Top 10 The Reasons 2016 Was Great For Science

Top 10 The Reasons 2016 Was Great For Science

Science is the systematic study, observations and experiences of the world around us. Scientists have put a red potion in a flask and mixed blue juice in a test tube white coat that these cool, bespectacled nerds. They sometimes come with a great long hair and inability to explain things to ordinary people.

Despite this we have the knowledge to build their cool friends, he created the foundations of science and open up whole new worlds, galaxies, sea shells with microorganisms and volcanoes to us. Below are ten ways 2016 was a good year for science.

10. A New Moon (Asteroid 2016 HO3)

Not the "New Moon" did not mean (though that in itself contains a whole lot of amazing scientific discoveries with vampires of his government but we are in each other's way in 2016 by Stephenie Meyer great post will discuss all the competition), but a real moon is a natural satellite of our earth. The moon is a natural satellite that mainly revolves around the Earth in a given orbit. The Ocean View, Day exceptionally long, is responsible for the eclipse and body data such phenomena. Pull the moon is so strong that it actually can land displaced the Earth from 0.25 cm! Now we have a second moon, according to NASA scientists called 2016HO3. This is basically an asteroid, but this satellite is in orbit around the Earth in a certain way this man has launched into space. This path will be dispatched in a few centuries, scientists occupied by him or "Do not get so excited to" walk it "flag"

9. Carbon Dioxide Stones in Ground

The Carbon Dioxide that is pumped into the ground can be turned into rock solid. This discovery will help scientists in discovering a way to maintain a balance of the Carbon Dioxide emissions on Earth. Why are we so concerned about CO2 emissions? The level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is gradually increasing. While we can thank America for bombing half the world and creating these emissions, America alone is not responsible for these levels. The high scale industries scattered all over the world play their part in increasing the level of this gas. The Carbon Dioxide and other Carbon compounds released into the atmosphere gradually eat away the Ozone layer that protects us from harmful radiation of the sun. Besides that, it causes Global Warming which is one of the hottest issue of 2016 as well. The energy radiation of the sun enters the earth, but does not leave it thereby, causing an increase in temperature of the atmosphere.

8. Stem cells make stroke victims walk

Stanford University researchers injected the modified stem cells in the body that chronic stroke patients. With only reported side effects were mild headache injection procedure, he was described as the most successful. Before easing administration anesthetized patients and was healing symptoms appear. Freely- move around and walk away from the wheelchairs- active patients! It really took around six months to produce enough cells to allow movement of the amazing healing process. Strokes happen when the oxygen supply to any part of the brain is limited. This result can not be replaced with brain cell death, the causes can not be repaired and the body damage to any part of that control certain brain cells can not be produced in the body.

7. Cybernetic Implant

The mind is a mysterious thing. It is very small compared to the rest of the body and yet very important. Ohio State University, Doctors involved placing a small chip in the brain of a patient suffering from quadriplegia with a cybernetic implant made. Quadriplegia is the loss of parts of the body due to the movement or disease or illness. Specific surgical treatment, chip carriers, 6 years later was able to pass four of his fingers.

Although these findings mark a major milestone in science and medicine, there is available to the common man or bourgeois, while there is still time.

6. Planet Nine

All our school life (in Roman numerals as X 10) Planet X is 10th planet of the solar system, but we think beyond our frustration, too, Pluto, the ninth planet out list. Now we come before X original "Planet of knowledge" was the pseudonym given to a planet in the 20th century after the discovery of Neptune and Pluto. To be that there is more intellectual childhood memories that is damaged, while large clusters Beyond Technology California Institute scientists Neptune case discovered they say, planet " the "though still just a hypothesis.

5. Another discovery to endorse that man evolved from Fish

Fish? You thought the monkeys? Cavefish, as the scientists say, for vertebral life forms on Earth. It can walk on the walls of a roach! So the next time that you are moving to an aquarium glass to be freaked out!

4. Eternal Data Storage

If you have a device that can collect data for 13.8 billion years, what will happen? That's the same time the current age of the earth. The device 360 ​​terabytes of data and amazing shelf life that can effectively means that the data saved on it through optical methods "is going to be" always safe. Scientists have used nano-structured glass for the construction of this device.

3. Supermoon

Every year scientists and skywatchers welcome the supermoon- when it is closest to the Earth- but this year the moon receives special attention because that is the closest it has been in 68 years! So it is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people, who will be able to sight the supermoon 2016 on Sunday, 12th of November 2016. We do hope that you read this in time!

There are 28 Earths could fit in the distance between the moon and the earth around. Long as the moon has been the focus for humanity poets, philosophers and space scientists. Even if the moon will be close, you can not reach out and touch it, but it's a different experience to be the same.

2. Vertical landing of Rocket

So far we have seen in the comics and movies, vertical landing rockets. In fact, the rockets because of "inertia", "Gravity", "speed", "friction" that we will not bother with etc.- could not land vertically on some reasons, including reasons ! That they have been destroyed in the rocket or space or just fall anywhere on Earth to be rediscovered time and that's enough. A private a- rockets vertically discovered a way to make the earth (see here) company SpaceX. Not only this, it is possible to NASA rocket will use will be low for a "space missions" coffee.

1. Abortion Pills by Mail

While some countries are seeing abortions- Street protests against the ban to study the others are "women abortion pills" by mail. The goal is to determine since "telabortions" protected whether the mother has to go to the clinic for her. The study is being conducted in four states and Hawaii, New York, Oregon and Washington present and so far 12 women have participated.

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