Top 10 Most Impressive Lego Models in The World

Top 10 Most Impressive Lego Models in The World

It is known for being more painful to stand on toy, however, Lego is more than just a child's play thing. More than 45 billion are produced each year in construction and 86 per person on the planet around the bricks! Lego has developed one of the world's largest tire and 4 billion mini figures, which are the largest population group in the world. Distinctive, brightly colored bricks impressive and can be used to make a range of complex sculptures. Here are the largest and most impressive LEGO models in the world.

1. Largest Lego sets

A model of the Taj Mahal, the conditions in India, the largest commercially available set of Lego pieces Number. It consists of 5922 individual pieces. India to build the most impressive milestone model, three manuals and instructions are stored in three parts for easy transport. Once completed, the model 20 inches (51cm) wide and 16 inches (41CM) tall. Taj Mahal Lego Millennium Falcon model were recorded, which was made of 5195 pieces.

2. The Tallest Lego Tower

One of the easiest things for the children to build a simple tower. 116 feet, four inches (35.47m), the tallest Lego tower is made up of more than 600,000 bricks. Built between 24th June 2016 and 30th, which stands in the German Legoland theme park. It was built with the use of a cherry picker! Is based on a real building is a model of the big tower Burj Khalifa tallest building in the world. The model was made for the course for the Dubai World Tourism Fair stand.

3. Largest Lego House

Surely all Lego sets have been used to make a home at some stage. Although the largest, was built for the British TV James May. Using more than 3 million bricks, volunteers built a two-storey house built entirely of plastic bricks. Slept the night in the house! Kate a Lego, Lego and Lego furniture for the show's Cup, Lego chairs was a little uncomfortable, but were built!

4. Most Lego Bricks in one model

Star Wars is a full-size model with the most amount of films X-Wing Fighter Currently construction. A whopping 5.335.200 bricks take four months to build a team, you need to create life-size spacecraft. With a wingspan of 44 feet, which weighs 20,856 kg. Model contains special elements to roar like a design is 42 times larger than the commercially available Lego sets and engine light is 'real'

5. Largest Lego Car

Half a million Lego Bricks were used to build a Lego car that can actually drive! The car uses compressed air to drive a radial engine. The car can hit a scary 20 mph, particularly nerve wracking as on the test drive the Lego throttle and the Lego steering wheel both broke! Let’s hope the wheels weren’t made from bricks too!

6. Largest Statue

The home of Lego, Billund in Denmark, is home to the largest Lego sculpture. 1 ½ million bricks are used to create the 24-foot-tall image of Sitting Bull, the famous native American performer and leader. The statue took two years to plan, design and build. A crane was needed to position the head of Sitting Bull onto the largest model in Legoland.

7. Most expensive Lego Brick

Lego is known for not being a cheap toy, however these really are expensive. A platinum element, a mask for a Lego Bionicle character, was sold for $15000 in February 2014. A 14K gold brick, that was given to employees with over 25 years of service to Lego in 1979. An example was sold for $14,449 in 2012. The most expensive mini-figure is a solid gold (14K) model of Boba Fett from the Star Wars collection.

8. Largest Lego Bridge

The Western Australia Brick Society built a 129ft (39.32m) bridge based on the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge. The support towers had to be over 9 foot tall. Railway modellers used the bridge to transport a collection of different train models. As a publicity stunt to while launching their new car, Land Rover created a 42ft (13m) high copy of London’s Tower Bridge.

9. Lego Images

Lego doesn’t just have to create models, sometimes you can make something beautiful too. Cowley School, in London, used 1.2 million Lego bricks to clad one side of their building. The entire wall is 2700 square feet (250 sq m), and had to meet building standards before the children could construct it. It took them just three months to complete the project. The Lego inspired exhibition, the Art of the Brick, showcased the beauty of the bricks, going on a world tour.

10. The largest Lego castle

The Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Ohio houses the largest Lego Castle. Although the museum began as a toy museum, the Lego soon began to take over. There are an estimated 4 million bricks in the museum, with 1.4 million being used to create the castle, occupied by 2100 mini-figures.

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