Top 10 Truly Bizarre Services from Japan

Top 10 Truly Bizarre Services from Japan

Japan is widely known to cause abnormal unique when it comes to culture and stuff. Yet, never crossed your mind if you find out what unique services in Japan?

 Trust me, there will be a list of your eyebrows. You may also like 10 Top Japanese folklore creatures.

10 Most Bizarre Services from Japan

10. Cuddle Cafe

Literally 'shop, which means sleeping with a' Soine- Yes, provides service to cuddle with you know young women without any strings attached. It charges you for 6,000 yen ($ 77) per hour for a comfortable sleep with a stranger. Of course, you will then hold her for an hour is not yet satisfied by the additional fee for extra time. Soine-ya's girl gives to want to sleep with you. Simply add another 1,500 yen ($ 19.50) and can take the girl in the room.

Who is ready to serve with its stock if a woman wants to be a fake boyfriend, though, Soine-ya youth minister. Soine-ya offers two packages to choose PM: 7 hours 30,000 yen ($ 364) to the cost of standard project and a plan on 70,000 yen ($ 850) a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort which is also included. If you want to manage your own projects with fake boyfriend, Soine-ya Minister also offers' premium on course with a fee of 50,000 yen ($ 600). About 2,000 favorite person to spend time with you to pick yen ($ 24) plus an additional fee.

Of course, you are not allowed to exceed the menu with your favorite woman or man. Contact No kissing, no sex, and to contact a private boy or girl, unless you are willing to report on them to provide service for real.

9. Rent-A-Friend Service

We may feel lonely and can not easily make the best friends. This service comes in handy to solve your problem. Now, you can take a friend with you at any time.

Client Partners KK, a Japanese company that provides services on a fake-friendly fare, provided with a female friend for about 3,000 yen (US $ 30) rate. If you want to be more than the standard term, though, you must pay an additional fee of $ 30 per hour.

Conversely, if you are a woman who needs a boyfriend Ossan rental is the answer to your problems. However, Ossan rental General's rent, which you can take it anywhere friends Rentals specializes in middle-aged men. The cost is not so expensive, only about 1,000 yen ($ 10) per hour. Unfortunately, Ossan rentals are only two options: Takanobu Nishimoto, a professor at Osaka fashion and style, and Mikio Sendou, a former baseball player and sports commentator Gifu. Do not waste their middle-aged men, as they are very fashionable to hang out with.

8. Ear-Cleaning Parlor

Relax while someone else is now possible with cleaning their ears in Japan parlor to clean your ear. Yamamoto Mimikaki deals with a company, your ear care and healing environment parlor has been in business since ten, 2006 to provide to the poor. It takes 2,700 yen (US $ 32) per basic service every 30 minutes. Tea service and customer it is a small thing to be greeted by a young woman with kimono. Then she has to put his head in her lap and gently ready to scrape the ear wax, covered his face with a handkerchief.

Meanwhile ,, Beatific and ear cleaning parlor offers a 70-minute service to 8,400 yen (US $ 100), which costs a. The latter services are more complex than the former, which is the ears, neck and shoulder massage until the start of your ear wash. Even the ear-cleaning salon ear fortune telling and other additional features.

7. Summer Homework Service

Autumn Japanese struggle with a lot of kids in the summer assignments which bring utter chaos right before the start of the semester. To cope with the problem and to avoid parental scoldings, summer homework service comes to the surface as a very promising business. Now you do not need to do your homework by yourself. Just call the company, and by professionals find any designation.

Companies charge varies for each work. For the exercise of these 500 yen (US $ 4.75) per share, reported a 3,000 yen to book 400 characters ($ 28.47), and 5,000 yen ($ 47.75) charge for a research project . These professionals can imitate the handwriting of you may suspect. Do not worry, they are professionals, they can copy his handwriting. If you are in a hurry and are willing to act fast, though, you need to pay some extra bucks.

Surprisingly, the service grows increasingly popular among students. Parents also deliberately take advantage of the service to save you the trouble of helping their children. Despite this, complain about the bad effects of using a lot of good service society members.

6. Wedding Guest Service

Marriage as many family members as possible accomplices and is seen as a sacred event attended. If you do not have that many people to attend your wedding, though, this service offers fake guests to comply with the list of guests.

Office Agent, disguised 20,000 yen ($ 200) charges as a company that rents out fake guests at your wedding, a guest staff member. If you want to fake guests extra work, though, you have to pay more. Guests will have a song for another 5,000 yen or performing a dance. If you add another 10,000 yen, false pride guests will give a speech in front of other guests.

