Top 10 The Infamous Prisons in the World

Top 10 The Infamous Prisons in the World

A prison is not a place to visit, much less live like. However, as long as there are criminals, prisons are required. Over the years, has gained notoriety for some of the prisoners and bloody events of the treatment. Here is a list of 10 notorious prisons in the world.

10. Louisiana State Penitentiary – USA

Formerly known as Angola prison, it is the maximum security prison in the United States. It has more than five thousand prisoners. A farm prison where prisoners are required to work long hours. He also participated in rodeos. However, various reports of violations and abuse of human rights emerged from there. Was put in solitary confinement for 40 years a couple of prisoners, was accused of killing a guard.

9. Alcatraz Penitentiary – San Francisco, USA

Often referred to by inmates as 'Hellcatraz'. The Alcatraz is one of the most notorious prisons in jail. Opened in 1934, the prisoners once Al Capone, George Machine Gun "Kelly and included criminal Mickey Cohen. Is located on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay in prison. The living conditions of prisoners, gained notoriety for mental clashes. Prison was closed in 1963. It is now preserved as a museum.

8. Tadmor Prison – Syria

It was considered to be one of the most repressive places on the Syrian prison. Different forms of violence that has been inflicted on prisoners after its opening. In June 1980, the president ordered the prison Assad in response to an attack on the 'clean', seen as one of the worst prison massacre. More than a thousand have lost their lives was reported. Although Al Hassad was closed after the death, in 2011. It was reopened in May 2015, which was demolished militant Islamic state.

7. Guantanamo Bay Prison – USA

Guantanamo is a port lying on the southwest tip of Cuba. Area, however, is controlled by the United States. Jail when the stigma was brought terrorists from Afghanistan and Iraq, former US President George W. Bush by order of the Army of time allowed to imprison anyone with terror links for an unlimited period Tablet shot. Thousands of prisoners were here around 2003. 2006, information about the prisoners were kept secret. The harsh treatment were reported, and the cause of international pressure, many prisoners were handed over to their families or countries. See Also: rape crimes in custody.

6. Maracaibo Prison – Venezuela

The underworld of gangs ruled by the government of Venezuela in Maracaibo prison in 1958. A rival gangs killed in 1994. Among the bloodiest prison in the country, more than were killed in the clash was opened was the venue. Ethnic and racial tensions prompting clashes on a regular basis, running over here. corruptive system in more serious cases.

5. Diyarbakir Prison – Turkey

Located in Turkey, the prison was opened in 1980. notorious for repeated abuse against inmates, prison is the highest rate of violation of human rights. Systematic torture, food deprivation, electric shocking, sexual, etc. since the early days was not reported. Hundreds of prisoners including young people have lost their lives to violence. In a planned attack in 1996, 10 prisoners were killed and many were injured along with her. Gel Despite calls for its closure, is still viable.

4. Carandiru Penitentiary – Brazil

Located in Brazil, Carandiru is the worst, brutal, one of the most dangerous and notorious prisons in history. 2002 was built in 1920 and operational by 1956, it was once the largest prison in South America. One of the worst ever prison massacre, when 102 prisoners riot in 1992. During the 46 years of its history was the venue of the shot, 1,300 prisoners have lost their lives. Acquired a notorious prison for violations of human rights. Carandiru as a result of an extensive campaign led by Amnesty International was closed in 2002 and demolished. A part of the prison is now a museum.

3. Gitarama Central Prison – Rwanda

Often called hell on earth, the prison in Rwanda originally supposed to house 400, almost seven thousand people following the genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s were pushed into the hole. They have no place to lie down or sleep are so tight. Four people per square yard. Food is scarce prisoners that are still going on as to the eating and killing each other. Clashes out of which remain very alive, are common.

2. Camp 22 – North Korea

Rightly known as Haengyong concentration camp, Quan-li to 22 political prisoners, was built in 1965 to accommodate. Deplorable conditions will certainly remind one of the Nazi concentration camps. Including families, children of prisoners are in prison, never to back out. In addition to hard work, are charged with torture and starvation of prisoners in different ways. People, including infants, along with the various scientific experiments. In the 1990s, the prison housed around 50,000 inmates. We tried to escape, he was executed with his whole family.

1. ADX Florence – USA

Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) is a super max prison for the most dangerous criminals in jail States. Located in Colorado, in response to breaches of security at the prison to other prisons in the country was opened in 1994. Prison notorious lacks a human touch features. The prisoners are completely isolated from the guards and other prisoners. Even the limited availability of light. Isolation leads some to madness and suicide. A former prison warden cleaner version of 'hell' called.