Top 10 The Hot Issues of The Year 2016

Top 10 The Hot Issues of The Year 2016

Some of the many World War 3 2016. In other suggestions would be (based on scientific evidence) it is going to be the hottest year ever I did.

As we near the end of 2016, we thought to give an overview by showing the trending issues of the year for you this year.

10. Gay marriage

Perhaps the most controversial issue of 2016 was a law official, recognized and allowed people support same-sex marriage. It was not spontaneous. For years, activists have created environments where unisex marriages had been raised. For example, in schools, was that went something like children's stories, "Philip has two dads. When life is a father can not take it out, it will be because it is so much fun. A when the father brings him chocolate, it also brings other toys. both tamed minds to make them so the dads week fun! "how child.

Gay marriage is allowed in either the partial or many "developed" countries. These remarkable Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, France, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway and Belgium. Some states in the US have allowed same-sex marriage but now it is accepted throughout the country.

The world's major religions (Christianity and Islam do not allow) same-sex marriage but as they say, "In the end, won the love!"

9. Refugee Crisis

Visual Allen Kurdi being washed by a wave lying on a beach every now and then shook the world. His helplessness, is the world's pain, her mundane finality can be seen in this short clip. He hurt small clip, a Syrian injured boy was taken to a shocked- ambulance- and rang an alarm bell over the world. Activists called on governments everywhere to address the refugee crisis.

It actually started in 2015 when he traveled to the Syrian refugees, almost all of southeastern Europe boats across the Mediterranean Sea. However, there was no significant player in the game asylum-seeking refugees than Canada and Turkey. Thousands of immigrants "and are in their desperate attempt to survive" Perhaps, in their attempts to cross the sea.

Ocean, birds, and is free to cross the boundaries and are not borders-. Yet it can not close our eyes to the problem of the civilized world.


Fearful that horrendous- Two words best describe it. ISIS has played an important role in increasing Islamophobia in the world. According to ISIS, it is trying to restore Islam to its previous glory of the Caliphate era. skimming through the pages of history, we see that more than a thousand out only a few hundred years were peaceful throughout the Caliphate. The rebels claim to independence, riots and conspiracies Muslim governors (the rule against Muslims was marked by the murder of Muslims).

Mostly Syria and its current operations in Iraq, activities by the State primarily responsible for making people leave their homes in the evening. With ISIS, a joint coalition of forces fighting against Syrian forces, including local. As of now, ISIS International is centered around the most and conductor of international disputes. Al-headed, ISIS is a dangerous and frightening aspect has emerged around the year 2016.

7. Brexit

British withdrawal from the European Union, known as the Brexit. The majority of the population was preceded by a nationwide referendum was in favor. The first calls for a referendum in February 2016, he announced that the company won the renovation of support from 52% out of the EU referendum in 2012. David Cameron was rejected.
Gordon Brown has told the public that other commentators will be fighting against the referendum does not come without the coming decade due to destruction of such cases. Once the implications are understood by the people of Brexit, people can change their decision, or Tony Blair thinks.

Brexit imminently defaults, unemployment and investment by eliminating the following market and economic issues, will lead. Despite this, it can solve this issue of terrorism associated with the refugees that have been terrorizing the people to immigrants Brexit-.

6. Gun Violence

Back in 1996, a disturbed man killed 35 people in Australia and opened fire on people in a cafe wounding 19. The massive changes in gun control laws is left to a third of the guns was to follow. Since then, authorities have said why can not other places that suffer from the same gun violence. The measures taken have been adequate in cases reported in Australia. Read 10 facts about guns in America that you'll be surprised.

5. China as an emerging power

Almost half a century, the United States has had the privilege of being the policeman of the world itself. After Russia no other country has been able to thwart the United States' position. Not a little bit to a level of alarm but the warning to Iran. Today, however, left the United States on China's emergence as a superpower crazy. Crazy in America is the right word to put it because of its decision to maintain the base in Afghanistan on the basis of their geographical location. 83 bases if that were not enough, it creates a greater presence in the oceans around the world as to exude that power is connected with the military. With nearly 300 naval warfare ships, have the most powerful army in the world, but that alone is not enough to maintain the status of a superpower. The secret of being a superpower lies in economics. China, only took a path that is not the cause of prosperity, but it has put China on a path to be the next superpower. That the United States has not faced for a while and it has captured the minds of 2016.

4. U.S Presidential Elections

In November 2016, the experience of the 58th presidential election in the US each year. Why do we say "the world" is the experience of the election. The answer is clear in point 5 above. America and its economy is affecting the whole world at one point or another. 2008 crisis started in America, but the influence of the far East. Although investment is seeing a trend to move eastward and economic center, the policies will still play a big role in shaping the world.

After 9/11, the pro-war, pro-economic comparison of US foreign policy. President's national security, foreign policy and facilitating the courts to force the state of the affairs. The Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and he does- does them very well after these basic things. This sometimes happens when we have POTUS was not surprised that peace in the world? Well, POTUS President, and something I have not pocus.

3. Middle East Unrest

The old stories are exactly the same with the little "big" progress. Syria is now being bombed and killed more than ever. In the past, fairly close to organizations like ISIS Iraq is in a state of civil war appear on the horizon. Northern borders of Saudi Arabia and is concerned about the activities of Yemen. In fact, we heard the rare "for the accounts of terrorist acts in the kingdom".

Between this new law attempted coup in Turkey. I tried to capture a fraction of the power of the Turkish armed forces but defeated forces loyal to the state. We saw pictures of inciting unarmed civilians blocking the highly emotional tanks. The importance of Facebook and other social media in politics failed coup attempt brought to light. For Turkey, which is not exactly a part of the Middle East since touches Europe and Middle East (Eurasian), although both also identified the 2016 events in the Middle East, we will consider it.

2. Global Warming & Environmental Crisis

We're just running like crazy in a race that seems to end with our death. Everyone in the world is. , A better running away from safety- future, more goods going to the mall the better the economy, is running away from terrorism, the running to get a better social status , which may be circumstances, we are all going. Yet few people stop and footprints while we run when we have time to see it. The leave footprints over its natural resources. Global warming and pollution in the form of signs that climate stain of this world. Investors and capitalists are so fond of money that they do not care about the environment for the most part. In fact, because Chinese laws regarding the environment, safety and regulation of the industry moved to China where laws are less strict than in the West.

1. America’s Foreign Policy

It was to be the No. 1 problem anyway. How the US interacts with the rest of the world only superpower on the planet at this time is of the importance. China is still some time between sounds, the first "significant" although some of them, to thwart this situation. China's economy thrives on exports, with the majority of customers in Europe and America. The paranoids (perhaps through WW3?!) I can think of a way to stop the consumption of Chinese goods unless it will continue to do so in the near future at least. 2016 presidential election in the United States will define the country's foreign policy in a newer way possible better (although we have our reservations about Donald Trump). Why can win you read about Trump Donald Trump presidential election in Article 10 means.