Top 10 The Facts About South-Asian Geopolitics

Top 10 The Facts About South-Asian Geopolitics

If you want to rule the world, you need to get the big money or big brain. America has both China is catching up with both. The troubled political situation and "fact" that America stood on the brink of bankruptcy.

Top Facts About South-Asian Geopolitics

10. ASEAN states- geographically

States mainland area of ​​the peninsula and stretches from Indonesia to the Philippines are building a network of archipelagos. As a regional bloc of states (but very loosely) tied together by ASEAN. The important role played by China in the block as it is the economy that is both a major and the brain.

9. The co-operation between the states

Differences in regional disparities and economic power blocks are limited and to cooperate with the United Nations to become a powerful block more responsible "outside powers" yourself. States "compassion", "within the sovereignty recovery" and a region "where it is" to create a balance ever comes in green and timeless approach.

8. The South-China Sea

China through a newly dotted area (an area of ​​Kings) claimed a specific area of ​​the South China Sea on the basis of its historical importance for the country that he is drawn to the sea. The Philippines claims and played a bit role by taking her Quirino atoll islands and Scarborough Shoal effectively control it, except that he claimed in 2012.

It is the United States encourages the Philippines and the United States signed an agreement in 1952, under which the island's security responsibilities U.S.

7. Importance of the South-China Sea

China's economy is flourishing, but it does so on an export-based economy. So many experts to be the extension of the temporary peak was seen in Japan and Germany. China's South China Sea runs through his property worldwide. Among the ASEAN countries, it is to each other and with proximity to stop, especially foreign intervention sufficiently west by keeping states over considerable distances to prevent banding "divide and rule" . China hope that it provides sufficient incentives for regional countries will accept as inevitable dominance in the region.

6. Expansion in South China Sea

Although the United States worried that China is aware of the reluctance of the US to a direct conflict with China in the sea. Ex-making therefore takes full advantage of it and the trade route, the sea continues to increase. Yes, it's all about money!

5. Involvement of the U.S Technological Giants

Google, Apple and IBM as technology companies are "proven" has been spying for the United States via their local technology. I asked the Chinese but also faces a certain extent the US government to companies in turn calls for a technological shift within the companies. The economy is the main contributor, the companies have enough bargaining power to voice their concerns on the US policy on China.

4. U.S controlled seas and Chinese trade

More than 80 US military forces in the seas around the world. It also has the power to sign and stubborn sign of interference and paranoia. Yet, if we believe you are a super power, can be a little against him. Chinese trade mainly relies on control of the seas by the US Here comes CPEC- China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

3. The CPEC

Is stored in the ocean and Chinese trade officials in Beijing on domestic producers and trading partners seeking to expand its trading. Build an economic corridor through Pakistan is an example of this strategy. A century ago, the Chinese were not seen as an emerging superpower, but are changing in South Asia and with them, the political and economic situation states face they become more aware of the security challenges change.

2. The visits by Philippines and Malaysia

Chinese claims over the South China Sea are not just "trading route". Claims that the rich sea life in the areas of oil and gas reserves. The Philippines and China appreciated the scorning the President of China visited the Philippines dollars recently and earned billions for investors. It also noted that refused joint military exercises with the US and Chinese naval presence is no longer fishermen are harassed.

Malaysia's skin is bound to visit the Republic and his Facebook status he mentioned to resolve their differences amicably to international conflicts. He signed 10 economic agreements during the visit included the defense.

1. China’s vows

According to the Chinese, the "claims are indisputable" and that it arises vowed to continue its development by exercising its sovereign rights through the claims. The situation improved in the form of time or encounter is bound to change as it passes in leading new developments