Top 10 The Elusive Lost Treasures

Top 10 The Elusive Lost Treasures

We know they exist, but they are nowhere to be found. They are waiting for a lucky finder under water or napping in a mysterious place, treasures are buried.

Every day you will have to think twice before spending every cent of torturing yourself and work - but they are the most precious treasures waiting to be found.

The temptation is great, but the opportunity to find a treasure, is relatively small. Up to now, using every imaginable way for many people to get money and jewelry made countless attempts.

But perhaps it likes for lost car keys. And replace it sucks man, until one day he agreed to it. As lost treasures, numerous references exist. But exactly where they are located, remains a mystery.

The list is still considered as lost ten precious treasures, and you can get information which can create very rich. But before you go looking, you should consider the risks. Treasure Hunt did not bring luck to most people. On the contrary - many died in the campaign financial disaster.

Top 10 elusive Lost Treasures

10. The Lost Treasures of Oak Island

It is blessing or curse?
Oak is only 1.5 km long and 1 km wide in Iceland. It is located on Canada's east coast in the Gulf of Mahoney. The island is not known for its wealth, but that is why the curse claimed brave the money or even life.

In 1795, supposedly found some scraps of artificial holes and rope on a tree Woodcutter in an uninhabited island. Together they dug to a depth of nine meters with two friends. The artificial chambers without content pushed repeatedly.

For the shaft to expose the treasure, have been countless attempts over the following centuries. It was dug to a depth of about 60 meters. But wood, cement, metal and other building materials like bitumen, a strange label of stone, slate and could not find anything but a goatskin.

The most campaigns had to be aborted funds were exhausted. The treasure hunters after President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who in 1909 had tried his luck.

Numerous attempts to reach the expected treasure with various technical means, killing several people. The August 17, 1965, artist Robert Restall, his son and two workers drowned in a flooded mine shafts come. Treasure hunters killed a total of six. The Treasury will need seven lives, according to legend before it can be raised.

9. The treasure of the Nibelungs

Lost in the Rhine
Finance Nibelungs is one of the most famous treasures of Germany. Finance plays a key role in the Nibelung saga. So for that reason, several dozen trucks of gold and other treasures were sunk in the Rhine in the 5th century.

Hagen, the legendary hero Siegfried's killer, Burgundian, who was married to Queen Kriemhild treasure, then sank. By the way, Hagen said he wanted to protect the treasure from the vengeful Kriemhild. The original plan was to take the treasure back to shore. But it never happened. Treasure was lost.

Saga - was burgundy with Nibelung. Great family lived worms. Therefore, researchers believe that there are actually treasure. A clue can be found in the song Nibelung sink location. According treasure in the Rhine is still in the hole.

8. The Coco Island

Often in pirate gold
Costa Rica's Island, Cocos Island Treasure Island's most famous in the world belong, including the island called del Coco. Here are three hidden treasures. Moreover, Cocos Island served as a model for classic adventure "Treasure Island" written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The notorious pirate Edward Davis heavy treasure must be located anywhere on the Cocos Islands. Pirate late 17th century, spent two years on the island. Similar to buried pirate treasure of Benito in 1819 Bonito is also missing on the island. Besides these, Lima Church (1821) The hidden treasure is located on the island.

Now, try their luck at hundreds of Cocos Island treasure hunter and nothing found, sometimes doubloons (was changed to Spanish gold coins), single jewel pieces, bodies and card even if is. But worth the vast majority of items were missing more than a hundred million dollars a day.

7. The Treasure of Ohlstadt

Treasure hiding place of Knight Weichs
Weichs Night Garmisch-Partenkirchen lived in a house that stood near the Ohlstadt. Klein called home garden was a gold mine in massif.

The castle was successfully defended the invasion of Augsburg, Knight hiding pass their entire wealth, 15 mules, and the gold is considered. The entrance was filled with lumps.

Friendly to leave some unforgettable sight, he leaves a "V" from stone around Weichs. He later died in Italy and has been considered as lost after your treasures.

Hunters found several stones were marked with a "V" with Roman number "V". In addition to two gold coins in the 50s from the 12th or 13th century emerged kaser of ALM.

6. The treasure of the “Sea Devil” Graf Felix von Luckner

True or false?
Felix von Luckner "was known by the name of the devil". In 1897 at the age of sixteen, he was getting a Russian sailing vessel services under a fake name. Then went to the top of his career. He later earned Navigator in 1903, he was appointed captain in 1910 as an officer and four years later by Prince Henry.

