Top 10 Women You Won’t Believe Are Real Exist

Top 10 Women You Won’t Believe Are Real

We often want to be in the center of attention wherever we go. But take it one step further a few people on the planet, and the figures can not ignore how hard you try, no matter what. We have a list of the Top 10 Women on the Internet for their unique physical characteristics. These women's unique body length ratio is so high you can not believe them to be true.

10. Jocelyn Wildenstein (Plastic Surgery Fail)

Jocelyn Wildenstein is the former wife of Alec Wildenstein. Wildenstein, a member of the family is not the greatest quality. He is known for his monster, like the appearance of using the extensive surgery. Apparently they wanted to get the cat-like appearance rather resembles a strange sea creatures. Those who claimed to have spent on plastic surgery almost $ 4 million.

9. Big Beshine (Woman With largest Breasts)

Beshine for the best, I have a 27 year old European woman who is known to have already detected. The biggest tits in the world, each weighing 42 pounds. This size is ridiculous, we only have one life to live can imagine how uncomfortable. And shopping for the image that do not have them, they are completely true giants.

8. Julia Gnuse (Most Tattooed Woman On Earth)

Julia Gnuse also known as the illustrated lady, almost entirely covered by a tattoo of a woman with the body. 95 percent of his body he holds the world record for most tattooed woman in the world, is tattooed. In his 61 years in the United States, and is the one you do not believe to be true.

7. Kim Goodman (Women Who Can Pop Out Eyes)

Goodman least 12 mm (0.47 inches) a woman who is able to pop out of his eye socket from her eyes out. He holds the world record for the eyeball protrusion. A world record, she looks scary as hell.

6. Elisany da Cruz Silva (World’s Tallest Woman)

It is Brazil's 6.9 feet height of the tallest woman in the world. About her life in the two most interesting part are very charming, though, is a lover whose height is only 5FT 4inch, but he looks like a man in front of her boyfriend Is.

5. Jyoti Amge (World’s Shortest Woman)

For the woman on the planet, at least. December 21, 2011, the 18th anniversary of Jyoti he was officially 62.8 cm (Guinness as the smallest in the world by World Records with a height of 2 feet 0.6). A development called achondroplasia is caused by abnormality of restricted height.

4. Asha Mandela (Woman With Longest Hairs)

Florida than it is about 55ft long hair, which landed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the woman with the longest hair on Rapunzel planet in real life. She is very proud of his appearance and Rapunzel calls himself black.

3. Christine Walton (Woman With Longest Nails)

Christine Walton is a proud owner of the world's longest nails on the ground. Measure 45 years, Las Vegas holds the world record for the longest fingernails old, his right hand a surprising 10FT 2in (309.8cm) his left hand and 9ft 7in (292.1cm) - The 19ft 9in ( 601.9cm) total.

2. Valeria Lukyanova (A Real Life Barbie)

This is an incredible human Barbie Russian beauty. He is completely natural and thin gym for daily exercise and a special diet because the rest is said to have had breast implants, but her body. But of course it is hard to believe these claims, she looks like Barbie dolls are incredibly similar.

1. Maria Jose Cristerna (Vampire Woman)

It was a completely normal a woman from Mexico to Maria Jose when I decided to do something different with the body. He transformed himself into a female vampire. His body was to achieve almost complete, tattoo teeth has been altered to look like a vampire, titanium hooks were cast into the desired shape, and many surgery. But today he is undoubtedly one of the most incredible woman.

10 Women You Won’t Believe Are Real

  1. Maria Jose Cristerna – Mexican Vampire Woman
  2. Valeria Lukyanova – unbelievable human Barbie
  3. Christine Walton – Woman With Longest Nails
  4. Asha Mandela – Woman With Longest Hairs
  5. Jyoti Amge – World’s Shortest Woman
  6. Elisany da Cruz Silva – World’s Tallest Woman
  7. Kim Goodman – Women Who Can Pop Out Eyes
  8. Julia Gnuse – Most Tattooed Woman On Earth
  9. Big Beshine – Women With largest Breasts
  10. Jocelyn Wildenstein – Plastic Surgery Fail

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