Top 10 Most Intense Questions Of Human Spiritual Quest

Top 10 Most Intense Questions Of Human Spiritual Quest

"Love is what we are born with. Fear that what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and to" Love acceptance in our hearts - Marianne Williamson

We can mislead a person on a spiritual journey because it guides us are born with inner light. Those desperate questions that will arise within you and show you the light opening.

1. What is the real purpose of existence?

So much for life to arise and pursue dreams in this world. The needs and desires never-ending human life must be more than just a vicious circle. We were placed on the highest level of the human form and evolution, so there must be something behind this goal.

2. What lies beyond the cycle of birth and death?

The die and then - we in this world, through some seventy. While all of this, we suffer in one form or another. The end of suffering? There is something that goes beyond the cycle of birth and death? The 'human' when we were born, why so much suffering in the world out there? One way to overcome human suffering, there is a way to rise above our own little lives?

3. Is there a power, a source of energy that gives birth to all life forms?

They say that God made humans. But the truth is that the religions and different gods of human religion. Which occur in any place believer generation after generation of people to worship and temples, mosques, churches or worship that God. And so that really made humans, other life forms, planets and universes question.

4. Why am I not at peace when I am by myself?

We have made our lives so busy, we are left with no time to be alone. And thus the moment we get so nervous! Why is it that our mind is not calm? We are constantly engaged, it would need to start taking us.

5. Is it possible to become egoless completely?

Ego is the root of all evil in the world. Knowing that we are going to feed my ego? We discomfort and injury. This is going to be a never-ending drama that is our whole life. A man has to overcome his ego and behind it is possible to go all?

6. Why is it so difficult to connect with my inner-self?

With the hyper-active mind, it is extremely difficult to quiet the mental chatter. Even after his retreat, trying to reach a state of tranquility. And is that so hard to maintain comfort. You reach the quiet state is so dangerous, how is it possible to connect with our true, inner self?

7. Is it possible to transcend normal, mundane life?

Even how we are to leave the social relations and aspirations of your lifestyle, if awake, suffering for human life? Despite the impermanence of our conditioned lives, how do we break the monotony?

8. Is it okay to think such deep stirring thoughts?

Life can be a lot of friends and people you can trust. But when it comes to views of deep soul stirring, we are left to cope alone with the general. That is the essence of spirituality and philosophy of life. In the process, many times, can be the cause of his thoughts, which was fine for such questions and find themselves among the idea to pursue them.

9. Why do I feel like a stranger in this world?

Questions ground-breaking life demands a lot of time alone. A person needs to go to realize the essence. As the picture shows the inner world, began obscuring the realities of the outside world. An external world, his mania, can be disconnected from the demands and desires.

10. Are there others who also feel a need for spiritual liberation?

A person moves inward, begin to shrink their social circle. People have to realize that there are some who do share similar ideas and wavelength. Our hearts may at our friends, travel guide for those.

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