Top 10 The Places To Watch the Night Sky

Top 10 The Places To Watch the Night Sky

Who does not like gazing at the sky a warm breezy summer night on a reclining chair lazily laying and dark at night? After staring at the sky is the closest we can get to flood the nature of our digitalised modern homes in congested cities. "Sky astronomers, scientists, weather enthusiasts, photographers, and even shared interest in the literary world by astrologers. Here is a list of 10 places to see beautiful night sky.

Stargazing and Aurora 10 best places to see

10. Cherry Springs State Park, U.S.A

Economic constraints and conflict-prone developing countries are lagging behind the developed countries are in a different war, many remote villages are unable to provide power. This artificial light is the fight against pollution. It founded the dark sky reserve "zone. Cherry Springs Park U.S.A. one such area in East Coast The night sky is not visible to the naked eye 10000 star flaunts. The most awe-inspiring fact is that the Milky Way is so bright that it can cast a shadow!

9. Mauna Kea, Hawaii, U.S.A

Standing tall above the Pacific Ocean isolated island of Hawaii offers the perfect night sky cover. Astronomy is considered a stronghold of the regulatory agencies and is the most advanced astronomical observatory. Hawaii's Mauna Kea is the highest point. Local people rightly believe their gods to remain in active volcanic peak under the starry sky. Look river flow to your head as light lonely nature camp.

8. Namib Desert, Namibia

Notorious for African desert, the sun and the earth uninhabitable temperatures soaring, once the sun goes down you can swoon over her beauty. And reduction of man-made tree guards provide an unobstructed 360-degree view of the entire sky. Reduce congestion ensures quiet place in nature. Great fun experience but the visitors claimed the stars shine bright in here. Is hard to imagine but it's true!

7. Atacama Desert, North Chile

Are you a fan of Stephen Hawking? Do you wonder about the history of time? A star is dead millions of years ago and the more you see is what baffles concept of existence? If your answer is yes, you should take the "Star Tours" trip to the driest desert on earth. Peep and brilliant galaxies through high-powered telescopes in astronomy nebulae swirl in the country a glimpse of the universe with a distance of several light years, or see your eye. At Cerro Paranal, ALMA desert are some of the observatories. Glittery landscape painted in a scene straight outer space with the sky!

6. Tenerife, Canary Island

We are engaged in burning all our hard earned pollution of the atmosphere by burning firecrackers in the universe Man celebrates his pleasure with his improvised fireworks, meteor shower. Shooting stars are a common sight in the Canary Islands TENERIFE. blissfully clear sky unpolluted island is also recognized by Dark Sky Preserves. Guided excursions are conducted Starlight island. To star buffs who love the place as host Starmus Festival once every two years and is the reason.

5. Spiti Valley, India

Lies this small, quiet splendor of nature tucked away in the remote Himalayan abyss. The location light provides excellent opportunities for a clear sky star gazing from any possibility of contamination. The milky look will make you wonder how suspicious large-scale universe. The expansion process will be started with the Big Bang and still is making people more and more small and insignificant. Philosophical guess right? Such Spiti Valley rhythm. It can change an average of a philosopher!

4. Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Of course, moving in different colors painted a huge canvas the trend is most dramatic brush strokes form. It calls the Aurora. The electrically charged particles from space are accelerating magnetic field lines in the upper atmosphere, they collide to give out energy in the form of gas, resulting in a nuclear light. Greenish yellow light emission of oxygen and nitrogen is responsible for the blue tinge. Fairbanks is the northern lights with high frequency. The clear skies make sure you get the best visual feast.

3. Lofoten Islands, Norway

In the northern part of Norway lies within the Arctic Circle color is perfect for watching the magic show. It Con the Lofoten Islands storm is characterized by above, the pro side Lofoten a comfortable temperature which will enable us to stand outside the hours waiting in the dark for you to do the Northern Lights is endowed with. You, red, purple, green and yellow may not be enough to dance forms.

2. Tasmania

Aurora australis, or southern lights, is the identical twin of its northern counterpart, the Northern Lights. Despite the popularity of a significant difference between the two. Southern lights the lack of land to be able to see the main reason for this biased attitude of the world. Only the remote continent of Antarctica forms a complete aurora australis can show stage with high frequency. However Tasmania offers an accessible alternative to the dance forms. Southern parts of the island with the least artificial light and open seasons often in front of this magnificent spectacle.

1. Stewart Island, New Zealand

New Zealand's Maori people have a different name for the island. Stewart Island which means 'shining Rakiura called by the' Maoris. In isolated island environments has made fundamental to observe the sky. The absence of dense human settlement results in the reduction of light pollution, which is a mandatory requirement to Aurora with his glory. Southern lights is not easy to hold the region's unpredictable weather. Polar winter season as summer is littered with daylight obscures the solar flare is the right time to see the aurora.

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