for crying out loud. Although many people say that it is proved otherwise in a controversy- statistics.

6. Better democracy in Middle East

In Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, long backed been pushed out of office by the military dictators. A corpse is no justification for molesting, people held back eventually found out, anger and emotions, back decades.

5. The increased application of social media

It makes you wonder why it failed, but part of Turkey Erdogan coup to be able to call them for help via social media. So the next time plans a general uprising, they close down web services in the country? Now people have a strong voice. Such as "intelligence", "military" and "espionage" things are normal words drawing room. "Terror on terror" similar to Facebook, Twitter and similar services because there is no secret to sure.

4. People live in fear- generally

Some bit of kerfuffle in train crash in New Jersey. Everyone was thinking that this is some kind of terrorist activity, ran away from the crash point. Usually, people can be said at any time as they live in fear and terror. While better quality of life may be, is less a sense of security.

3. Militarization

Although bin Laden is gone, more than ever military organizations all over the world. Part of US weapons and more countries, such as the war was built did not want to be dragged into going to China. China's South China Sea and has increased its military presence in general. Who is looking after the peak of prosperity, it aims to mark the creation of the army.

2. Harder immigration, increased airport scrutiny

Immigrants have made countries with expertise, money or ideas such as Canada opened themselves to US economy- others may benefit, while it increasingly difficult to get into the country. Airport security will hold people with so crazy that they are clean before they Laden in custody for hours or days.

1. The world is upside down

Add bombs and weapons of the environment is ruined because of the dramatic increase in global warming. Even if it does, otherwise we can put in danger the existence demands the attention of men will have other pressing issues.

Arab Spring, followed by the Middle East after Iraq, Iran, Syria, lurking on the Saudi border in other countries of Lebanon and after it has been spread to the rest of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and others (the can reach the same Arabia and Yemen). When we see hungry for power, humanity is going to disown it did not stop trying to control people or that, we can not be surprised thinking?