During the First World War Luckner he broke through to the British naval blockade among others made a name as a lieutenant commander. During his military career, sank ships to Luckner 14 23.

A Swedish museum are considered to be a treasure map and Luckner ship "Eagle" that exists on various other items. Treasure Trapped in August 1917. "The Eagle" (told several hundred pounds, including the location of his death Luckner treasure of gold, which should happen historian friend stashed away) on a rock in Mopelia already. However, the treasure was never found.

5. The Treasure of the Knights of Templar

Brought to safety under the cover of darkness
Knights Templar founded during the Crusades, which was very rich and influential. Templers after they were forced to leave Jerusalem, and France, they have, however, followed in 1307 and where the king was moved by Philip disempowered.

So as not to let the King Philip rich treasure was hidden. Knights Templar Jean de CHALON told the court moved to Paris in October 1307 in valuables horse-drawn vehicles. Since then, several legends about the treasure chest where it was moved.

So we treasure, in the example that I can give advice GISORS in the north west of Paris in a ruined castle. 1944 was actually a well and several chests and statues discovered in an underground room that was accessible from the bottom of the tunnel. However, no finder Robert Llomoy believe again in danger of collapse due to the tunnels.

The French army led the excavation of the castle was closed to the public in 1964. Soldiers reopened several underground tunnels. Had not been told about the treasure trove.

4. The Gold Reef Harold Lasseter

A gold mine in Central Australia
In 1897, Harold Lasseter's Opalsuche to his fortune, traveled to Australia. However, he was there with little success. Therefore, they have three horses on the way from Alice Springs to Sydney Harbour, begin to take them home.

This ride he found a stone that was in a sandy desert and two meters high and almost straight. He saw the green rocks, and he, to his surprise gold in rock samples which have. Rock Riff He formation of an end, which followed with his horse.

Lasseter ultimately die of thirst was found by a land surveyor. Analysis of rock samples revealed exceptionally high gold content. Before the return of the gold lode Lasseter, passed several years. They took pictures and samples again sketched and Gold Reef.

Lasseter thirst in the return trip, they found his body in the desert together with notes and samples. However, gold remains missing up to now.

Since then, the subject of countless speculation and rumors about the mysterious Gold Reef Place. However, some people even doubt its existence: such a book in 1981, Harold tried to prove that a con man and was nothing more than a charlatan.

3. The Lost Gold of the Nazis

Gold in Toplitzsee?
Toplitzsee an idyllic lake in the Austrian Salzkammergut. The lake is 718 meters high and is about 100 meters deep. At a depth of 20 meters, there is no oxygen in the lake. Very difficult or even impossible to rotting fallen trees. Diving is very dangerous.

It is believed that at the time of National Socialism was plunged into Lake booty. So, I already do much to treasure, including many groups, mini-submarines. So far, much has been found in the lake, only to sleep. Thus, in addition to various war relics, British counterfeit money and taken before a light box with unknown worm.

Treasure hunt in Toplitzsee already claimed its victims. It was a brave dive at some who died in 1963. So after diving in Toplitzsee 2000 was prohibited by 1983., Toplitzsee is being investigated by experts.

2. The treasures of Klaus Stortebeker

Friendly Finance chalk cliffs
Stortebeker a North German Pirate, who was probably born on the island of Rugen. With his legendary vessel "red devil", he taught the people fear hanseatic various coastal towns.

Stortebeker captured tons of gold and other valuables with the team, but only one out of them. The "Red Devil 1401 Gold April 22, which was hidden in the masts" was discovered after his arrest.

The Hidden Treasure never been found. Maybe, possibly this treasure on the island of Rugen Jasmund chalk cliffs in a cave near the National Park. The chair of the cave that is believed to be in a plateau level of about 200 square kilometers. 118 meters is one of the highest elevations of the composition of the stone chair.

1. The Ursuline treasure

Vast amounts of gold and silver down to earth
The city of Le Mans in France, just before the Ursuline convent where nuns had to be rebuilt in 1790. A prison was expelled from the monastery, he brought his hand to protect a treasure in Malaysia.

Over the centuries, the monastery wealth was amassed. There was a total of five large chests can be filled with gold and silver. It was transferred to a secret underground trapdoor. With the help of a call to Mason, was dropped into a hole locker. Began to disappear chests. He was re-bricked hole.

28 years later the monastery was destroyed by fire. On the site, there is a garden, which is located a 250 m long transfer system. The monastery treasure is mentioned in chronicles, it could not be taken up until now.

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