Top 10 The Dog Breeds to Join Your Family

Top 10 The Dog Breeds to Join Your Family

Many families can not imagine a home without a tail and shakes to slobber. Anyone think the dog will be a great addition to your family, but the fact is the advantage of a family atmosphere than some breeds.

These races are better than most in having a family, protect his pack, and being around children.

Top 10 Dog Breeds to Join Your Family

10. Lab

Pros: always cheerful and energetic, the Labrador Retriever is a rare family pets. The big race is one of the most popular dogs for families due to their loveable and loyal nature. They are happy and living for their families. They love the outdoors and is a non-aggressive, gentle nature.

CONS: Can be difficult to train the lab will play continuously. He was known for his infamous and chewing dog eating garbage disposals and foreign objects to being called to arms, and doctor again to remove.

Fun Fact: Newfoundland Labrador Retrievers is.

9. Collie

Pros: Collies are friendly and eager to please. They tend to be very good with other pets and children, and family. Because they are high-maintenance grooming his thick, double coat, though she is beautiful symbol. She's athletic, loyal and sincere and great agility dogs. He will excel in intelligent and alert and watching out for his family.

CONS: Because of their history as a herding breed, they need to train fiend against the heel plate. The natural family, which until you have not a bad attribute as continuous training of the herd with her class pinch.

Fun Fact: TV star Lassie: Collie is the most famous may be the most famous dog in pop culture history.

8. Poodle

Pros: The poodles, fluffy friendly, and highly intelligent beings. They are are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and very well behaved because of that. They are great for training and is a popular allergy symptom generation to use a hybrid process. They are patient with children and swimming. They come in three different sizes so you can choose the most appropriate dog for your lifestyle.

CONS: his beautiful coat can be very high maintenance. Although they do not shed, popular Poodle Grooming kit that requires frequent visits.

Fun fact: The name comes from the German word "pfudel," which "puddle" or "off" means a reference to his love for swimming.

7. English Bulldog

Professional English Bill Dogs love cute wrinkles and bags. This is a low energy level due to its short snout, short legs, and dense bodies medium-sized dog. They are happiest spending time with his family. He is a happy go lucky generation and low-maintenance coat. They are very much meant to be very good with children and other household pets.

CONS: They can be hard to have a tendency to be very stubborn and training for their short snouts drool and snore. They are not required to pay close attention to signs of greater tolerance for hot or cold temperatures and hot and overheating needed.

Fun Fact: English Bulldogs 1835, were used as the bull baiters when the practice was banned.

6. Golden Retriever

Pros: Golden Retriever of the dog based on the loveable, athletic and family. They love their families and will go to great lengths to protect them and to please. She loves being intelligent, fast learners, and a job to do. As the family is throwing a ball, the dog is the best choice.

CONS: Although they are fast learners, they can become easily distracted and can be stubborn so selfless. They also can lead to a relatively long recovery, flowy coat is put on children is a trend towards overexcitement.

Fun Fact: Golden generally trained guide dogs, therapy animals, and search and rescue dog.
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5. Boxer

Pros: For families, boxers are great companions. The low-maintenance short fur, a gentle demeanor, and an expressive face. They alert the faithful, making them great guard dogs, and observe the dog. They are active and love to spend time outdoors with his family.

CONS: They can be destroyed by what they are bored, but it is true as well for many generations. When they are not exercising because of their low tolerance to extreme cold or extreme heat, enjoy the indoor dogs.

Fun Fact: Boxer has his name from the boxing game. When I stood on the hindquarters, it is often the appearance of a vampire fighter who stood in the opposite color.

4. Irish Setter

Pros: passionate about Irish setters, and are happy to spend time with his family. They scatter, silly, and fun loving children. They are very good, and with naturally curious, adaptable children. She is beautiful and I love being the center of attention. They love variety, are trusting, and spending time outdoors. This breed is great for active families.

CONS: This sporting breed as they become destructive and desperate to have a ton of exercise. They are independent thinkers, which can be frustrating when training.

Fun Fact: While many assume that the English, Gordon and Irish setters varieties of the same species, they are all driven by their own races.

3. Vizsla

Pros: Vizslas, love, energetic and gentle. He was elected to the list of other races because of the nature of love. He was strong but light feet and long toes and lick themselves in a similar hygienic practices for a cat. They are special in that they do not smell like a dog and is considered "seed odorless."

CONS: They are very athletic and prefer a high level of exercise. Because of their high level of energy is important to look around children under 7 years can damage them by accident.

Fun Fact: Vizslas were a favorite of the mafia and war lords in the 18th and 19th century in Hungary alike.

2. German Shepherd

Pros: German Shepherd was originally bred as a shepherd and was eventually used as the most common police or military dogs. For this reason they are popular as extraordinary watchdogs and family pets. He is faithful and attached to their family and are dedicated to their protection. They are extremely intelligent and a family environment challenge them mentally and physically, I will proceed.

CONS: German Shepherd is correlated with more health problems than average generation. The hip dysplasia, pancreatic insufficiency, and malignant neoplasms, are among others.

Fun Fact: After the First World War, race and name briefly changed in the United States and Britain to avoid an unpopular association with Germany.

1. Portuguese Water Dog

Pros: It's love more water than this generation will be difficult to find a dog breed. The only thing I would love to play in water Puppy qualify them. They are very playful and attentive and obedient dog. They are angry and behave good with children and other pets. They are happy to strongly bond and lounging in your lap with your family.

CONS: It's important to find a reputable breeder or adoption center so they are prone to blindness. The coat is the coat of a poodle and similar grooming.

Fun Fact: Portuguese water dogs used to deliver messages between Spanish Armada vessel.

They are part of a family for their top 10 dog breeds, they are all happy. They love companionship and excel in a family environment. They love, security, and feel secure when they have a packet to be a part of it. More than any other generation, the need to please a pack and a family to bond to it. When considering a race to become a part of your family, do your research and make sure you find the right dog to fit your lifestyle and your family such as: that will give as much out of being part of.

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