Top 10 Cheapest 5 Star Hotels You Can Stay at in the USA

Top 10 Cheapest 5-Star Hotels You Can Stay at in the USA

Star rating used to measure quality hotels in almost every corner of the world is one way, but the truth is that many people know how it works. If they hear the fact that there are only 154 5-star hotel on the planet, in fact, have surprised most people.

Of course, there may be different standards around the world, but most are more respected in the past known as the Forbes Travel Guide, Mobil Travel Guide is determined by a publication. According to Forbes, 5-star hotel accommodations, customer service and tidiness is required to satisfy a number of conditions including. At that time, many hotels do not meet all the requirements.

It has been almost five hotels, B & B and hostel in the idea. Only a small, small percentage of them are able to get all 5 stars. Currently, carrying a 5 star hotel just 150 by Forbes proudly present. United are located in the United States, about half of them, so if you're an American, the dream has been to stay in a 5 star hotel, scratch the item that you have a list of your bucket There is a good chance to!

A 5 star stay in a luxury hotel may be that you can actually afford. 5 star hotel The trick is knowing how to find you will not get bankrupt. With that in mind, I decided to make a list with 15 5-star hotel, in the United States, which charge less than $ 500 per night for two people! Bear in mind as much as $ 60,000 a night to luxury hotels that charge like President Wilson Hotel in Geneva that 500 is a bargain!

10. Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, East Harwich, Massachusetts - $ 435

The golf fans and golf resort Here is a list of luxury seems to be nothing to worry about the rest of the house. Wequassett is a 5 star resort and East Harwich, a golf club, a village located some 70 miles from Boston beach. Bostonians about an hour and a half you can get there, but it's definitely worth it. Wequassett outstanding service, two top class restaurants and countless one of the best resorts in the world, with a number of ways to have fun. The hotel has an 18-hole golf court, two swimming pools, tennis courts, two private beaches with features!

9. The Lodge Golf Club, Sea Island, Georgia – $428

United Lodge is probably the cheapest 5-star golf resort in the United States. The fact that it is the lack of luxury that does not mean it is cheap. In contrast, the lodge is even more luxurious than most of the hotels on this list may be a luxury. This is not an easy thing to make a room reservation is only one problem. In fact, the hotel management is a priority club members they resort to special, better than them all. If you manage to get a reservation, you will need about $ 428 a night to play!

8. The Little Nell, Aspen, Colorado – $413

If you get famous, to be the next destination of Little Nell! This is the place where Jay-Z and Beyonce winter holidays. Justin Bieber and his partner were seen in the ski resort over the years a number of celebrities. The Little Nell offers luxurious comfort level - of course, they come here for a reason!

7. Mandarin Oriental, Miami, Florida – $399

As the name suggests this 5-star hotel, Mandarin Oriental people from East Luxury will show you. The hotel has a weather an amazing view of the ocean, ideal for summer holidays, as well as a private beach, a. The good news is late summer in Florida, you will not have too many difficulties to find a room. Speaking of which, the same amount in a room for two people who have to pay for a shot through the 1998 Hennessy Wine Blue Restaurant Mandarin Oriental $ 399 value!

6. Wynn and Encore, Las Vegas, Nevada – $399

Las Vegas - and in the end you are hoping to see maybe list. A total of five twin hotel 5 stars hotel with the sins of the city's most famous buildings. Besides these two, Mandarin, which is quite affordable, and @ MGM Grand Skylofts, and for which you will need to hit a jackpot at the casino as a night costs $ 10,000 Is.

When it comes to Wynn and Encore, many believe amounts to 5 star hotels. This hotel is everything you could want for you to have a good time. You, luxury Ferrari car dealership that sells Monty Python's Spamalot, a musical tour of the clubs poolside, or attend a party.

5. Belmond El Encanto, Santa Barbara, California – $361

As soon as it was built on a popular gathering place for many celebrities from the corner of Clark Belmond El Encanto and the golden age of Hollywood, including HEDY Lamarr. That they start with the reasons why that love around the hotel amazing sea view and landscape, are numerous. Take it to them, the Belmond El Encanto, which is why many couples wedding party known for its restaurants and luxurious hotel room.

4. The Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, Virginia – $360

The first opened in the late 19th century, Jefferson is the first to be honored with a Mobil five-star hotels. Some US presidents, was a favorite place of a number of important historical figures, including Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and FDR that there are many anecdotes about this hotel.

3. Trump International Hotel Waikiki, Hawaii – $356

Speaking of presidents, has owned a president. Trump International Hotel Waikiki is a kind of luxury as it seems everyone deserves to experience once, at least in their lives. This 5-star would cost about $ 356 to spend a night in the hotel, but off-season, rates go down! The good news is air, the weather is good almost every time!

2. Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Palm Beach, Florida – $322

Perhaps the United cheapest beach resort with 5 stars in all, EAU Palm Beach with amazing service and luxury room amenities will make you worse. Even when you get out of the hotel, you will still feel as VIP private beach is just stunning with its white sand. The only problem with this is that you will not be able to find a room in probably less than $ 322, low season.

1. The American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin – $238

Regardless of the time of year the club, United's cheapest 5-star hotel in the US! You need to have a double bedroom, which is much cheaper to pay $ 238 that many 4-star hotel rates. In fact, you can not get that kind of money, a dinner in the hotel, however some room. The best thing is that not only will the club, for the money you pay luxury establishment, but also with a number of features that will make your stay pleasant. They include a spa, a bowling alley, fitness and yoga center, etc.

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