Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work

Long gone when people live and spend most of their lives to earn a spot. Today, people come to the new environment, look for better job opportunities and the chance to experience a different world cities. Are several places to choose from and that makes it difficult to work. Major concerns are the lives, safety, employment, pay structure, and the quality of children abroad.

We take a look at some of the best expat locations worldwide. Location is the best in terms of their economy, job market, safety, and childcare.

10 best places to live and work:

10. Hong Kong

A perfect example is a bustling land, from east and west, the Chinese population of over seven million preserved. Hong Kong, mainland China has exceeded set its own currency and laws. There are plenty of jobs with higher pay and more disposable income. The advanced system of quality health and education and other positive factors. Read the 10 most popular holiday destinations.

9. Australia

10 Australia's most amazing things.
With low population levels and high quality of life, Australia does not mind leaving a country expats. Australia's favorable weather. The population is not a problem. There are plenty of options when it comes to food and entertainment. However, poor public transportation and childcare are concerned area below the average. Read also 10 interesting facts about Australia.

8. Philippines

With the ease of environment and living, the Philippine archipelago is one of the leading choices for working and living. Filipinos are optimistic by nature and culture based on family. The cost of living is another thing that attracts expats. The country has a strong economy and a decent education. Read also: The 10 most appealing young stars Philippines.

7. Spain

It offers a pleasant climate with year-round sunshine, which have been a primary reason for the move in the EU (no VISA), Western European expats. The need for skilled professionals is on the rise and the job opportunities. The country is no slouch on the social scene.

6. Singapore

It is really nice and Singapore for "quality of life". This great education and childcare quality is especially good for children. The most generous pay raise, lower tax rates for expats and better look at career opportunities. the country is very cheap and reliable public transport. it is No.1 in the list of 10 most attractive air hostesses in Singapore.

5. USA

USA every year a large number of expats greetings. The city and urban-friendly which makes it easily one of the best countries for expats. There is no lack of recreational activities. NYC provides plenty of job opportunities. With its diverse mix of people, it has also become a popular center attracts large numbers, expats. Read the 10 cheapest cities in the United States.

4. Switzerland

Hill country "is at the top in terms of quality of life. A big percentage of expats are among those interested in the banking industry and financial markets of the country. In particular, a very high quality of Zurich living if most immigrants in cities around the land. city make it easy commuting trains, trams and buses efficient public transport. it is amazing health care. an additional benefit of the country's beautiful scenery . there are many entertainment options for both summer and winter. read; 10 most popular ski resort.

3. Mexico

One thing in Mexico when it comes to ease "the quotient" in the sure shot winner. Country "personal happiness" and the higher ranks of "entertainment options." It makes me feel right at home for expats. Although moving to a job, mainly because it is, surprisingly, a lot of people to move to Mexico "love". In case they have either been moved to join their partner moved with them. On the flip side, Mexico does not fare so well when it comes to personal safety. However, after Mexico City in 2011. I have not seen a decrease in crime. 10 strangest museums in the world.

2. Luxembourg

It offers plenty of jobs for expats based on smaller European carriers. Information, expats almost 40% of Luxembourg's population. That is why the international flavor of the country and foreigners would make it more attractive. Connecting with other expats becomes easy. In addition, an above-average infrastructure for the country of travel and transport. Even quite satisfactory health and safety scenario. However, people experiencing difficulty making friends with the locals. Read also 10 happiest countries in the world.

1. Ecuador

Are happy with their general economic situation in Ecuador's expats. The country is very friendly, easy in and find to be suitable for feeling at home. However, language difficulties facing many expats. InterNations according to the survey, over a third of expats agree that it is very difficult to live in Ecuador without Spanish speakers. On the positive side, is one of three expats think that is very easy to learn Spanish. With enough of expats choosing to stay there for the rest of his life, comes to personal happiness Ecuador had the highest marks.

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