Top 10 The Fantastic Roads in The World

Top 10 Fantastic Roads in The World

Fantastic roads. They are essential to the modern world. American Road and Transportation Builders Association estimates that more than four million miles of road in the US alone. All the roads are under the seven continents (yes, even Antarctica), and go anywhere at all.

Out of all of those miles of road in the world, here are ten particularly interesting.

10. The Oldest Road in the World

England's "Sweet Track" is known by many as the world's oldest street. It has been discovered, leaving her with no title to them, it was the road that predated even though all possible. It can not Roman roads is nearly as impressive as that unite four continents, but this is the first example of a deliberately constructed road.

Sweet Track was a great way to modern day Somerset, crossing a swamp near England. The nearly 6,000-year-old drowned in the stomach, cross beam length is almost running a mile, Marsh served to take a wooden platform above. It is allowed to search and date, after the collapse of soil and water anaerobic conditions preserved wooden walkway.

9. The Most Famous Road in the World

There are a number of candidates that can be said about the case of the most famous street in the world. Some of them are very familiar with the famous Las Vegas Strip, Abbey Road, the most famous street around with places like Route 66. However, in terms of sheer impact on the world, perhaps Broadway Manhattan.

Actually the first nation of the main street in a sidewalk, Broadway Nieuw Amsterdam quickly created by the tribes on Long Island. Although part of a length of more or less just (Large) New York's transportation system, Broadway Midtown Manhattan is one of the most important cultural centers in the world. Known as the Great White Way, Broadway and Jerry Orbach as our Maryl Streep plays and important cultural program of songs such as rent and Miss Saigon, and has brought the stars.

8. The Most Dangerous Road in the World

Yungas Road in Bolivia is known as a dangerous "Death Road." It was carved out by careful wet mud, hills, over which is a half mile drop. Oh, and no guard rails. A friend of mine had actually survived the journey. According to him, "This is the most beautiful I've ever had, horrible experience". Full-size tour buses use the road and can pass each other comfortably on straightaways. Corner, but a whole other, horrible, man. A point to be an attempt to negotiate a corner and hanging in the air by just three feet in meeting the driver's wheel in turn.

200-300 earns her reputation with this terrible road deaths a year.

7. The Longest Road in the World

Board game "The Settlers of Catan", the game is to win the long road including the construction can be especially important under a single strategy. In the real world will be the winner of this particular mini Americas. Deadhorse, Arctic Alaska Starting on the sea and through the Straits of Magellan, the Ushuaia, playing for Argentina, the Pan-American Highway and lists over 30,000 miles through 14 countries. The three, Canada, the United States, and Argentina top ten list of countries by size.

This claim is, however, a small flaw. The Darien Gap, the road is a missing link in the middle. A combination of high costs and environmental concerns have stopped the connection of Central America and South America, the Panama-Colombia border. Eliminating the current proposals worth the minor problem (100 miles) A ​​ferry will be officially part of the road or a combination of bridges and tunnels to minimize the effects of ground connections are.

6. The Widest Road in the World

Love east of Interstate 10 in Texas known as the Katy Freeway. Running through the city center from the Houston suburb of Katy, U.S. 4th most important in a significant expansion in the first decade of the century the city population high volumes of traffic. Six lanes to 26 lanes wide at its widest point, I-10, with 12 main lanes, access roads around and 8 lanes, and vehicles of high-capacity center. Passengers have the right to build a tenth of a mile wide for its colossus.

In Houston I-10 structure includes some mind boggling, including a "five-level stack" interchanges. 115 feet long and has a capacity of handling five million vehicles, as someone threw a plate of noodles Houston though this exchange. High Five (Dallas) or Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange (L fond of naming things such mass exchange) is known simply as the place Katie Stack a nation.

5. The Straightest Road in the World

Australia's Eyre Highway has been described as "a long and lonely road". Running over to get an extra honor to be included in the terms of a significant area of ​​1,000 miles long, the "long" and "isolated". Balladonia Roadhouse between the Roadhouse and the Caiguna Ireland is just 91 miles to the boring.

Crossing the Nullarbor Plain, the road actually but there is no reason to hide anything. Virtually flat slab virtually no lakes you curve around hills rising more than run when asleep behind the wheel of a rock, or a tree.

4. The Crookedest Road in the World

San Francisco is a road that is contrary to the United Way. Lombard Street is so steep change in the short length had to invent the word "Crookedest" it said. With eight of 27% elbows street level, surrounded by flower beds and paved brick 400 foot long slope down to a level of Russian Hill.

This famous, drawing tourists despite the name, nickname, Lombard Street, in reality, or even the most severe road with curves in San Francisco. (They will be Transfăgărăşan Highway and Vermont Street). Lombard will not be reduced the most renowned and visited the "crookedest" street in the world lives.

3. The Highest Road in the World

KKH Friendship is a number of monikers, including highway and Eighth Wonder of the World. The main road linking China and Pakistan, has been through GB Sinkuang running in the mountains and Uighur. Giglit Baltistan part, known as the Kashmir dispute as a conflict between Pakistan and India more broadly.

What is not disputed that the highway is the highest paved international road in the world. These crests as Khunjerab Pass (and thus switches and LAN flipflops) top out at 15,397 feet above sea level, oxygen thin, nearly twice the altitude sickness is a common concern between the two countries.

2. The Lowest Road in the World

The Karakoram is trying to turn you into a puddle of oxygen starvation street wimp, Israel Highway 90 is the way to make you feel like a god. Israel running the length of a north-south direction, which skirts the western shore of the Dead Sea. It is the shortest road to the title of "the world" earns from falling to 1,400 feet below sea level. At this point in the game Santa Monica Surf 5% more oxygen pumping through your lungs than all those muscle-bound beach bods.

Known in this part of the journey as the Dead Sea highway, making it somewhat nervous distinction to run through the Isreali-controlled parts of the West Bank. Nevertheless, the road to people traveling in cars with depth, and better ideas usually reserved for submariners, is a popular tourist destination.

1. The Smartest Road in the World

Is not there yet. But it could soon. In the 21st century, seeking to contribute to a greener humanity, several groups are trying to make the road freely. Many green energy production "wasted space environmentally unfriendly asphalt and concrete roads smartroads of them," the idea of ​​turning around. The two projects are SolaRoad Europe and North America Solar Roadways.

In essence, the smart road will be built strong enough solar panels in the world. As solar model, for example, experienced by civil engineering Professor Edwin Schmeckpeper Norwich and £ "megaloads" that regular lab was found to be capable of surviving solar street running past the front door. Developers add more features, including electrical removing pollutants from runoff and telecommunications wiring and filtration capable of carrying supplies large, open conduits of a road bed panel heat pad and LED as well, and to Mount intend to.

On the principle that made the final way possible, four times using the present power, even the plows to keep the ice-free in the most terrible conditions, or which do not need chemicals can and about the threats that can warn drivers fly. Driverless a few suggestions into account, electric cars can be charged on the fly to your destination and the road for maximum efficiency and minimum pollution is taking. Results may well be the next most important development in human history.

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