Top 10 Rarest and Most Valuable Coins in the World

Top 10 Rarest and Most Valuable Coins in the World

Numismatics, or coin collecting hobby, is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. This is truly an amazing piece of metal comes to represent a higher value than the actual value. Well, it's money for you. But as much as millions of dollars, is worth more than one could imagine that some coins.

Piece of historical significance and rarity value of a coin, and even ear depends on mining mistakes. Here is a list of the top 10 rarest and most valuable coins in the world.

10 rarest and most valuable coins

10. 1344 Edward III florin

Was also known as the Double Leopard, the Florin started in 1344 by the English King Edward III. Coin value of 6 shillings and was to be used all over Europe. Two leopards in the obverse sides of coins, an umbrella sit down and reverse depicted a quatrefoil and shows the royal tigers in the cross within a spandrel. Coin, however, was withdrawn after only a few months. This is probably the rarest coin in the history of the British Numismatic. This matter is currently known only from three specimens exist. A piece of private property is $ 6, 80,000, was sold at auction in July 2006 for a British record for the value of the Coin. Are exhibited in the British Museum.

9. 1907 Saint-Gaudens double eagle Ultra High Relief

This coin was issued with a $ 20 price was designed by renowned sculptor Augustus Saint GAUDENS in 1907. Coin. For this to be hit hard providing high relief coins, and only made about two dozen pieces. It is now known as the 'high relief' samples. I made several design and continued to grow until 1933. In 1907, the Smithsonian museum specimens coins. A sample was sold at an auction in 2005 for almost $ 3 million.

8. 1822 Half Eagle

1822 Half Eagle is one of the rarest of the Numismatic Coins. It was released by the US Mint $ 5 worth. Limited Head Half Eagle coins were designed by John Reich. It has around 17,796 pieces of gold coin around, but there exist only three specimens are known. These are kept by the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution. The other sample was sold in 1982 to nearly seven million US dollars.

7. Liberty Head Nickel

Liberty Head Nickel was developed by the United States in 1913. minutes without a 5 cents coin, and a very limited number. Coins exist, the only became public knowledge in 1920 which belonged to a former employee, Samuel Brown, Mint. A sample of 1996 Liberty Nickel Coin became the first to get the price of US $ 100,000 in 1972. became the first to break a barrier and sample-million US $. Coin five samples no longer exist. A sample of 2010 was sold for $ 3.7 million.

6. 1804 Silver Dollar

Sixth place in the list of valuable coins in 1804 is captured by Silver Dollar. This could actually minted in 1804, but were not in the 1830s. Featuring the Statue of Liberty, was presented at their diplomatic missions to the dollar coin Siam and Muscat as diplomatic gifts section Edmund Roberts. These are divided into three 'classes' and only 15 specimens are known to exist. People are the most valuable specimens in the class. A sample of the class, owned by the Sultan of Muscat earlier, was sold for $ 4.1 million in 1999.

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5. 2007 Queen Elizabeth II

By Royal Canadian Mint in 2007, it was the first in the world with a million dollars Coin. Each sample of 100 kg with a purity of 99.99% was made of gold. And to reflect a three maple leaves opposite Queen Elizabeth II, was created to promote the new line of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. Five coins have been purchased so far. A sample 2009 was sold for $ 4.02 million at an auction in Vienna.

4. 1787 Brasher Doubloon

The jewelers of New York is a gold coin made by Ephraim Brasher. When he said that, with copper coins, produced its own coins rejected his appeal to the New York state legislature mint copper coins. There are a few different types on the basis of identified Brasher coins. was.

3. 1933 Double Eagle

It was minted by the US $ 20 gold coin 1933. However, more than four hundred thousand specimens of the machinery, was withdrawn in the same year. Designed by Augustus Saint GAUDENS, coin, holding a torch and an olive branch, Lady Liberty depicted. The coins were never circulated and almost all the pieces were stolen and melted down in the hands of a few collectors. Some of them were recovered and destroyed. At least 15 specimens still exist, 2002. US National Numismatic Collection at two and ten others were held in Fort Knox one that was sold for $ 7.59 million at an auction.

2. Flowing Hair Dollar

First minted in 1794, flowing hair dollar US dollar was first issued by the federal government. Of Robert Scot, its size and weight, was designed to resemble those of the popular Spanish dollars. Coin, containing silver and copper, sported a statue of an eagle and the other a freedom. It was replaced the following year. Historical importance and rarity, which is a favorite of collectors. In 2013, a sample of 1794 mint was auctioned for a record $ 10 million.

1. Double Eagle (1849)

With just a sample of, this matter is perhaps the rarest and most valuable coin in US history. This trial is one of two pieces of the $ 20 coin, alias heralded Double Eagles. Although Coin was minted in 1849. The year 1850 coincided with the start of production of the California Gold Rush. The Coin current sample is now in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Museum. It is valued at approximately $ 20 million.

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