Top 10 The Unsolved Mysteries of the World

Top 10 The Unsolved Mysteries of the World

To know one "that Socrates said, 'You know I do not know anything. It really know the meaning." Science and our knowledge of the world, winning the amazing growth over the last few centuries, but many, there are many questions to be answered yet.

Our world is so strange than it sounds. It is full of strange and mysterious things that we can not explain and understand human beings and yet it is. Let the world read about 10 unsolved mysteries.

10 unsolved mysteries that still need answers

10. Grooved Spheres

South Africa is known as the Precambrian rock, which is about 2.8 billion years old. Miners, digging, while there was some mysterious metal spheres. He has three parallel grooves that are about 1 inch in diameter and etched around the equator. While others are filled with a spongy white substance Hollowed out solid bluish metal with white flecks of some of them. The original areas is unknown.

9. Placebo Effect

Placebo Effect fake medicines, advised by a doctor to a patient, and better when. I hope to patients from counterfeit medicines and believe that it will work. A similar effect is known as a man of counterfeit drugs and the problems created by the real drug Nocebo effect. This complex phenomena in which some mysterious mind-body connection, we prove that there still do not know. Look, Top 10 mysteries of human behavior.

8. Taos Hum

Taos, residents of the small town of New Mexico, who constantly said "We heard a mysterious voice says as". It is a low-pitched sound heard in a quiet environment and looks like a distant diesel engine. Despite many investigations, the sound source is still unknown.

7. Shroud of Turin

It does not need any introduction. That is the effect of a cloak that had apparently died of a crucified man. Scientists are unable to explain how the image was imprinted. After many scientific research and experiments, has been able to replicate it. Some Catholics claim to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ. In recent times, Turin, Italy is held in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

6. Sailing Stones

Racetrack Playa rock is slowly moving across the surface without the intervention of human or animal. The move, while the stones left a track in front of them. Some scientists, while others claim that they can not move with the man as the heavy stones so easily believed that due to the heavy wind. Since no one has ever been filmed moving stones, it is still among the top unsolved mysteries.

5. Dancing Plague

In July 1518, a woman, Frau Troffea, started dancing in the streets of Strasbourg. It was not just for fun. It's an obsession soon, he joined his choice within a month, and 400 other people dance spread to the region of Strasbourg. Not just for days or weeks, but months of continuous dancing. Some of these stroke, stroke and died of exhaustion. Nobody dance like crazy with people any idea why they lost their lives.

4. Lady Dais

The scientist is the most well-preserved body, which was now an old man in China. Body known as the Han Dynasty 2,000 years old and midwives around the lady. Heart attack, between 178 and 145 BC, aged around 50 died because they could. Her skin is still soft, and could flex the arm and leg joints. Mimi was a scientist, a mysterious liquid which can not even imitate.

3. Harold Disappearance

In December 1967, Harold hold Cheviot went down to the beach for swimming and suddenly disappeared. He was Prime Minister of Australia, launched one of the largest operations in Australia. Police, Navy, Air Force and local volunteers searched for him all around for the next two days but could not find a single trace. How he disappeared in the end is still a mystery.

2. Spontaneous Combustion

September 15th 1982 I sat in a chair, wrapped in Flames finally live Saffin. The incident was witnessed by the father, he saw the flash light out of the corner of his eyes and hands. They had not been covered in flames and cry or move it. The investigation, police found no reason to live combustion. Jenny's body but there was no sign of the burning house. Because of her death is still unknown.

1. Red Rain

July to September 2001, heavy rain fall periodically in the southern Indian state of Kerala. This is a normal rain, but not a special one. Rain water color was red. Clouds were spitting blood. Government claimed this is due to the spores from locally prolific terrestrial alga. But in a report, published in 2006, claimed that the colored particles were extraterrestrial cells. Despite much research, it is still unknown. Look, 10 spine-chilling mysteries of India.

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