The Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools for 2015-2016

The Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools for 2015-2016

Playboy's top 10 party schools in the annual ranking, Ohio in 2015. The Playboy Party Schools university last spring block parties that college music festival for 2015. Ohio University in Athens is known to have been held simultaneously with the semester. Ohio has been shown at previous lists but still claimed first place this year. According to Time magazine, you spend time on the party to the "table of a hill called the Hill" and is famous for all time keep hopping around the college town. Playboy 1987, 2002, published the list of party schools in 2006, and every year since 2009. Playboy nightlife, sports, creative gatherings, musical events and America's best party schools ranking and UVA come out on top. Here is the list of party schools in Playboy's Top 10 for 2015 below.

2015 Top 10 Party Schools status by Playboy rate

10. University of Michigan

As great as long as you know where to go party life. For better or worse, students of the University of Michigan is known for throwing big parties. This is one of the reasons is 10th among the top 10 party schools designated as U-M for Playboy in 2015.

9. University of Mississippi

Mississippi University's ninth Party Schools 2015 list of Top 10 Playboy. This list includes the SEC school. Playboy said that it was about this on its website

8. University of Wisconsin

7. Syracuse University

6. University of Texas

5. University of Illinois

4. Tulane University

3. Florida State University

2. University of Iowa

1. Ohio University

The good news is, four times in the past on the list for Ohio University students, it seems that the top-ranked partied ourselves out this year.

Princeton Review’s Top 10 Party Schools for 2015

The Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools for 2015-2016

#1. University of Illinois
#2. University of Iowa
#3. University of Wisconsin
#4. Bucknell University
#5. Syracuse University
#6. University of California, Santa Barbara
#7. West Virginia University
#8. University of Georgia
#9. Tulane University
#10. Colgate University