Top 10 Facts About Donald Trump That You Might Not Know

Top 10 Facts About Donald Trump That You Might Not Know

Donald Trump, America's 45th president, is a man who won the election against all odds. Hollywood Media was against this and perhaps half of America hated him, but he won the election. Despite wide media coverage, people seem to know that only one side. But perhaps the most exciting ever elected president of the United States. And, the most interesting facts about Donald Trump here 10 Maybe you do not know.

10. He’s A Big Fan Of WWE

Donald Trump is a big fan of WWE, WWE owner Vince McMahon and friends. They host two events only wrestling mania Trump Plaza, but it has also been an active participant in the show.

Trump appeared at once, WrestleMania 23 in a match known as the "battle of billionaires." It was Bobby Lashley in the corner of Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austinas Umaga in the corner with special guest referee. If the deal either Trump or McMahon lost his competitor will have their heads shaved. Lashley won the match, and McMahon to get a haircut.

9. He Has Been Accused of Domestic Abuse

It, Donald Trump is charged with more than sexual harassment is no secret, although almost all their lies. But he has also been accused of domestic violence, which is surprising to me. Trump and his ex-wife immediately declared false, the accusations leveled couple of decades ago.

8. He Has Done Acting In Movies And TV Shows

Love it or hate it, but the fact that they can not deny it's an attention seeker. Donald Trump was a very successful executive producer and host of reality show The Apprentice. In 2007, Trump Hollywood of Fame for his contribution to television on The Apprentice TV star walked out.

Not only that, Trump has been nominated for two Emmy Awards and 12 has made cameo appearances in 14 films and television series.

6. He Has Gone Bankrupt Four Times

You can take it in a positive way or a negative way. But the fact that she has gone bankrupt four crazy times. Some may say it is bad business man, he lost nearly $ 1 billion dollars. Others say he is a great businessman, because despite being bankrupt four times, and four times to build his empire, and is still one of the richest person in the world.

5. He Has Run for presidency before

Since 1988, Donald Trump is considering the idea of ​​the United States is running for president of the bar.

In 1999, Trump filed an adventurous reforms in 2000. Committee for the party's presidential nomination and immediately received a good number of followers. A July 1999 survey was likely trump the Republican candidate George W. Bush and likely matching words against Democratic candidate Al Gore seven percent support. Trump eventually dropped out of the race due to party infighting.

4. He Never Wanted To Win Elections

Although it is difficult to confirm, but some people say that Donald Trump was originally not wanted to ever win the election. They were promoting their company, but then grew she began to take it seriously.

3. He’s A Germaphobe

Donald Trump is a very bad problem, it's a germaphobe, he does not mean to shake hands for fear of germs. It seems very confident, considering he was born to become a millionaire and billionaire father. Well, maybe he lives in a clean house from your childhood.

2. He Went To Military School

At age 13 he left school regularly, and military school in New York (NYMA), Soundtrack, New York, where he was enrolled in the eighth grade and graduated from high school.

Apparently, Trump was an energetic child. His parents hoped military school discipline will allow him to channel his energy in a positive way. In 1983, he was a colleague had a pretty rough "when a Interviews Fred Trump, Donald," he was younger.

1. He Hates Alcohol

The way he behaves, and the people by gender discrimination and discrimination based on statements, he seems to be drunk, because it can be a big surprise for many people. But the wines to their surprise the reason for his careless words, in fact he does not hate wine.

He said his brother died in 1981. The wine is very good reason to hate wine.
Trump says he's cigarette or marijuana, smoking or never consume other drugs.

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