Top 10 The Greatest Inventions of Last Decade

Top 10 The Greatest Inventions of Last Decade

Technology gives us the tools and systems that have been able to improve our lifestyle,

has been developing rapidly. Here are the ten most amazing inventions of the past decade.

1. Android

One of the most important inventions of our time, free from the Android storm Symbian and Java powered devices. With almost all smart phones Play Store app developers flood free to use the Android operating system! So far, about 1.5 million load applications, are available for free download in the Android market.

2. GPS

GPS or Global Positioning System was originally developed by the US Department of Defense (D.O.D) and getting Dr. Ivan. 2005 was the year when GPS became commercially viable and there were embedded in iPhone devices. Moving to cities or countries for the career prospects of students and to have been a boon to job seekers.

3. Social Networking Platforms

Was started with one of the 50 best websites of the year after the introduction of Friendster Friendster Social Networking Revolution 2003. However, his success was short lived. But soon epic idea of ​​social networking Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networks become household names, have been lifted.

4. Computer Vision Technologies

According to Wikipedia, "computer vision includes a field numeric or symbolic information, for example, to create forms, acquisition processing, analysis, and images to understand and, methods for the real world in general, high-dimensional data the decisions. Learning sub-domains of computer vision, indexing, motion estimation and image restoration, estimated under construction, including nine scene, event detection, video tracking, object recognition, object. '

Computers have increased the development of vision and machine learning applications, Google Glass is an excellent application.

5. Youtube

US former PayPal employees, Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley yielding mind. Was developed with a time of six months on the famous video sharing site in the world, and later acquired by Google for a whopping 1.65 $ billion. Since the beginning, has many contracts YouTube and CBS, VEVO, BBC Lions Gate Entertainment allow companies like friends, full-length movies and shows on YouTube made among the public.

6. iPhone

Tech was the most anticipated event of the year iPhone introduction in 2007. Thousands of users waiting for the tireless owner to talk about the iPhone. The company more than 1 million smart phones sold within three months of its launch. IPhone changed the way people use phones! From the basics to make phone calls, people can now use the Internet to access Exchange emails, playing games, taking photos and video viewing devices. Apple's App Store is the second largest app store with 1.4 million available apps (May 2015).

7. Prius, Google’s Self-Driving Car

Toyota introduces us to Prius (hybrid car commercial). Google self-driving car project that began in 2008. Toyota Prius driver's pedal, accelerator or a steering wheel without brake. It does not require any form of user interaction and is powered by the electric motor. Prius using special software, is to secure and smooth ride Driverless a combination of sensor and accurate digital maps.

8. Touch Screen revolution

When you and buttoned phones are many other examples remember the days! Touch screen is taken into the world of full Computing. School going children to the elderly, everyone now has a touch screen device. Wave its flagship products, Windows rework to even have affected the world's largest software maker, Microsoft.

9. iPad

A ground breaking innovation from Apple, the iPad was invented in 2010 as a tablet computer, which, internet surfing, reading, watching movies, a number of activities including game used to do Can. The size of modern smart phones, media members and WiFi and 3G data connectivity, install the functionality used streaming software.

10. GitHub

Introduced in 2008, a revision control repository hosting system is a revolutionary idea. GitHub is to enable users to share codes, applications, etc., provides a graphical interface and desktop integration as a web-based mobile

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