The most beautiful Russian men

The most beautiful Russian men

Russia is one of the blessed countries in the world. Perhaps, Russia are very talented in acting, which is rich with bold and charming men. They have a great personality with strong bold and beautiful. He never ready to defend their culture and advance in their careers.

Why Russian women are always being trapped by them. In most of America's most favorite celebrities. If you have never been to Russia you will save all men telling me they are having symptoms of Russian men. Here is a list of the top 5 most beautiful Russian men.

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Timur Solovyov

Timur was born on February 11th, is to attract a Russian man, surprised 1982. Timor and will not cease to impress. He is an incredible person skilled in acting. He has done in his career. Timur has worked with several famous TV and radio production companies in the elite talent on display. Solovyov most charming and attractive personality. This was the turning point for their success in the acting industry. He is known by the famous Silver Nightingale Warbling Radio hosted a live radio program called. Here, it is fashion, computers, cars, etiquette, philosophy, poetry and majored on topics such as social and political life. He has also hosted such Soloviev, Nightingale enthusiasm for the night, the passion of many TV programs, and who is coming among others. He said the popular economics, politics, and the social life, the comic is known for bright and outrageous statements. The most influential and charismatic man in Russia, he said.

Peter Dranga

Peter was born on 8 March 1984. She is a great singer and accordion. In fact, he is the same person who introduced the accordion to the Russian stage. In 1996 he won the open competition for the Accordions in Castelfidardo in Italy. Furthermore, where he attended the International Music Festival in Beijing, he won competitions. This was the turning point, and the performance of many fans who ended up as the resemblance to his character. Dranga born into a family of musicians, and they ended up pursuing a career that's why. Peter has played an important role in Russian stage and represented by their country's best.

Igor Petrenko

Igor was born in Potsdam in eastern Germany August 23, 1977. She is a famous Russian film and theater actor. Petrenko popular in 2002. The winner of Russia is known as in his early life, he was interested in Judo, Gymnastics, and hobbies such as Sambo. Igor Nika won the award in 2004 when he was named as the discovery of 2003 years, Igor was awarded a Victory Award for the best young actor. He said that he played a role in countless films in 2012. Sherlock Holmes film series. Igor is an actor who realized early in his career. He said an active role in uplifting entertainment industry in Russia.

Egor Beroev

Beroev was born on October 9th 1977 in Moscow, Russia. A famous Russian actor who has performed in over 20 films. He has trained and graduated from Moscow Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre College in 1998 in Russia. Beroev most attractive personality. He is a handsome actor said most adored by most. In his acting career, Beroev has assumed many roles that Russia has made it a multitalented performer.

Vladimir Mashkov

Vladimir was born on 27th November 1963 in Tula Russia. He is a talented actor as well as director of cinema. Some of his famous works include Behind the Enemy Lines of 2001, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol of 2011 and Papa of 2004. In the year 1997, Vladimir was nominated for playing a significant role in the film titled ‘The Thief’ which he won an Oscar. His character is admirable and is undeniably charming and handsome. He has won several awards in his acting career. Vladimir tops the list of the most attractive Russian actors. He has directed several films such as Sirota kazanskaya and Papa. He played a role in theater films such as Passions for Bumbarash, A star Hour by Local Time, The Threepenny Opera and the Death Defying Act among others.