Top 10 The Hottest First Ladies in The History of America

Top 10 The Hottest First Ladies in The History of America

They were wives of the most powerful men in the world. The strength, charm and charisma permeate every time they appear in public. Women White House, running charity events, to host the dinner, but they still have time to look good every time he appears in public with their powerful husbands.

 And they do not disappoint. Dress up in some of the most beautiful dress. Accessories are the most expensive in the world do. In this piece I would rate the hot first women in US history status.

10. Barbara Bush (1989 – 1993)

Barbara Bush: USA’ Hottest First Ladies.
She was the wife of the 41st President of the United States George HW Bush. After the meeting, Bush married Barbara Lee while they were young college still a few years. He claims he only married man she had kissed for the first time. He stood out to defend his family during the difficult time the fearless nature. He was married to a president and lucky enough to have one of the president's son. Fortune worth it shines on you like you're considered as one of the hottest women in America.

10. Michelle Obama (2008 – 2016)

Hottest First Ladies Michelle Obama.
He says "blacker the berry, sweaters juice" and this is certainly true when it comes to Michelle Obama. It was November, 2016 untill the current first lady, and the hottest First Lady in American history. This means that the style is top notch and they run an ass than anyone crazy.

9. Pat Nixon (1969 – 1974)

Pat Nixon: America’s Hottest First Ladies.
Her husband served as the first woman in Richard Nixon's administration. Richard United States of America 37th President. The blonde 5'5 "high stood and hazel eyes. He really valued education and she was the first woman to hold a university degree. Besides being one of the hottest women in the first ever live he was really kind and he died of lung cancer in one of the children ran home. see more travel and in this hobby are abroad testimony of several tours. the 81-year-old in his name.

8. Rosalynn Carter (1977 – 1981)

USA Top 10 Hottest First Ladies – Rosalynn Carter.
They perform in 1981. The United Kingdom's 39th president Jimmy Carter, who was married in 1971 as the first woman among the services. As she was massively involved in politics and governance in the administration of her husband she was not your average stay at home wife. He served as a foreign diplomat for Latin America and regularly sit in Cabinet meetings. They fought and emotional well-being of the research funding for mental patients. It was a beautiful dresser and more often than not, he stood out as a woman wearing the best clothes in any gathering. His efforts to look good in public and selfless earns a spot as one of the hottest women in the United States on humanitarian.

7. Laura Bush (2001 – 2009)

USA Hottest First Ladies – Laura Bush.
The George W. Bush, the United States is from 43rd president. Laura Bush is one of America's leading First Ladies. He was actively involved in the presidential race with both governor races in her husband's campaign. An act that has won him many followers and supporters, delivered keynote addresses during these campaigns. He initiated many programs on health care and education in this era as first lady. She loves cooking and has developed a number one hit in America that many famous recipes.

6. Nancy Reagan (1981 – 1989)

Nancy Reagan – The America’s Hottest First Ladies.
The Ronald Reagan, the wife of the 40th President of the US. He is married and before he was clear in his position as a love for theater and drama woman was an actor. When they will participate in different shows and music performances and even to the White House during the food or non-hosted foreign dignitaries. It was undisputed sense of style and she wore a dress made by some of the best designers in the world. She received a lot of criticism, but he did not give a shit. As first lady, she had to look good and that's what he called one of the first women of the hottest in US history.
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5. Hillary Clinton (1993 – 2001)

America’s Hottest First Ladies – Hillary Clinton.
The rate Clinton as the most powerful woman ever to live. He's fearless and he lets anything stand in her husband's fraud and deceit do not achieve a greatness. He as well as sexy, suffered the agony of being cheated on Hillary Clinton. Her husband was having an affair with one of the employees in the Clinton White House. Although the logical thing to do was stand by her husband had separated from him. He used it to great heights living experience. Since then, he served as Senator Clinton. Currently he is running to be President. The erotic is not, then I do not know. Because of all this, the same place as one of the hottest women in the first Clinton merits America.

4. Grace Coolidge (1923 – 1929)

USA Hottest First Ladies – Grace Coolidge.
1929. He served as first lady between 1923 she married Calvin Coolidge 30th President of the United States. She had beautiful eyes will light up and a smile so bright they most somber mood. She was sexy as hell and often wore clothes that revealed the figure.

3. Frances Cleveland (1893 – 1897)

USA Hottest First Ladies – Frances Cleveland.
The first lady was the youngest ever to take office. We all know that young people are always hot and sexy and her husband Grover Cleveland hit the jackpot with this one. He was very charming and won its popularity and reputation in the United States.

2. Jacqueline Kennedy (1961- 1963

Jacqueline Kennedy with her husband, President John F. Kennedy.
She had a beautiful face and a beautiful smile. She was a fashion icon and some of the combinations now being used by the organization to date. He also was an accomplished rider on horseback was introduced at an early age by her parents. If you know what I mean really good because they "ride".

1. Melania Trump (2016 – …)

Famous Lady Melania Trump
Melania Trump is a visit to the former model and current First Lady of the United States. Born in Slovenia, he is a citizen he met Donald Trump at a fashion party in New York City in September 1998, a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and 2006. He was still married, while, but Marla maples away from,. After becoming engaged in 2004, Donald and Melania were married on January 22, 2005. He will assume the role of Jan 20, 2017, First Lady of the United States.

The Hottest First Ladies in The History of America.

  1. Melania Trump
  2. Jacqueline Kennedy
  3. Frances Cleveland
  4. Grace Coolidge
  5. Hillary Clinton
  6. Nancy Reagan
  7. Laura Bush
  8. Rosalyn Carter
  9. Pat Nixon
  10. Barbara Bush
  11. Michelle Obama
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