Top 10 Internet Hoaxes Almost Everybody Believed

Top 10 Internet Hoaxes Almost Everybody Believed

Believe it or not method, developed in the last few years a new platform for Internet hoaxers. They are more plans with more stories, and fortunately more exposure.

Following are the Top 10 list of Internet hoaxes. Come read:

1. Justin Bieber’s hoax

Justin Bieber circulated about in the last few years, there are many hoaxes. The news spread around Justin admitted it was one of the two sex exciting. Justin beiber Bisexual website published an article that is acknowledged through his Twitter account. He also posted a photo of Bieber kissing a singer Austin Mahone.

Investigation, Twitter post it was fake and it was found that digital manipulation.

2. ManBeef

The human flesh has been a subject of controversy. When an e-mail claiming more human flesh a site selling online in 2001, circulated on the Internet a added. A few tips and tricks on site meal preparation in support of evidence, but the food was no way to buy online. Search for Dodge save it from being exposed, site creators claim that the website that allow customers to purchase meat from the site. This is because they prefer to deal with customers on a more personal basis.

It was a hoax such major US FDI began investigation against him. Of course, they found nothing. Later, investigators announced the creation of the site was indeed a hoax.

3. Asians eating human fetus

Spread around the year as well as a restaurant in Asia hoax claimed that selling human embryos soup. They bought the dead and the unborn fetus hospitals, cook them and sell. Was eating a dish which had some pictures in e-mail attachment.

The scrutiny, it is the image associated with a performance artist Zhu Yu and email image that was a trick. It was attached to a doll's head duck carcass.

4. Save Toby in early 2005, James and mind start a website where he claimed to have found a wounded rabbit out of his home. Since rabbit needs care, he asked for a donation. He declared that he would not receive a donation of $ 50,000 by the end of June, he would eat rabbit. Animal rights activists try to stop the website from, but failed to do so.

Expert site was a hoax. Strange and funny words found in the keyword search of the site. According to experts, the only goal of collecting money from the emotional trigger Webmaster visitors. See the 10 most popular Hoaxes.

5. Three Boobed Girl Jasmine Tridevil

One woman shared this photo on the Internet with Jasmine Tridevil three breast Florida, it was clear for him to be viral. According to Jasmine, who implanted a third in the middle of her chest and she paid $ 20,000 to have a surgeon. He gathered enough popularity to the media and the Internet.

Denied when asked whether they would expose surgeon and Tridevil accept that Jasmine is not his real name. On investigation, it is found that it was registered in the name of the site, which is matched with Alisha's Tridevil Ms. Hessler. Alisha's breast in women's well known for Hessler and specialist provider of Internet hoaxes. 10 also misconceptions about the look, the female body.

6. Our first time

Eighteen year old Michael and Diana have a public announcement that he is going to lose his virginity, and they are often observed them (our first). Mike and Diana how his decision, told his parents about the choice of condoms and other preparations that have shared their stories on the site. It soon became the most popular trick is to try to see that millions of people will fall further destroyed the site server.

7. Buy Tigers

Tigers are wild, dangerous and can think about having them as a pet. Aldo Tripiciano Tigers but you can buy online that their claims and they are completely safe site. Who is online only one tigers worldwide, he said. If you want one, you just need to send an email.

As the site began to gain popularity, began to interfere with the animal activists. To prevent further chaos, Aldo Tripiciano revealed that the site is a hoax. He never sold a lion, and he does not answer those emails. Heart Radio Network selected the site as the best Internet hoaxes of all time.

8. All Americans micro-chipped

NBC News segment that is predicted to scare all Americans planning to implant an RFID microchips in 2007 when the US government. The intention behind the project is to control all the citizens. If disobeying official orders, he or she will be killed. Plan will be completed by the end of 2017.

It was such terrible news spread on social media with the speed of light. However, the reality was a little different. Yes, scientists have invented a microchip that can be implanted into your skin. But this is only to store your medical history. Suppose, you have no idea of ​​the doctors unknowingly previous medical records. This event will be a life-saving technology. And, of course, the chip implantation will be completely optional.

9. 179 years old man in India

Bangalore, one of India, Mashashta Murasi named, had reached the age of 179 years and is still waiting for death. This incredible news circulated by the pseudo-news channels and received considerable exposure on social media. Mashashta Born on January 6th 1835 and 1957. course Murasi, until he worked as a cobbler in Varanasi, the news was bogus and thus no longer living. They do not have any medical records for his claim. Well, the long span of human life was lived to a French woman, Jeanne Louise Clamet, 122 years, 164 days. See also; 10 Hoaxes popular internet in India.

10. Tax for having pet

A report is planning to introduce a radical domestic taxes to the British Labour Party in the 2015 election households in Britain circulated before. Each house have to pay hundreds of pounds per month as a pet to government tax. This report originally published by a daily Bale and social media, blogs and spread around the Community. However, the report was false and the Labour Party had no plans to introduce such legislation.

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