Top 10 Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the World

Top 10 Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the World

Any action on the streets of a city or town, and the first thing you'll notice it's running up, and down cars. After a lot of cars to luxury items as well as, this is absolutely not true friendly atmosphere. The option of a replacement vehicle for many cities, citizens, and have taken the initiative to offer bicycles, and a cycle-friendly initiative. We have fixed the road, with bike racks for bicycle friendly with the drivers in a city can tell.

 The infrastructure, traffic, keep in mind, idea, etc. Taking 13 categories, Copenhagenize rate index rating of 150 cities, including such factors. According to Copenhagenize index, carry a lot of top 10 bicycle-friendly cities in the world.

10. Berlin

10th bicycle-friendly city, to the rank of 8, Berlin, Germany. This is a modal share of 13%, which is 20-25 percent in some neighborhoods because of the desire of people with no sub-cultural influences. A wide age range, gender distribution of health infrastructure, encourage citizens to ride. But a more uniform network and the right financial commitment needed to strengthen its position.

9. Malmö

With the financial commitment to a modern city of Malmo Sweden, modern communication, the Copenhagenize index, on the 7th position in the bike-friendly cities in the world. He has allocated € 47 million for 7 years, and saw a funny car trips fantastic results in these. Designated bike paths are balanced, easily occur in GPS, and his helmet promotion campaigns.

8. Eindhoven

In the Dutch city of Eindhoven on a much-deserved 6th position. From which it is developing itself as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world have built a strong foundation. Has shown great commitment to the issue. It has some insight projects, most begin to appreciate floating around. The bicycle just like other emerging cities need to be more innovative.

7. Antwerp

16% for the year Antwerp in Belgium, a modal share of bicycle traffic and stable with a successful Bike Share system, has obtained the 5th position in the bike-friendly cities in the world. It acquired 100km of cycling infrastructure between the 2006 and 2012 elections. This is the central train commendable job with the bicycle parking facility at the station, and is well placed stations and saturation.

6. Nantes

Tied to the 5th rank Nantes in western France. With € 40 2009 and 2014 and cost between huge political million, has increased its infrastructure almost 400km. Cycle turns right on red for pigs, the modal share of 4.5% in the metropolitan area in 2012, the first city to have exceeded 5 percent share in the permit. This is a great bike share system, and subsidies from all the cargo bike.

5. Bordeaux

Bordeaux France on the 4th rank, have to invest a huge change in the cycling scene in the last 5 years, mainly because Tramway bike paths and cycle routes, hand in hand with network . In the city and 400km of tracks altogether, 200km dedicated to bicycles. It is appropriate modal share of 10% in the city and around 5% in COMMUNAUTÉ URBAINE DE BORDEAUX.

4. Seville

Tied at 4 in the post with an ideal modern bicycle planning movement, SEVILLE Spain. 80km is a modal share of 7%, and a great bike on bicycle infrastructure and systems. It is also within a matter of a decade has shown a strong and rapid change, and because of his political vision sharp increase in bicycle traffic. It's time to expand its bi-directional tracks.

3. Utrecht

Small Dutch city of Utrecht has earned the prestigious rank 3rd. With a level of perfection as a network of bicycle infrastructure, a wonderful city to ride around on a bicycle. This is for all the other cities in the world, especially the one at the scene when the bicycle Rush. It calls for major efforts to increase bicycle traffic levels increasing urbanization.

2. Copenhagen

The Copenhagenize Index, Copenhagen in Denmark is ranked the 2nd most bicycle-friendly cities in the world rating. It is well designed and uniform bicycle infrastructure network, unprecedented is over the harbor lack of seriousness, and so the cycle, pedestrian bridges, other infrastructure Bicycle highways, such as the projects, however, is political leadership.

1. Amsterdam – Europe’s Top bicycle-friendly cities

The Copenhagenize index, the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It scores well in every category considered for the index. Massive place on the 30km / h zone save significantly in slowing the city while there is a saturation of the core strengths, bicycle traffic. The infrastructure design of the city could do with a little more consistency.

Bicycles around the city without fuel or destroyed without causing noise pollution is spreading faster loud you can take. In addition, easy to ride, and any chance of having traffic problems may be caused by motorcycles there. In addition, they are far less expensive, and riding a great workout. It is to clean, pollution-free and traffic-ridden streets, countries suggest that ensue where they become bicycle friendly cities, a popular sleek cars and private travel mode.

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