Surprisingly enough, Office Agent received 100 wedding requests per year. Also ready for a total of 1,000 workers offers multitude of your wedding. Hiroshi Mizutani, chief of the Office Agents in Tokyo, as reported in the news that put proud to be a lot of friends in front of his partner. It seems like a good idea to give a good impression about your wedding. See also 10 odd wedding rituals in different cultures.

5. ‘Solo Wedding’ Service

Carriers sometimes hard to stop thinking about for some time for women, and being married to the other. He gives another case, they feel like there is no time to dress up as a bride and sad to leave them. do not worry. Cerca free travel will be a solo wedding, they set up in the glamor of marriage without commitment to marriage.

The client spends two days a solo and a hotel where the wedding is to experience your wedding night customer. Fitting clothing, flowers design, consists of hair and make-up. The service includes a photo shot.

There are a lot of packages offered by the company, but they are very expensive. The cheapest package costs about 300,000 yen (US $ 2,800). Cerca free travel does geisha make-up and other get UPS to wear such clothing. It also gives you the option to have a decorative one. However, the customers would have no option. They have fun by yourself and choose to engrave this opportunity once in a lifetime memory. Look, men are 10 ways to immortality.

4. Rent a Foreigner

It seems that we already have enough money for the rental in this list. Brace yourself, is not as strange as it sounds, and rental. Gaikokujin Rental - present to the foreign government means - around 4,500 yen for the 2000 offshore for rent in Japan. Others being completely different from the rental, the rent-a-foreign-service educational purposes.

By renting Gaikokujin, international workers are given a space to roam with Japanese citizens. The original Japanese and foreigners is meant as a bridge to connect the two. Being the case, Gaikokujin with disc jockeying rental class and a lot of services for home renovation. However, most of the foreigners who promote themselves stating that they will help improve English conversation skills in their customer profile. The company's foreign guardians by us to communicate with one another claim to contribute to society.

3. Bare Thigh Advertising Space

Will attract more customers in search of a brand new technology in promoting your company's product or service? This feature can help you with many Bizzare this way. Located between the mini skirt and high socks - - Now can you go to can stick your advertising stickers on young women bare legs and pass them up with the people to promote your service or product.

A Japanese PR company, Absolute Territory PR, has paid plenty of young women to promote clients' ads through their thighs. Interestingly, the request to seal a lot of girls with their legs stickers. Applicants must be at least 18 voters, and they need to have at least 20 contacts with a social media account. The sticker ad will wear it for a set period of time available (usually to pay for 8 hours a day). They will walk the streets with stickers, but to capture and upload them to social media. See also 10 odd ad campaigns badly translated.

2. Keeping Ex-Lover’s Moments Service

You've just got a new boyfriend and forgot to put away the things of his ex-lover? Do not worry, just give me a call Terrada warehouse. If you are agree to pay for the storage service, of course, for you - gifts, photos, or love letters - it is ready to save all of your ex-lover.

Miniku love a new service, launched by Terrada, ready for you to store memories of a former lover. You need to add a monthly 250 yen to 250 yen ($ 2.45) fee to secure a cardboard box with a capacity of only 30 items. What's more, you can have a professional voice actors to record a love letter to letter per 4,200 yen ($ 41.25). This feature will allow you to include recording a CD. Just like a statue album CD, an original cover for the CD jacket is also provided. That is, that the CD will be placed in storage, so you can not hear them. If you wish to listen to it, though, you will have to pay a 800 yen ($ 7.85). Unfortunately, Miniku Love is an exception to the service, the company will not store valuables like gold rings, plants or animals.

1. Apologizing Service

If you can not stand violent crime to apologize, because I felt reluctant, this service will help you to Japan. You, by the agency apologizing because you do not have to talk to you! Just sit at home and wait for the result!

These are some of the agencies which offer services apology. Aiga Pro apologize face to face charges Shazaiya 25,000 yen (US $ 240) and 10,000 yen exemption by email or phone ($ 96). It's very expensive, but who cares, you can save the trouble of asking for forgiveness? The good news is, this agency is open 24/7. Meanwhile, Yokohama Benriya Natchan is crying to calm angry and scary, while a special service to apologize. On the other hand, Nihon Shazai Daikokao which, another method of payment which charges 3,500 yen ($ 33) per hour. Why apologize when it takes a long time, so there is probably a case of pay per hour.

You can use this service to send people to be able to hide your parents or your wife - to solve the problem - or whatever you ask from them. You might think that this is a fraud, but it is no problem to report the activities of companies. In addition, the majority of customers are revealed to be between 40 and 20 years with problems with money or spouses and elderly women.