What to Know Before You Buy

Tips and advice to help you pick the best blade.

You just can buy a Chinese-made knives for $ 10 in the flea market and do not expect to take it in serious punishment. They are easily used in many high as 400 series stainless steel are cheap "deal" knives - but they can not grasp the edge and blade power is very weak. It may look like the real deal with aggressive intentions, but you will undoubtedly be broken blade put to work - possibly injuring yourself and leave a very, very stuck.

Looks cool but is a double edge blade power agreement, and prying and can not be used for tasks like wood batoning. Contrary to what you may think, is a good survival knife is still used as a tool than a weapon. Plus, there will be times when you will have to hold the spine of the knife to follow the finer things. The blade itself it will not take much abuse, after which there should not be thin. Look for a drop point knife blade - one that slopes along the spine of the blade tip of the blade to the handle. As addition, it makes a "belly" or curved edge of the skinning and finer task, is preferred. Avoid Tanto style blades, although they are thicker (and therefore stronger) In the end, the lack of an abdomen is a chore slicing.

Full tang construction that extends all the way to the end of the full length of the knife handle. A full tang, allowing for better leverage when forcing the blade against a hard object, knife takes structural strength slope, the whole thing is a unit. When pressing force is applied to partial tangs, meanwhile, is the lack of power, depending on the strength of the bond between the handle and the blade - to think a long steel beam than two connecting a midpoint.

You, your survival knife does not need to look like a war machine with a handle and chainsaw teeth are not in a knife fight with Steven Seagal. It is believed, a tough one serrated edge, but it is less practical in the field than you think. The rope, cutting his teeth as a brother, serrated This is a simple (or smooth) Blade far more versatile since it can perform the same task. Of course, you always can go with just you have to go to a collection sawtooth edge (plain and serrated).

Grind the best as it has been to see the tip of the knife being thrust on you. The cross section shape of the blade edge is above the spine and grind the bottom. Grind a knife depending on its intended use. Cut, the high wood and great batoning - A flat grind, flat tapers from the spine edge of each side of the knife, is perhaps the most useful and versatile. It can also be sharpened easily field. Check grind knife and please make sure it is best suited to your basic tasks.

The machete is a knife the size may seem impressive, but a fixed blade knife is too big, it becomes unwieldy for. You are more suitable for the need for a branch splaying regular tasks like bursting through the rainforest vines whacking over India, the adventures of the archaeologist. A knife must be controllable. On the other hand, it is very small, so you will be spoiled when you need to do heavy work. It is a good rule to keep the blade size between 4 and 7 inches. Overall blade length should ideally be around 11 inches.

Grip, feel and handle material blade, almost as important as yourself. Hollow and / or steer clear plastic handle. KRATON (synthetic rubber polymer), Micarta (linen impregnated resin composite), G10 (resin impregnated fiberglass), glass reinforced nylon, are better for thick wooden or rubber strength, durability and grip. It is difficult to hold under pressure with a knife, you can lose or seriously injure yourself. In addition, a lanyard rope threaded through the holes to keep the knife around your wrist for beneficial properties (crushing like a blunt end) and / or look for. End steer clear of the basket handle with Compass.

The Knives
The best of the best.

Cold Steel Leatherneck SF
BUY NOW: $100

Long blade Leatherneck SF 4116 is made of German stainless steel and is finished with a black non-reflective coating. This means that it is razor sharp, that is not carbon blade, it is likely that despite its high corrosion resistance, will have to be sharpened more often. Double quillons, while protecting your hands in depth checker KRATON ensure good gripping the handle all the tasks. Unique steel butt cap works great for shelling or breaking glass, and holds Leatherneck in place without the need for a sudden stop from the former sheath.

Blade: 6.75-inch German 4116 stainless steel, full tang, plain edge, clip point
Handle: Grivory (nylon) and Kraton
Overall length: 11.75 inches
Features: Front and rear quillons, steel butt cap
Sheath: Secure-Ex
Origin: Taiwan

SOG Seal Pup Elite
BUY NOW: $120

SOG SEAL Pup Elite is a menacing-looking knife. This clip is lean based on a strategic approach than other knives on the list, but it is also more prone to breaking point. Seal pup blade slowly -300 degrees Fahrenheit, then where is brought down to room temperature again brought back the SOG cryogenic temperature heat treatment, is characterized. This helps to increase the toughness and provides strong resistance.

Blade: 4.85-inch AUS-8, straight edge, clip point
Handle: Glass-reinforced nylon
Overall length: 9.5 inches
Features: Lanyard hole
Sheath: Kydex or Ballistic Nylon
Origin: China

KA-BAR Becker 22 Campanion
BUY NOW: $121

KA-BAR 1942. The knife is legendary for the Marine Corps Combat knife way back saw military duty in eight wars, which makes for a knife icon. Baker 22 Campanion no one can take them available to other offices and forced batoning handle without flinching. All day, soon cut down distribution in bone, the Pry - repeat again. The 1095 Cro-Van steel is not particularly complex, but as close to indestructible ZYTEL handle on it, hard as nails.

