Top Most Beautiful Croatian Women

Top Most Beautiful Croatian Women

It really can not be denied that some of Croatia's most beautiful women. Croatian models will be some of the most beautiful and wonderful women in the world. The Miss Universe beauty pageant Croatian models, some of which have also been mentioned in this list.

The Croatian women have to be very multi-talented. The top 5 of the most beautiful Croatian women, and indeed to some of the hottest beauty in the world why.

5. Korina Longin

Croatia's most popular and one of the leading models went "Korina many probably remember for her appearance in the music video, as well as N Sync." The beauty of Fredro Starr Rapper eventually married and had two children ended well. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only a year and a half, and they finally announced that she was divorced her online profile.

Divorced at 25 years old he has had the effect of somewhat stopped working as a model at this time, though, Korina. At the present moment, Korina has lived in the United States and abroad, but the life of this secret, even though he is an Instagram account where it often posts pictures of "little spell."

4. Nikolina Ristović

When she began her acting career was launched Nikolina small screen was in his mid-20s. Prior to becoming an actor, he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb. To date, it has appeared in a wide range of Nikolina Croatia's public broadcaster, lighthearted fun HRT, gossip and lifestyle programs.

The Nikolia got the biggest break of his acting the star academy, Operacija Trijumf was selected to be among the four hosts of the Croatian version was the end of September 2008. Nikolia has also appeared in such a beautiful Croatian woman due 2009 numerous television programs as well as the Nova, he has also become a leading public figure in Croatia.

3. Ivana Mišura

Ivana is a big family, Croatia's capital and largest city, which was born in Mišura Zagreb. Thus, besides being a beautiful woman, while she also takes great pleasure in funny and good-natured, they dance and music. Liu said the money sign. Ivana is a "mirror of the soul eyes of faith" and that it is beautiful, green eyes.

Furthermore, they do a happy person who believes them. Some of the other factors that are part of the beauty of her perfect curves, her height 171 cm, and its sun-kissed color. The fact that he is both happy and colorful inside, outside and even more beautiful.

2. Elizabeta Burg

Elizabeta Burg Vrbanja, Croatia is a small village in which I was born. It seems hard to believe that they use to clean the stables and dairy cows on her parents' farm in the summer in his childhood. Hiking, horseback riding, playing volleyball and reading one of Elizabeta favorite hobbies. He studied Economics and Management. Above all, she was Miss Universe Croatia 2012.

Elizabeta's really capable and efficient. Elizabeta also happens to be a doctor of public health at a very young age of 22. According to Instamgram profile (DrPH), he described himself as a "Happy Wife," the single mother and student while. Thus, Elizabeta, balance in everything is very good with her beauty.

1. Severina Vuckovic

The most beautiful Croatian women as well as being one, Severina Vuckovic's also a very gifted actor and a talented singer. Severina was born in Split and he grew up in a small local opera and theater productions. According to him, he loves being good looking, but he believes that is the best in its content and happy.

In 2006, the Eurovision Song Contest this year, Athens, Greece was represented in the country. Ever since performed in celebration of the anniversary in Milan Popovic back in 2010, the two began dating and he is a child with a Serbian businessman. In 2003, he also "spicy" tape scandal was involved in when the line was leaked her sex tape with her former boyfriend.

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