Top 10 Strangest Competitions Around The World

Top 10 Strangest Competitions Around The World

Why is it that every activity in a contest that enjoy more, are competitive by nature. Some of the many incredible encounters with strange incredibly dangerous out there. But here in the world, a selection of weird and unusual top ten out of whack contests.

After reading the above list you can compete all the people acknowledge that. Enjoy! The top ten list of strange encounters.

10 Strange Encounters have to see to believe

10. The Championship of Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing first championship was held in 1997 in Leicester, United Kingdom. On ice or in the water, on the mountain - it was the most dangerous places to iron out a couple of things participants of the action. The winner should possess not only the skills of rock climbing or scuba diving, but also be able to iron shirts.

9. The Championship on Crawling

1122 children took part in the first "little marathon" which was held in 2005 in Colombia. 8 children age 18 months to the desperate crawl a distance of 5 meters. All participants do not reach the end of an amazing distance. This game was organized by the Ministry of Health to support a healthy lifestyle.

8. Football in a Mud

2008 thousand men and women were on the ankle in the mud in the struggle for the main prize of the 10th annual football championship in the soil. This spectacular event especially for this event, which turned into 22 playing fields the size of 60х35 meters of natural mud bog, was held in Finland.

2 periods each lasted 25 minutes each. 6 to 340 players participated in the Championship on everyone. National, A Dirty Carnival like the game - rewound shoes and socks through an adhesive tape, long dresses, white hospital gown, the Supermen, tight shorts, ties, pink wigs- participants to do anything to capture the main prize were prepared.

7. The Championship of Throwing Eggs

Throwing eggs that are held around the world have serious sports competition. The annual championship of throwing eggs, after Sutton, United Kingdom in 2006. The championship passes in Articles 4 competitive with generous cash prizes.

6. The Championship on Climbing to Palm Trees

Indonesia's Independence Day on August, 17th. This traditional folk festival, fireworks and is celebrated through competitions. Climb the palm trunk - it is a team which has participated in the contest, 4 persons.

To climb the smooth, oil trunk is an uneasy problem. Some teams create a sort of clambering, step on each other's shoulders. For towels, clothes and other small things with the certificate of practical mountain bike and cash - prizes on top of the trunk. On top of a trunk, more expensive prizes - such a rule. If any team is very fast at the top, administrators pour water on the participants, so they had to prove their skills again.

5. Feet Wrestling

In a pub, Derbyshire UK Football first World Championship Wrestling was held in 1976. Participants gathered with their big toes in a life and death! In 1997, the organizers also apply for inclusion in the list of Olympic disciplines. However, this idea was not adopted. Well, feet wrestling- has resulted in a very dangerous game, which often sprained ankles and broken toes.

4. Championship on Inflating Hot Water Bottles

18-year-old Jamal certainly Tkeshelashvili, as a hot water bottle where you threaten to tear them was not fun! - For 16 seconds and a second for the third 23 seconds, only 13 seconds: finally managed to burst the 3 heaters become the winner of the championship in 2009. inflating the warm beauty. He sat on his inflated with a hot man! Thus, the young man put on a record hot inflating Georgia (13 seconds compared to the previous record of 51.98 seconds).

3. The Championship on Whistle

Today you see a beautiful girl is not whistling in the small town Irvinstown is possible to get a slap in the face in this case. There are also "wolf" whistle in 2009 held the first championship of Ireland. Who received the grand prize by better co-whistles from others was able to express his admiration of the fair sex! Well it was the local butcher Stephen Millar.

2. Marathon on High Heels

Race on the heels of this event in Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam and even held in several cities in Russia. However, Milan residents fought for a pair of elegant, luxury sandals from Manolo Blahnik, were luckier than others!

Than 300 participants at a distance of 80 meters after no more than 7 cm below the meter and had to cover no more than 1.5 cm thick. All the sacrifices were worth the grand prize. Well, finally gave up on as many as three race winners stunning luxury shoes!

1. The Championship on Unemployment

People, for the people who lost their places of work as a result of the economic crisis, hidden in their homes and are not going to complain about their bitter fate. On March 31st, 2009 unemployed name to a group of people gathered on the so-called Olympic jobs in New York to participate in sports. This idea in the mind of a programmer who was recently sent in his resignation. 20 Olympians, "boss accused" took part in the competition field office phones, office Boxing throw and "You are discharged."

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