Blade: 5.25-inch 1095 Cro-Van Steel, full tang, plain edge, drop point
Handle: Zytel
Overall length: 10.5 inches
Features: Front and rear quillons, removable handle, lanyard hole, glass breaker
Sheath: Heavy-duty polyester
Origin: USA

Buck 119BR Special Fixed Blade
BUY NOW: $128

119BR original was created half a century ago and still stands as the new buck fixed blade knife. There is good reason for this. Workmanship is flawless, making for a beautiful knife, but it is very good for Daisy - Large clip blade cut two big tasks like detailed work like piercing and cutting. Because of the curvature of the knife cocobolo wood handles and front and rear quillons feels perfect in hand - just an art, a sculpture which do not lend your hand, the knife in place.

Blade: 6-inch 420 High Carbon Stainless Steel, full tang, plain edge, clip point
Handle: Cocobolo Wood
Overall length: 10.5 inches
Features: Front and rear quillons
Sheath: Leather
Origin: USA

Gerber LMFII
BUY NOW: $140

Toughness LMFII 10 inches, has been field tested by the Army "through helicopter Plexiglas" or punching "the crazy things like cutting through the skin of the body". For example, as it is good for meat, meat - as well as wood, rope, cord, etc. more grippy molded handle without beating up your hands and even can withstand electric shock. Clever sheath which has a built-in sharpener, that means you can stay sharp without even trying.

Blade: 4.84-inch 420HC stainless steel, near full tang, combo edge, drop point
Handle: Glass-reinforced nylon with TPV overmold
Overall length: 10.59 inches
Features: Front and rear quillons, lashing and lanyard holes, glass breaker
Sheath: High-strength nylon with built-in sharpener
Origin: USA

Helle GT
BUY NOW: $170

handcrafted in Norway, Helle GT is capable of being passed down to a beautiful knife, generations. Blade shape was designed in 1997 by one of the best designers of blade Lothe, Helle from Gunnar. GT also perform well as it looks a spoon, with a drop point worthy of carving wood distribution jobs.

Blade: 4.8-inch triple-laminated stainless steel
Handle: Curly birch
Overall length: 9.7 inches
Features: Large guard
Sheath: Leather
Origin: Norway

Benchmade Bushcrafter Family
BUY NOW: $215

Its name implies, Bushcrafter is specifically designed as a bushcraft knife around all by Shane Sibert. It handily handle all external obligations, it has also been adopted as the choice for those who saw the knife used for cutting explosive ordnance technicians plastic explosives. As an added bonus, Bushcrafter can be custom laser etched with images of the first set with your choice of text.

Blade: 4.4-inch CPM-S30V, plain edge, drop point
Handle: G10
Overall length: 9.15 inches
Features: Custom laser etching
Sheath: Kydex

BUY NOW: $216

One of the best survival knives ESEE, 6P-B type external punishment other knives can take that will make the hanging. Carbon steel blade is durable, sharp and beautifully holds its edge. bombproof Micarta handle feels good in the hand, and with a removable, so you need to use a spear or use a handle instead paracord- wound, makes it easy.

Blade: 5.75-inch 1095 carbon steel, plain edge, drop point
Handle: Micarta
Overall length: 11.75 inches
Features: Removable handle, lanyard hole
Sheath: Molded with clip plate
Origin: USA

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife
BUY NOW: $370

A1 of largish 6.3-inch blade holds an edge and made of hard and tough laminated steel VG 10, which can withstand high stress use. VG 10 carbon steel, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium from a proprietary alloy, in other words, it is passing 500-pound load test is a high-quality "super steel." The blade is very strong. Finger Guard ergonomic grip is great for chopping, larger profile while carrying blades means you can go by without fatigue or slipping along. It may not be cheap, but construction innocent, and it will take years of tough field use.

Blade: 6.3-inch laminated VG-10 steel, full tang, plain edge, drop point
Handle: Kraton
Overall length: 11 inches
Features: Quillon, lanyard hole
Sheath: Zytel with snap closure
Origin: Sweden

Bloodroot Blades 4.5-Inch Stag Drop Point
BUY NOW: $475

Bloodroot blade Luke Snyder and the brainchild of David Van Wyk. The Bloodroot in Georgia can handle a plethora of handicrafts and out of the fabric that holds custom Dear customer (a customer used as part of a wedding dress) custom knives. The buck knife drop point to the beauty of a durable, rugged performance heritage with back-up scene.

Blade: 4.5-inch steel, drop-point
Handle: Stag antler
Sheath: Leather