Top 10 The Things That Could Lead To World War 3

Top 10 The Things That Could Lead To World War 3

The United Nations exists to prevent any increase or aggravating conflicts. Despite the recent rise of terrorism has raised questions among the people about the possibility of a third world war. Because terrorism is not just poor countries is not the solution to education and assistance.

In fact, more than 600 people in North America have joined the ISIS, since its inception. Why take a look at things that could be said of the boys, but in the meantime we start a third world war, you could look at 10 reasons.

10. Alliances

The dispute is how I started. During WWI, was supported by Austria, Germany and Italy. When Italy changed party and Triple Entente (is that Britain, France, Russia) an understanding then attacked, the other two will come to help. The attack on Serbia Austria, Germany invaded France and returned to attack Russia, the United Kingdom and France joined them in Italy. It was swallowed almost the whole of Europe.

Perhaps it would be in WWIII. Might attack Iran, India and Pakistan, China will support and involvement, the United States will double over the parties and apparently helped, Philippines and neighboring islands to think which side to join in and Let it be. Already there are many conflicts in the Middle East that could overlap with the third great war.

9. Territorial Expansion

WWI began wanted to Serbia because Austria (although there are other reasons). This limits lust to control a large part of the expansion and is driving crazy warmongers planet. So Israel wants the Palestinians, the United States wants to take the island in his eyes, China sea on Native American areas, Kashmir and India goes on.

8. Resources

Myth or fact, because we do not know we do not have a satellite to your own, but why it is said that the United States and province in India, Pakistan, South Asian country's mineral and metal in the ground . It is also a game avatar just so raw and real, although it is bloody. Finally, winning more powerful side, but David will not come without putting a lot of its own.

7. Water

75 percent of the planet's water is only 3 per cent. Just 1% to 3%, for the entire world population. Yes! 6 billion people and that much water. "Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to spare!" He's a famous quote in school and they taught us the right reasons. Increase in temperature and the encroaching desert with water and urbanization, as we see Dan Brown's "Inferno" or "Elysium" starring Matt Damon take the form of the next few hundred years. It is true that we will not be here for generations to come, but we will forgive us for what we are doing? Take hold of freshwater resources can be a cause of WWIII.

6. Resources

WWIII has not imminent indispensable resources may be due to the country's desire to capture more than it needs. Unfortunately, non-renewable energy resources in the world are declining at a startlingly rapid rate. It is also not stable. Another 50 years of oil reserves on the planet can be. In desperation, seeking strong countries and weak will get hold of oil and gas reserves. This was a very promising future for Somalia, gas and gold when the country was pushed into the war by turns.

5. Disease

The appearance of deadly viruses like the Ebola in African countries has rung an alarm all over the world. Though temporary measures like restricting movement of people belonging to these countries have been taken, it will be a while until unrest for medicines and drugs begins on a widescale level. Again we might be under the soil, burnt or fed to vultures by then- but will the disease struck generations forgive us for pushing them to the verge of war?

4. Arms

Increasing investment in arms, especially nuclear weapons, is a potential threat to the world and future generations. Most prescribed as a deterrent, and mass destruction weapons have been used in the past. While trying to maintain the use of weapons by the arm construction, countries in a mad arms race that ends in blowing off the air after only a few generations.

3. Faith and Theology

Some people of faith around the world to claim a third world war is imminent. The Jews, is the great war of Armageddon will stay and will save them from violence and take them out of positions. The Muslim faith with a view to rebel against the non-Jewish world, but in the case of a third world war. These beliefs dogma can lead to a third great war.

2. The Ukrainian Conflict

Both world wars took place behind Russia as a great power. Russian troops being called an act of war by the recent invasion of the Crimea from Ukraine. Although the two have always been angry with each other (almost always), tensions have now reached boiling point. It involved an incident unity and might eventually lead to a war?

1. Rule of Nature

Swept by the other nations to make room for more of the nation has been received. Survival of the fittest is a standard in the world. After 50 million deaths in Europe alone, the Europeans saw rising out of a wreck. Just try to destroy it- reaches the peak of the development and launch. This is the universe and the inevitable vicious cycle ... it goes without saying!