Top 10 The Hottest Hollywood Moms

Top 10 The Hottest Hollywood Moms

Look beautiful and sexy young girl is something that comes naturally for celebrities. But, what happens when you see a mother who happens to also be a celebrity? How he is left speechless after I managed to stay healthy and beautiful children.

If they cascade down the red carpet, they can run for any of the young actresses and supermodels their money. Top 10 most know who made it the hottest Hollywood Moms list, read more.

10. Monica Bellucci

Stylish and seductive looks set fire to the screen. With you, Monica Bellucci name and is played on the lips of everybody. Sharp features and a curvaceous body. Although enjoying great success as a model, they debut on television in 1990. He also made his acting debut in the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992).

9. Teri Hatcher

Who is this beautiful American actress, writer, and presenter could not take his eyes off? Television series Desperate Housewives Teri which won a Golden Globe Award for playing Susan Mayer. The claim to fame of this character made her the highest paid television actor. Despite its age, with its beautiful appeal and toned body, she can looks stunning and young girls get jealous.

8. Christina Aguilera

"More than the rich vocals of female vocalist but swooning men not only looks beautiful and sexy. Her blonde tresses and voluptuous sex appeal of a frame. After making multiple platinum album sales records, they receive a Grammy Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Popular singer surprise summer rain and the second child is a mother to a beautiful daughter.

7. Kate Beckinsale

Beautiful and talented diva has not proved to be a hottie in the industry but also an accomplished actress. It sounds fascinating and sense of dressing with a killer, he has caught people by storm. Starting with minor television roles, he went to deliver the big Hollywood hits. He is a child and dotting mom on hand.

6. Jennifer Lopez

Not only to pursue her career in the entertainment industry but also Lopes world, otherwise we would never know about hot multi-talented star was the best decision. An actress, fashion designer, author, dancer, and singer, actress ventured into the music industry and successfully built his career on. Mother of twins, she is considered a role model for everyone with the desire of women worldwide.

5. Jessica Alba

Fantastic Four actress had a good run so far Hollywood industry and is among the highest-paid actresses. But apart from its expressive and impressive acting skills, he was named as the sexiest stars of all time by the magazine. The strikingly attractive good looks and sexy body undoubtedly makes this one of the hottest woman alive.

4. Salma Hayek

Mexico and the American film actress, producer, and director of Desperado and Wild Wild West is a leading source coming in with his brilliant performances in films. Sultry siren not only among the hottest actresses but also among the famous women in the world. She has a child with her husband Francois-Henri Pinault and is easy to set up as it shakes the languages ​​as a mother.

3. Britney Spears

The record-breaking albums by the singer with a sense of international sales, I- afuh- that it once again is. Although he continued to succeed in the world, could ignore the fact that he seemed pretty glamorous, and hot looks during her pregnancy. Today, 'Lucky' singer has two children with American dancer, Kevin Federline. They were divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

2. Angelina Jolie

American actress, film producer, and humanitarian, the girl is also known to be the fantasy of every person. Winner of multiple prestigious awards, and 6 children, mother, sexy actress has prevailed to see how that continues to reign over the hearts of millions of men and women worldwide. Although he is naturally endowed with the best qualities, he still continues to be a hot mom.

1. Halle Berry

You can certainly imagine the number of slots from one source. After all, what can a 49-year-old actress imagine topping this list? However, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is wrong. With its attractive features and super hot and enviable body, it is not a hindrance to seeing the age share. She is a three-year-old daughter with ex-boyfriend Gabriel nahla AUBRY.

After all, being a celebrity is not an easy task. Your fans, review expectations, and to live up to the audience. It is easy to get to the star, it is equally easy to get slandered and defamed overnight. Hollywood mothers have worked hard and they have followed a certain amount of discipline in their lives to assure continued to look good after pregnancy.

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