Top Planning a Trip to Australia-10 Things you should know

Top Planning a Trip to Australia-10 Things you should know

Traveler's destination Australia offered a tremendous amount of courage and you can have your life's journey in Australia. However, the decision to visit and places to visit on the how, there are certain things which you need to focus on before you go. Before you book a flight in Australia, you should do a little research to deal with some aspects of the Australian way.

Here is a list of top 10 things you need to consider before traveling to Australia.

#10. Time Zones

Australia is a big country with a small population and three time zones. So much for one country, I would say. Anyway, it's time to Eastern Standard Time Zone three eastern states, Central Standard Time Northern Territory (CST) and South Australia and Western Standard Time Western Australia (WST).

Here is something to take note of the CST EST after half an hour and two hours after WST EST. So, if you decide to go in the morning in Western Australia, you have two hours to think about.

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#9. Shopping

Yes, you are going to purchase the last thing you think about before you make a budget. But here you have purchased your airline ticket would be a good time to purchase duty-free. There is a limit to the things you are bringing into Australia, including alcohol intake and smoking. Customs, you will need to declare yourself to punish your equipment out of bounds to save. You control the amount of fluid to take on board.

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#8. Vaccinations and Medications

Again, the last thing on your list whether or not the way to make you sick. However, you can not judge in advance, so be prepared. Well, Australia, until within 6 days of your arrival from a yellow fever infected country does not ask you to get the vaccine.

However, if you are taking medicines in Australia is subject to customs duties and is declared safe to use on your arrival. It is recommended to bring a letter from your doctor about prescription medication you are taking.

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#7. Internet Usage

For which you are dependent on their smart phones and tablets to achieve those people, places and weather information, the Internet is slow and expensive in Australia. Wi-Fi will be available in the hostel or cafe, but the connection is not what you would expect. However, if your only savior from the Mcdonalds, free Wi-Fi where you are impatient, if so, to hit Mcdonalds. The best way to stay connected to your mobile phone unlocked before you leave for Australia to buy a local SIM card. But, it depends on the amount of data that you will use will add an extra $ 30- $ 50 bill on the budget. .
#6. Drink Local

I have already mentioned above, you can not take a lot of drinks with the locals prefer to drink. Australia has a ton of local brands and breweries that are worth trying. And please do not American enough to ask for a pint of promotion. XXXX Gold, Coopers, to trying some of the best- known for Sydney and James Squire. Cider is very popular all over Australia.

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#5. Mind The Sun

Instead of spending too much time in the Australian Sunday would be a bad idea. I'm not trying to ruin your batch, but really strong sun in Australia. sunblocks, and do not forget to bring along your desire to meet a lot of very fast compared to back home to get tanned. Sun, some environmental factors is very strong here in your own country affects you.

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#4. Surprising Weather

It's always hot in the summer in Australia like the US and Europe, there is a lot of heat. Parts, other parts of the heavy rain over the dry. So, do not get surprised by the Australian season, try to visit in the shoulder season October / November or April / May.

At the same time, Australia is warm all year around. The temperature drops down to northern Australia, the coffee hot all year round at -5 degrees in the winter. Therefore, according to the plan.

#3. Expenses

Australia is an expensive country. Spending at least $ 100 per day for food, travel and accommodation. Australian Transport If you are planning to buy a new or used car online is a road trip around Australia that will rip your pocket. Australia offer a much cheaper ride around Australia as part of its budget that the number of websites.

For accommodation, hostels are the tried and not as cheap as you think. If you're traveling with a family, you can take in a private room, it will still be cheaper than a hotel room. Incase, you go for a crazy adventure, camping.

Out of their cooking is much more affordable than dinner. Food will spoil your whole budget out of food.

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#2. Visas

This is something you need to do advance planning. Without your passport is not permitted in Australia. You can apply for a range of working holiday visa at your local Australian Consulate, visas- tourist visa. Visa always do it ahead of time to leave the delay time of your holiday, too.

#1. Flights

Choose your flight, according to the budget. Some of the budget airlines, Tiger Airways and Jetstar. One way in Australia when compared to return flights, flights are more expensive, so you can book to go at a time. To travel from one city to another, you can apply for a bus pass available in Australia. But, if you want to keep a personal matter, you can online buy or rent a new or used car in Australia.

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