Top 10 Most Amazing Obelisks in the World

Top 10 Most Amazing Obelisks in the World

An obelisk is a tall and tapering pillar-like monument with four sides, and has a shape that looks like the top of a pyramid. Actually, there were a monolithic obelisks, but the time, to be built over the rocks of the obelisks. Nothing interior spaces of modern obelisks. Let us take a look at 10 amazing obelisks in the world.

The more than 10 amazing obelisks.

10. Walled Obelisk – Istanbul, Turkey

Internal pillar is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is made of cut stone and reach a height of almost 32M. This pillar was built by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VI. He has reportedly been ornamented with gilded bronze plaques of a circle, and the top of the pillars. However, the decorations were stolen, and the monument suffered heavy losses at the hands of the Crusaders and the fourth Janissaries.

9. Lateran Obelisk – Rome, Italy

Lateran in Rome columns, Egyptian monolithic pillars standing in the world, located in Italy. Originally meant to be brought to Constantinople, which Constantius II, who had been re-sent to Rome in 357. He was buried, dug up and taken to Alexandria brake it, and to restore II 1588. It is topped with a cross unless he is, and which is decorated with a pedestal inscriptions in hieroglyphics.

8. Luxor Obelisks – Egypt

The obelisks of the Luxor is one of the largest of the obelisks. The pillars twins, 3,000 years older than the build out of the Nile, Luxor Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the eastern bank of Egypt. Right presented by the Egyptian government in a 19th-century France, and Paris, where it was erected in the needle is called Cleopatra. The Twins stood in Egypt.

7. Cleopatra’s Needle – Paris

Also known as Cleopatra's needles which were brought out of Egypt in Luxor Temple, which is a pillar of Paris' Luxor are two other obelisks. Both are located in New York City in the US and London, UK. Both starting now, a couple in the city of HELIOPOLIS, which is known as Cairo, Egypt, and are made of red granite, with Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions.

6. Temple of Re-Atum Obelisk – Egypt

Re-Atum pillars of the temple, commonly referred to as a pillar to facilitate HELIOPOLIS, standing in its original position, in Egypt, Cairo, is located in the Mataririyyah. What stands twelfth family Senuret, who, in complete ruins, remnants only child of one of the most amazing obelisks in the world, HELIOPOLIS, one of the oldest cities in Egypt, lying on Cairo's edge since.

5. Washington Monument – USA

Washington Monument, Washington, DC. In the US capital, is an innovative pillar of the first US president George Washington. Granite, marble and gneiss from the Bluestone, which is only true pillar in the world built entirely of stone. 169.045m in stature, it has an elevator, the elevator cab pillars and stone structure and the world's highest, with 897 stairs.

4. Obelisco de Buenos Aires – Argentina

Obelisco de Buenos Aires, one of the most amazing obelisks in the world, an icon, and Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, is a national historic monument. The city was first built on the foundation as a memory of the fourth century, and has come to be associated with its night entertainment. Punto Obelisco zone of an LED sign around her.

3. Vatican Obelisk – Vatican City

Vatican Obelisk, also called an Egyptian Obelisk in Rome, in Vatican City, the papal enclave as St. Peter pillar, Square. It was built at its present location after being transferred from Egypt to Rome Emperor Augustus' reign, 1586. Square was designed after one hundred years. 25M homogenous sitting on top of it is decorated with a cross.

2. Obelisk of Srirangapatna – India

The pillar Karnataka Srirangapatna, Srirangapatna is located in the Indian state. At a memorial pillar broke through walls to attack the British forces which point in Srirangapatna Tipu Sultan Fort. It stands at the center of a concentric series of steps. It has a unique design, with cannon balls, the tall conical projection support and above.

1. Obelisk of Axum – Ethiopia

Download Axum pillar, in the city of Axum in Ethiopia free, is one of the most famous stelae of / obelisks in the world, which is an ancient Axumite pillar, which is about 1700 years old. The 160-ton granite pillars decorated with ornaments and windows on two false doors, and all stakeholders. Top semi-circular shape, with peaks that distinguishes it from regular pyramid obelisks, and properly declared Stele.

I would have been destroyed, while some of the ancient obelisks or museums, like pillars of white pillars and Shalmaneser III of Ashurnasirpal, just standing in the British Museum's Assyrian surviving obelisks. Pincian adorn the most popular sections of Rome in Italy Pinciano pillar of the hills, there are only five ancient Roman obelisks. Some modern obelisks were also built. The wonderful and amazing world of obelisks cities and countries where they can be counted among the most famous landmarks in the stand. They bear the date and the memories.

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