Top 10 The Hottest Female DJs of 2016

Top 10 The Hottest Female DJs of 2016

The moment you walk into a party or a night club, it leads to amazing music. This explains the party's theme. If you turn the Beats or energizes the party mood. But, what makes Party DJ is no ordinary man, but an extra zing when a well-dressed and looks fabulous and warm.

Therefore, this addition is that it provides an additional sleeping glamor of music? This top 10 list of 2016's hottest female DJs in the top of the Let's find out.

10 Hottest Female DJs You Need to Know Now

10. Juicy M

Marta Martus, also known as M juicy stage, a widely popular electro and progressive house DJ. He is very famous for its videos on YouTube and more mix CDs without using headphones. From Ukraine, she is looking exceptionally good and blessed with a great body. Obviously, he rose to fame for his music and warm personality. Checkout the most beautiful women of Ukraine.

9. Keli Hart

Australia's famous and good for everyone to be ignored hottest female DJs that are strikingly good features. He has won many accolades not only music but also for his extraordinary crowd of his beautiful and sensuous qualities impressed. It draws the attention of millions of people by grooving on the dance floor. Brunette haired beauty also pops up with fair skin.

8. Claudia Cazau

Târgovişte, Romania, the Romanian born in trance and tech house has been in the news for her hotness you have this incredible charm and good looks. He has covered many places all over the world as part of her tour and gig venues. Some of the places they wanted their perfect living in Sweden, Italy, Portland, and Las Vegas.

7. Mari Ferrari

The most fashionable girl known as DJ, paid for a chic and sophisticated clubs in Mari city. What makes the difference and stand out in the crowd is its music, seems healthy skin tone and courage. Celebrity DJ is still young but has already made a name for themselves in the DJ world and has built an enviable career for himself.

6. Niki Bellucci

The moment you look at it, you are sure to fall in love with its beauty. Her music is hot and sexy. Nikki would have been a DJ, sexuality, vibe, and out of all her performances when compared to other female DJs. The actress also the only reason they can perform very well under pressure, which is the best offer of the top clubs around the world.

5. Lisa Kensington

New York is a multi-talented woman who works as a well-known model and DJ. No audience and that is appreciated for its unique and beautiful style of music. He is known to mix the personality and the light that accentuates the sexy vocals. See the most beautiful women list.

4. Tenashar

Any other girl having a thought, Tenashar, from Asia Beautiful DJ DJ on earth can give you a run for their money. Among the hottest female DJs, they certainly have an edge over others. He is a super hot body, though an innocent face, makes stunning beauty porn and elevates the style of playing music.

3. Ane Teri

enviably it can get away with anything while playing in hot beautiful and sexy DJ Ukraine VIP clubs and parties. With her stunning looks and attractive body, he would undoubtedly have made it to the hottest female DJs in the world to mark the top 3 on this list.

2. Tamara Sky

Best in the world, a perfect figure and a beautiful face is what it takes to be the DJ. It always catches attention in the party as he can to promote the music and energy. Between her slim body and the world's best female DJ is super hot and desirable. The Puerto Rican professional disc jockey and model is already the world spinning and swaying to the tunes and good looks.

1. Seherezade

A former model known as a big and reputable DJ's for many years, is famous not only for seeing the bold and glamorous, but when he shoots plenty image for FHM because. With an engaging personality, it is mesmerizing to watch her play at any party. He makes sure that genuinely increases the party spirit and have a good time on the dance floor.

The female DJ not only with their music but also won the audience's hearts with his stunning and mesmerizing charm and hot bodies. The sensuousness appeal set fire to ensure our hearts and leave us danced the night away. 2016 hottest women list checkout.

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