Top 10 Coolest Weirdest Lizards Large and Small

Top 10 Coolest Weirdest Lizards Large and Small

I creep out scampering with wriggly gray lizard walls, you have the possibility of passing out one for you at least, a lizard's catch off guard a sc

ream involuntarily escape when you can expect, if you fall on the list of strange lizards in the world is likely to be a horror show for you. But then again, you who enjoy being ridden masochists who may have a fear and horror of them can watch movies with your eyes closed. By then, all means, go. Large and small - from the best, strange lizard in the 10 world.

Top 10 Weirdest Lizards in The World.

10. Dwarf Gecko

Its length, depending on the species with more than 14mm to 29mm, the dwarf gecko, found in Madagascar islands in Africa - is at least dangerous lizard begin the countdown with maybe. They are the Brookesia Micra, the youngest, he leaves and branches up to being identified in 2012, and may be larger than the bodies of most of the newly discovered species. They are not cute? If you do not find the one sitting on your nose when you wake up.

9. Armadillo Girdled Lizard

You have to admit - I have a very nice gecko lizard Armadillo Girdled they look straight out of the Pokemon cartoon show. Found in South Africa, the average size of about 7.5-9cm, and a light or dark brown, the color which earns them the nickname Armadillo, golden. This rock live in cracks and crevices, so that you will not easily find them. But if you do, and they feel insecure, they had a ball, the tail will curl up in her thick, squarish scales her mouth, with her safety.

8. Frilled Lizard

Frilled Lizard
adorably blind man cuddle and ate it the poison-spitting in the movie Jurassic Park dinosaurs, remember? Skin Big Ruff is very colorful, although Frilled lizard, found in northern Australia and southern New Guinea, a similar frill around its neck. If you find it in front of you with her mouth gaping, frill proliferation and body, raised bright color display, remember that it is more scared than you are. 85CM Gecko spends the majority of time in the trees.

7. Fantastic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Do not be surprised: Fantastic Leaf-tailed Gecko Satanic Leaf-tailed gecko is a "conceptual" in the name is actually a lizard called. Almost 6.6-15cm length, leaf-tailed gecko has withered leaf resembles the color, and the tail was actually looks smoother and looks almost exactly like a dry and decaying leaves. One of the strange lizards in the world with the best camouflage techniques, are endemic to the forests of the island of Madagascar in Africa.

6. Two-Headed Bobtail Lizard

Heads Bobtail Lizard
Mother Nature is awesome creations look so proud that he has decided to give one of them, Shingleback eastern Australia, two beautiful faces. And 'head', ie if Stumpy Tail gets her face - a blue-tongued skink - Heads Bobtail lizard head has a blue tongue. This helps especially with its rear legs to tail along the elongated body, to confuse its predators. 26-31cm slow "sleep" is one of the most bizarre lizard lizards in the world.

5. Flying Gecko

Yes, you heard right. You're living in the form of lizard that dreams can fly. But they glide up to 60M - If you are having a mini heart attack, breathing, is not strange lizards flight, try. Southeast Asian countries, mainly found in Thailand, Myanmar, etc, flying geckos are arboreal lizards with flaps that help to control the lift and fall. They are less than 20CM in length, and are experts in the art of camouflage, with hidden color and membranes.

4. Sailfin Water Lizard

You live in the Philippines, you have to worry about Sailfin Lizard waiter, is not required because they only live in the Philippines. One of the strange lizards in the world, they reach 1M in length. They love to live near the swim, and rivers. As omnivores, just small ones their favorite animals. Their sail-like structure on the tail, and with their crests, so that they look Mesozoic. In addition, lizards, especially male ones, a violet, red or blue color display.

3. Galapagos Land Iguana

A yellowish orange beneath the Charles Darwin ", ugly animals, and a brownish red color above: from their low facial angle they have a single stupid appearance" Galapagos land iguanas about 11KG weight called the 1-1.5m grow, and volcanic rock in the Galapagos Islands, mainly Fernandina, from Isabela, Santa Cruz, North Seymour, Baltra, and bask in the South Plaza. 5000-10,000 remaining lizards, some herbivorous insects or small chance of having their dead snacking on the right foot.

2. Marine Iguana

Marine iguanas, spread Galapagos Islands, Darwin, too, "he explains as dark as 'retreat which is called' the Imps of Darkness 'disgusting clumsy Lizards' porous rocks where they crawl them as described. Thankfully, because of a food scrape algae from the rocky beaches and dive 1-13kg weight as you live as 9M in deep cold water 200-340mm Lizard, the most unique in the world and lizards are among the strange rocks off with his flat jaw.

1. Komodo Dragon

Komodo, Rinca, Flores, and Gili Motang and Padar Indonesian archipelago names note, this is your worst nightmare remains there in the form of Komodo Dragons, the largest living lizard species, even rising 3M, there I do not go, and the average weight of 70kg. Things get even worse. They have 60 teeth meat eaters, the poisonous saliva of blood-tinged, and they do attack humans. Rugged his scaly hide your house is the only lizard, big way.

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Like some of many in the world, many more strange lizard, bright and unique agama lizards, Gila Monster, Red-eyed Crocodile Skink, Asghar Chamelion, etc., or crude and primitive look tough dragon, horned lizards, etc. there even are not lizards, but please Baja look like a lizard. But, do not go any further details. Chances are you are already as round eyes and wide mouth will haunt your dreams, have had enough fodder for all nights for the rest of your life. Or, perhaps, you ever again, I will not sleep this creature world you sleep as well as walking be going on the ground in a part of the Talk or breathe because, if ever, you eyes are likely to persuade never stop.

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