Top 10 Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

Top 10 Craziest Japanese Video Games Ever

Japan clearly has some degree of wondrous- and funny. Scary Urban Legends of funny foods and dishes, the game was not won over to a source of inspiration for programmers and developers.

However, the way the developers took away the idea of ​​a unique plot and captivating gameplay a bit. Thus, he has produced a number of unusual game, which is a deviation from what really make sense or logic in a form you can call. After digging around in every nook and cranny of the world wide web and running around, to play with the craziest, most unbelievable plot and gameplays came up with this list.
We'll let us, we begin?

10- Hatoful Boyfriend

Have you ever walked down the street and saw the most beautiful dove, and it just feels like it's surprised? Rock doves mesmerizing you often fantasize about romantic dinner?
If your answer is yes, this is the game for you. By PigeoNation Inc., Hatoful boyfriend dating dove is a game primarily about different birds. A high school girl, is a hunter / gather and play as living in a cave in the woods. Game Institute of St. PigeoNation, all students, which takes place in a high school well, birds. Men can choose from different birds, including a scary partridge in a 8 role of the school nurse and a lot more like an undead pedophile.

If he already has to include each person is not the Chinese game rather than 'no' to 'everybirdie some puns like using. Really, you, Japan, thanks for making me more confident in my skills pun.

9- Creature To Koi Shiyo!

Koi creatures of Shiyo! (To be in love with the creation of two) is a perfect example that love can come in any shape, form or species. In this game from Triplethreat, you are left alone with his sister, Ichitarou, game, play as a character whose parents work overseas. Spark a pretty decent set for a romantic, huh? Beautiful childhood friend where character comes in Kokoro.

Except for that, the actual cricket Kokoro. Not only that, but -not a baseball sister original Ichitarou a bat, thanks. During the game, each character is probably some sort of creature. The game has three endings, and like every other visual novel, the ending you get is based on your choices throughout the hours of gameplay. This game taught me one important thing:

8- Doki Doki Majo Shinpan!

Witch alert! Witch alert! Who is going to save us? Not Ghostbusters, but you.

DS is a game developed by Doki Doki SNK Playmore. In this game, you who Akuji, -funny a high school boy Laidback how they, as all who play in high school. Here are the Laidback, cares nothing about anything that wears really cool attitude of being ", which is synonymous to a friend. Only then, he has Lulu, the witches in school and approached by a spirit which tells him that they need to 'expose'. Therefore, our great heroes stop being a couch potato and hold to get some witches.

Wait, but how is he going to do? Here comes the fun part. Apparently, Lulu and Akuji late puberty, the feeling here is that the only way to prevent them from groping them Akuji witches exposed rubbing and tickling in the right places. They also need to confront them with some of their own stuff to make it even more 'afraid' to them.

This summing up, Akuji A sexual harassment, Lulu's actually a lost soul in a 850-year-old high school student body and this game should be played in a cupboard away from any form of life. Watch this video.

7- Seaman

Reading the title game for the first time, it makes you think that this sea adventure or looking for their lost water bottle is a game about the story of a fisherman. Despite this, Japan will never give us anything easy. This game, developed by Vivarium and Jellyvision, a lot closer than you think My Talking Angela.

In the game, you own a pet -The Sailor is a very special species. Sailor turns into the Toad is a fish, which resemble some reason. The difference is just the thing, and apparently it offend you, it is a human face. Of course, it is your role as a professional mariner master mouth tame the wild fish. However, since it is fairly tame, it will still offend you.

Mushroomer in a Links Gillman, a Podfish, a Tadman and Frogman: follow the 5 steps of the sailor. Personally speaking, it haunted me ever since I played this game in the face of the fish, so basically it's a success.

6- Catherine

Afraid of a commitment in their thirties? Check. His girlfriend wants real commitment? Check. Another woman, girlfriend and more hotter than a hard Yandere? Check. Sheep? Quadruple check.

