The World’s 10 Most Populated Cities

The World’s 10 Most Populated Cities

It's a big, big world out! According to the US Census Bureau (USCB), there are 7.29 billion people living on this planet. So, that will be very interesting to see parts of the population.

Here is a list of the cities, which is the most populated in the world.

10 most populated cities in the world.

10) Dhaka

In Dhaka with a growing population of 12 million (12,043,977), is the capital of Bangladesh. The Bengal on the east bank of the Buriganga River Delta.

Financial and cultural center of the country, which has a population density of 8.229 / km2. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

9) Moscow

Capital of 12.2 million (12,197,596) of the inhabitants of Russia's most populous city, Moscow. Russian economy, culture, politics and Eastern Europe as well as the center for scientific research in Russia.

Density of 4.859 / km2 population having, Moscow is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. The most populous city in Europe, the Moscow Metro is the coldest city in the world.

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8) Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is one of the most populated cities in India. It has a population of 12.47 million (12,478,447). Mumbai lies on the west coast of the country, which makes it a hub for business in India.

With the astonishing population density of 21,000 / km2, Mumbai is the hub for financial and commercial activities. This is one of the top 10 commercial centers of the world. It is also a renowned entertainment heart of India. It also is home to several stock exchanges such as Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange of India and the Reserve Bank of India.

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7) Guangzhou

Guangzhou is located in Guangdong province in southern China. Its population of 12.7 million (12,700,800), which makes it the most populous city in China 4rth.

With 1,900 / km2 population density, is the main center of the city, the Pearl River Delta is the leading manufacturing regions in China.

6) Lagos

With a population of 13.4 million (13,400,000), Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria. It is also the seventh fastest growing city in the world. Density 13.405 / km2 population having, Lagos is the most populous in the Africa region.

Tourism is also growing in Lagos Like this development. The people here are based on modest and general business.

5) Istanbul

The most populous and largest city in Turkey, Istanbul has a population of 14.4 million (14,377,019) people. This history, in the heart of Istanbul's culture and economy. Part of the city of Istanbul, in the European continent and other parts laying in the Middle East, is unique by determining its geographical location. , And made a lot of reasons, Istanbul is a major issue.

The density of 2,767 / km2 population having, Istanbul's population has grown ten-fold since 1950. It is also known as the European capital of tourism, culture.

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4) Tianjin

Northern China by 2013, its population is located, 14.7 million (14,722,100). Taijan variety of both sides. Is an urban area and Binhai, which the new urban area. Binhai, Tianjin Industrial is one of the fastest growing in terms of financial and economic activities.

With 1,300 / km2 population density, Tianjin is also popular with tourists. The first is the most important places which are visited by tourists: Five Great Avenues, Tianjin Italian Style Town, Tianjin Zoo and People's Park.

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3) Beijing

China's capital city, the 3rd most populous in the world, by far. 21.5 million (21,516,000) of the population with a population density of 1,300 / km2 ,, it is the country's center for education, culture and politics. Talking about politics, when the city, the center of politics in the country for eight centuries.

In addition to a simplification of Beijing, known as the 'Beijing', the world, is the 2nd busiest airport in Beijing Capital International Airport.

2) Karachi

Pakistan's biggest city, also known as the 'city of lights to illuminate the night life, is the second most populous city in the world. This is a home for all business activities, whether banking, trading economy.

Too much of the truth of 23.5 million (23,500,000) is from Karachi, Pakistan almost, because all the corporations main business center. 6,663 / km2 density of population, it is also an important center of higher education in the Muslim world.

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1) Shanghai

If you think that China is famous for its billion dollar export business, you are wrong. 24 million (24,150,000) with the living, the living spirit of 2013, Shanghai is the most populous city in the world. Population density, 3,800 / km2 date, the time is growing, it is as well-known foreign investment center.

Shanghai for its beautiful natural beauty and many historical landmarks, attracting thousands of tourists. Shanghai, some like the name. This is called the "Paris of the East".

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