Top 10 Weird Stuff We Do When We Are Absent Minded

Top 10 Weird Stuff We Do When We Are Absent Minded

We are always told that we have to concentrate, but we are rarely able to pull it off. Because our minds are designed so that every now and then drift away. Very strange things are removed when we are forgetful.

Here we usually do and chances are some of the craziest things that some of them are as well!
1. Picking your nose

This is certainly something that most of us try to avoid public places. So while most of us are not even aware of the immediate environment. However, nothing catches us loved to do, if it were about to play the best that you just sneeze. It can be safely said that pleasure often trumps social customs!

2. Enjoying that makeshift ear bud

We never used to clean ear wax were kids, our parents tell us to care and not to put pen refill it in our ears. That are working are not ear buds appear. But we all know an mzhmt something attractive about the forbidden fruit! Hey! Refill rolled paper or pleasure in our ears!

3. Drawing crazy cartoons mocking teachers or bosses

Whether we are rebels or conformists in the public sphere, can be considered a standard of living things any day! I do not believe? Just check the page back to your books and you will see your teachers and bosses, or perhaps even classmates and colleagues would you rather not see someone else about this stuff!

4. Humming that tune

It can be a song that you like it. Heck, it might even be one that you know exactly small, but that is exactly what they call earworm Unfortunately it. In other words, some songs just move, they will keep thinking in my head. When someone says you have lost in another world and they're singing away, you will stop only "please for crying out loud, stop?"

5. Chewing the pencil

This probably is done by the more naïve and immature among us but who can really claim that they never behave in an immature manner? Besides, don’t we always wish that we hadn’t grown up? While pen refill has a close affinity for the ears, the teeth seem to share an intimate relation with the pencils! You may be ashamed to look at the pencil’s condition as an aftermath of your chewing exercise!

6. Checking out that hot classmate or colleague

Come on, admit it. You have to do it. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, even if, chances are you fantasize about at least one of those hot, boys or girls. It comes very naturally to us. However, it is a well guarded secret and you do not need to worry - it's safe to us!

7. Contemplating the next vacation

We work in an office or really love to go to school or college, let us admit it. After all, who does not like the mundane routine of everyday existence? We all want a break and what better way to do something to spend the weekend in chilly mountain forest or the beach or comfort? Of course, in the absence of this opportunity, as the next best thing is to dream about it!

8. Scratching your head

Literally, yes! If this is true, it is another advantage of the pen cap, precise. Of course, once in a blue moon we think about writing with a pen, but, scratching with no cap care about writing or to do like using Refill to tweak our ears when there are better things? We may regret this later in the life - it can lead to early hair fall and balding!

9. Making origami

I could have never thought in our schools arts teachers had taught him things that will end up as our other teachers engage in lectures! This is perhaps because we have studied something that we actually get involved and chairs with pieces of paper, planes, rockets and do not like what I said!

10. Smelling books

Like pens and pencils, books for certain purposes like low compared to other positive externalities, most of us! In the case of books, probably a few people who never tried to check the smell that emanates a book there. Of course, like, make heterogeneous in every other case. In this case, nothing like the smell of new books in some older people, literally, and will stick their nose!