Top 10 The Mysterious People on Earth

Top 10 The Mysterious People on Earth

He came without a name to make their own place in the history of the world and walked away. Following is a list of 10 people who eventually came from no where. Which made them the most mysterious people in the ground has been identified.

10 mysterious people whose identity is still unknown
10. D.B. Cooper

24 November, 1971, a man, Dan Cooper, who called himself a Boeing 727 airliner hijacked by the threat of a bomb in his briefcase. He demanded $ 200,000 and four parachutes. Demands after he parachuted from the plane in the middle of the night. I never met or seen again, he said. Its origin and destiny, are still a mystery. This name, D.B. Cooper, the media was given to him by the wrong name is miscommunicated.

9. Babushka Lady

In 1963, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, an unidentified woman was found in the ground. According to the witnesses and films arrested, she was wearing a headscarf and the murder of his camera. After the shoot, she joined the crowd and disappeared. He never came to the female FBI request. All photos of his films, he or she was facing away from the camera or cover his face with his own camera. Why did not she come forward who is still a question.

8. The Man from Taured

In 1954, a man landed at Tokyo International Airport. He pointed Andorra asked him to point out his country's security map. He said his name, is the Taurus, which existed 1,000 years, and they had never heard about before Andorra. On the other hand, had never heard about security Taurus. Passport, driving license and checkbook backed up his story. Confusion nearby hotel and left two government officials sent out to keep eyes on it. The next morning, the man disappeared mysteriously without leaving any trace behind him and never found again.

7. Jack the Ripper

In 1888, as part of a brutal serial killings of five prostitutes were murdered. The killer cut his throat, stomach, took out his internal organs. The victims were killed in the knowledge that the killer might suggest physical or surgical. During the investigation, police have received many letters and the media should be the killer known as Jack the Ripper. But he was only targeted prostitutes and why? They never answer questions.

6. Green Children of Woolpit

12th century, has two children, brother and sister, in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk relations slight green skin suddenly. He was speaking unknown language and eat nothing but beans. Soon, he began to eat English language learners and other foods. Green color of their skin also went along with the times. The boy was sick and died, but the girl claimed that she came from a place called Islands of St. Martin, which is located underground world. The sun never shone and everything green. Nobody ever found their origin. He has a strange world? It is still an unsolved mystery.

5. Kaspar Hauser

On 26th May, 1828, a boy square in Nuremberg. He carried a letter addressed to the captain of the 4th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment. The boy claimed that his name is Kaspar and about 2 meters high, one meter wide and one meter long which grown in a dark isolation cell. But boy, his father was a cavalry soldier does not know much about his past. The boy ate only black bread and water, and they capture all the shiny objects like I had never seen any light in your life. However, there are many stories, has discovered his true identity.

4. Agent 355

This is a pseudonym given to a female detective George Washington during the American Revolution. He is an intelligent agent was arrested, however, and the UK on a plane and there is also expected to be sentenced to death. His true identity has never been found.

3. The Man in the Iron Mask

A prisoner who was arrested in 1669 was the number of prisoners under the custody of the jailer. He was held in prison for almost 34 years. The reason was hidden by a mast of black velvet dress had ever seen his face. On 19 November 1703, he died under the name Marchioly. There are many stories about but not confirmed her true identity behind the mask.

2. Tank man

June 5, 1989, when the Chinese military suppressed the Tiananmen Square protest, by standing up against a column of tanks against them. One newspaper claimed that while he was a student and he was Wang Weilin, but the Chinese Communist Party rejected the report. They did not arrest the person has no idea about it. Still, that person is no reliable information about his fate.

1. The Isdal Woman

In 1970, an unidentified body of a woman found in Bergen "valley of death". She was naked and burned police found her passport and sleeping pills next to him. After investigation, they found that the woman who used to travel in Europe had nine fake identities. Autopsy revealed that it could support the woman's death was a suicide, which he had already taken several sleeping pills. Although some may have died, but believed his identity is still in the dark.

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