In this game, Atlus developed by one, but it is probably one of the best investment minds crushing. With the crowd will start popping up everywhere as he was the main character of the game, commitment issues, focuses on dreams and sheep. In this game, you lead a pretty normal life with Vincent, his girlfriend, Katherine play as a man. Now, notice that we have here at how to write Catherine K. Catherine. Crushed brain.

Then, he wakes up naked, that, to Catherine than these luscious ringlets of the hair. He feels sorry for cheating on Kim K. Katherine, but again they are filled with a sense of attention to Catherine.

He is constantly running all over dreams. These dreams mainly claws about to follow her, climb stairs block, once again, the sheep to kill for and a little gameplay after threatening to materialize in real life, owners to fight. He looks with beautiful horns, like a goat.

This game is truly unique, with it all. But after all, sheep?

5- Kato and Ken

The best attack power ever - Cut and cans, or Jay. A game from Hudson & Company, Jeff, TurboGrafx-16 and Virtual Console. Where you choose to play with the somewhat a platform game, that you reap a character or cans or games. God knows what the detectives are going on a great adventure to save a trader.

The concept in itself is very simple. However, the Super Mario Bros. Platform, go through the jump, avoid enemies and fall to your death, pretty well, which is that this game made the project out of it while a dose relationship for inspiration in bathroom Think.

You see, you face enemies and pooping birds flying over your head, occasionally an animal other than throw them secretly and soda cans you throw your garbage men. Friend farting special attack you, and you will see a man urinating near some bushes while you are on your way. However, spray paint their attacks in the US version, and every slave man. Lame.

4- Mister Mosquito

The main character of a game with a worm. A stray bugs in it. This, by the zoom Inc., is your guide to understanding the odds of a mosquito's life.

In this game your goal, Yamada is to suck blood from family members. Aside from the fact that the Japanese Yamada probably the most mainstream it, this game is nothing mainstream about it. You go through different stages, a full family members attacking one after another.

Of course, on your daughter. In the bath.

But hey, a mosquito to take this opportunity. Then, as you will turn into some kind of battle mode, the target is being sucked out be careful when driving. You have to attack specific pressure points to calm them.

I have never been so sympathetically a mosquito in my life.

3- RapeLay

RapeLay a game takes a completely different turn in the depeloped, bizarre plot by the illusion. In this game, just like the name implies, rape.

The main purpose of you Masaya Kimura, a hunter play as it is to rape the mother and Kiryuu family of two daughters. The game gives you groping and provide multiple options and sexual positions you can choose from including family members on a crowded train public undressing and raping them there.

Not only that, but you can play the game in many ways, including the mode of rape. The game is almost a liberation not finish the game, but the specific date in which the rapist is dead. It is served like a pig.
However, this game is very strange, it's actually very sick and disturbing. I had a really strange fantasies as a young man.

2- Gakuen Handsome

We have seen so far, sheep, insects, pigeons and a game about witches. This totally beats them all. This is a game dedicated solely sharp chins.

BL Gakuen beautiful team is a visual novel by YokkyuFuman. This game basically BL (Boys' Love) is a fun parody of the sport in general. The game has your country start with a seven-year absence is an all boys high school get to choose an unknown name- character-.

No, he's a mad professor, very firm on their grade of president of the student council at the second and a narcissistic yandere who tries to commit suicide after falling stabs people with his chin that along with a group of people.

This game is awesome guys on the show, but really. Chins.

1- Sweet Pool

Another sweet pool BL visual novel, this time by Nitro + chiral. By far, this strange madness game ever played in any game plot. Ever.

Story Sakiyama Youji, who is a Catholic high school -cause Jesus follows a boy important- health problems after a long absence. He is a cuckoo in the head, met three boys there a crazy seal. Pretty routine now, huh?

Leaving an important day, Youji starts menstruating his butthole. Since then, he has little blobs of flesh monsters start pages. It Youji those parasites of your job to choose the right course to make during the game to help defeat that spurted out behind them.

Except that, the game is no happy ending, as you will spend hours of gameplay to decide who will die Youji. They can also be eaten, so yes, variety is the key. Wonderful.

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