Top 10 Best American Road Trips

Top 10 Best American Road Trips

Season is for road trips! What is the best way to do this road trip, to want to see more of America. There are so many places to go, it is difficult to make - but take a look at 10 some of the most amazing options:

Top 10 American Road Trip - The Ultimate Road Trip

10. Skyline Drive, VA

Distance: 105 miles
Skyline Drive cuts through Shenandoah Valley, passengers had a peek at how the country was discovered by Columbus before. Shenandoah State Park and the head of the visitor center. A few miles away, where you will start to climb the mountains of the Blue Ridge, and begins really the point.

Many cliff-top lookouts, if you see the turn-off as for the drive. A black bear, if you are very lucky, white-tailed deer, the skunks, rabbits, and - you can see some of the local wildlife. So you can stop to take several hiking trails in the park, bring a bag and some shoes.

List Maker: If you do not get enough early, are known to get pretty foggy in the area. In the earliest hours of the morning, turns the mountain ridges of the islands in the mist and fog roll.

9. Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway, CO-UT

Distance: 480 miles
Prehistoric Highway will have to create your own curiosity as air through history. Traveling through western Colorado and Utah, the route takes you through gorges and valleys, arid plateaus and hairpin turns.
To meander along the loop, and whether the area that take a few days to stop to admire the numerous rivers. Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry miss. Dinosaur buffs, this is the most prolific area for dinosaur fossils of the Jurassic era. Stop here to see the bones of dinosaurs and Jurassic Park again.

List Maker: In this way, the Arches National Park, the route will pass through the park, which has made famous. Just before Moab, you'll find hundreds of other jaw-dropping rock formations in Arches Park in yourself more natural than the 200, as well.

8. The Southwest’s Four Corners

Distance: 525 miles
Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico takes you through - in Flagstaff, starting at AZ, the journey of four states. You will pass through the layers of paint woods, where the red and white mix. Search through the many parks and Telluride, CO, Rocky Mountains on eccentrics and moved to a small town artist. Stand on the main street and look up - you'll see when you get there you are looking for.

List Maker: Telluride trip by traveling over the hills and mountains that surround the village. Take a ride on the mountain gondola, and you will experience the scenery is not to be missed.

7. Alaska’s Seward Highway, AK

Distance: 127 miles
In this way, the definition of remote. If you are looking to spend some time to get away from it all, and no people, cars or traffic, you need to take it on the road.

You go over the Kenai Peninsula Anchorage to Seward, and will take on. Make sure to stop and see beluga whales Bird Point. Summer turns into a mass of wildflowers - Head Mount Alyeska Central. You end Seward, I'm in a quaint little town with plenty of rooms available!

List Maker: After arriving in Seward, you will have the chance to see Resurrection Bay. If you really want to get a feel for it, discovered it in a boat. If you are lucky you can see humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, otters and other amazing wildlife.

6. The Loneliest Road, CA – MD

Distance: 3,200 miles
If you are looking for a day trip to the country at the end of lonely road to travel. This way all the way from Washington DC, capital of the country, San Francisco, CA to take you

Utah and offer breathtaking sites of the desert night sky Nevada desert. In the Midwest, fields stretch from horizon to horizon. Then you move to the east, and rises to meet the ancient Appalachian Mountains. Perfect image for their cross, and to find peacefulness quiet of Maryland Eastern Shore more travel - transformation journey in life to find a hit with the power and prestige of his Washington DC End.

List Maker: Lack of lonely road through the Great Basin National Park, which has been a favorite photography spots for years. One of the finest places to stay here for a night or two camping. You'll get amazing photos during the day and the night sky will blow you away.

5. Pacific Coast Highway, WA – CA

Distance: 1,650 miles
Starting in Washington, this drive takes you down to the beach - literally. Peak State Park is the starting point, and you can see the waves breaking almost all the way down to the Mexican border. Washington and Oregon rocky cliffs and sandy beaches, green forests and deserts of the south abandoned. Just to name a few, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle and San Diego - you'll drive through some of the most diverse cities in the United States.

List Maker: This road takes you through the tree so old and large, the great redwood forest, you can drive a car through them! Ready Giants Avenue stops a drive of its own, so frequent.

4. Route 66

Distance: 2,400 miles
This road is more than a road - for Americans, classic cars, James Dean and the sweet smell of nostalgia. Classic Diners mile journey, the mark of the old school shops and town that time forgot. Check Meramec Caverns in Missouri, and take a dip in the Colorado River. Be yourself get swept back at a convenient time on a classic American road.

List Maker: Route 66, takes you through the Grand Canyon is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Better fill the tank!

3. The Oregon Trail

Distance: 3,300 miles
Oregon tracking from Massachusetts, Oregon Trail is a look back in time. Starting at Oregon's rugged coast, and head east. You have the option to prevent multiple sites, including Mount Rushmore, the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls. Do not stop there, though - keep and Martha Vineyard, Cape finish their journey of life with cod, lobster and throughout the United States.

List Maker: Oregon Trail takes you through the Yellowstone National Park. This super volcano also occur geysers, waterfalls, abundant wildlife and basically any outdoor activity is possible as you could imagine.

2. Overseas Highway, FL

Distance: 113 miles
Some of the best seafood around, and for some of the best views of your life, you can not miss a trek through the Florida Keys. Starting south of Miami, this one-way journey in the sea, seem like a stone skipping across the water on the island skips. Key Largo heading Life of the island, the ground suddenly disappeared, gives a taste and drive more miles of nothing but water.

Hit the island after island as you make your way to the lower keys, you will find boats for dolphin watching and fishing on the piers. Keep an eye out for endangered Key deer of danger, and to take off the pedal in perspective. You'll finally Key West, turn around 90 miles from Cuba, but you'll have left your heart in the sea.

List Maker: John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park is, of course, coral reefs glass boat trips, scuba and snorkeling offer down, and. Sea turtles, dolphins and tropical fish water again, and this is where you can see Christ "as the weather permits sculpture" deep.

1. Maui’s Hana Coast, HI

Distance: 52 miles
Only 52 miles long, you do not think Hawaii Hana Coast will be more than a road trip. However, it requires slow driving and winding road goes up again. Not only fruit, but also to allow the car to wear off disease - so often recommended to prevent hairpin turns, can put drivers and passengers to shore.

Kahului, where you can take the time to visit the museum of arts and cultural or Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum. It can really get a feel for the locals, is a popular tourist destination. Then, hit the trail!

, Eden, stop in Hawaii botanical garden garden, then move on to waterfalls and swimming spots. Do not turn off the chances to see waterfalls and beaches everywhere. You can finally Hanna, will be finished in a small town on the beach. Stay for sunset, and the air is like for the locals, get a real feel for it.

List Maker: Waianapanapa State Park offers beaches, caves and treacherous waters of the luxurious black sands. Sometimes, in the view of a crab bloom just once in a lifetime, turns blood red.

So, fill the tank and select a road trip! Adventure waits at every turn.

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