Top 10 Most Famous Walls in the World

Top 10 Most Famous Walls in the World

Wall as the nature of the attack, or a means of protection from dangerous animals and to mark enemies, or borders, is the earliest times of civilization built form. Over time, they have found new uses wall. Some walls have been standing as Art Of the many beautiful pieces, built to serve as a memorial. 10 Take a look at the most famous walls in the world.

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10. Diyarbakır Walls

They are located around the walls of Diyarbakir, the Diyarbakir, the largest city in southeastern Turkey as forming a circle of 3.4 miles. Now extinct made out of a wide brick structure, including Karacagad volcano of black basalt rock, barracks and storage room, they built four gates, and towers 82 hour, all the time, and in 349 AD restored. The walls are a dramatic second set of walls, almost intact Roman touch.

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9. Sacsayhuaman

Sacsayhuaman was once the capital of the Inca Empire, located in the northern outskirts of Cusco, Peru. UNESCO World Heritage Site built walls of a polished stone is a walled complex. Cusco in the shape of a puma, and laid out in the hills marks the Sacsayhuaman, zigzagging walls represent the teeth. Three parallel walls are too high. Allies in the ruins of walls that protect the boulders are so tight that the paper will not slip through.

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8. Great Zimbabwe Walls

Great Zimbabwe was a city in Zimbabwe is now in stony ruins of a large part of modern Zimbabwe. As one of the strongest building, Zimbabwe's state capital during the late Iron Age, including the Great Wall, the Great Zimbabwe ruins are surrounded by walls, which extend up to 36 feet high and about 820 feet. It is the largest structure in the south of the Sahara desert, is one of the most famous walls in the world.

7. Walls of Babylon

Walls of Babylon, 575 BC dating back, in modern Iraq. Babylon was ancient Mesopotamia, about 85 kilometers south of the city of Baghdad, Babylon was surrounded by walls. Walls, ancient Ishtar Gate, which once was one of the original wonders. Walls and doors were made of blue glazed tiles, and a bas-relief of Dragon buffalo and alternating rows. Saddam began the restoration and new construction of the wall on the ruins.

6. Walls of Ston

A series of walls, the walls of Ston ,, the Peljesac peninsula in southern Croatia. 3.5 miles Wall of Ston and protect that precious salt pans linking the two towns of Mali Ston were very important, just before the second line of defense for the city of Dubrovnik joined the land, built on the narrowest point of the peninsula was the city's wealth. 15th century wall is Europe's second longest wall, and one of the most famous walls in the world.

5. Hadrian’s Wall

England Hadrian's wall between Scotland and England. Roman wall built to prevent the colony from entering Britannia tribes of Scotland. Built in the early 2nd century AD, it stretches for 73 miles across northern North Sea, the Irish Sea, England, and is the longest wall in Europe. However, it is now available only spread, it still attracts hordes of tourists in Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend, and is a national option since its entire length.

4. Walls of Troy

North Troy walls in western Turkey, built in the 13th century before Christ, yet that most of the old walls. Troy, is composed of several layers of ruins, which remains a place of historical importance in the archaeological site of legendary Troy site of the Trojan War was to protect, and Troy's walls, as, for Siege 10 year bear are among the most famous walls in the city, and the world. It is also available part of the walls are a popular tourist attraction.

3. The Western Wall

Western Wall, also called the Wailing Wall, is located in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel. Half about the wall, the 17 street below the level of the courses, the second temple built in Christ around 19 before around the end of the period, and the layers added to the 7th century, a holy Jewish site Is. Temple was regarded as the remnant of the Holy Temple, the Western Wall, Judaism. The Foundation Stone, the place closest to the accessible site for Jews.

2. The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China, although the most famous walls and the top 10 wonders, claims to be visible from the moon. Although it has been built, rebuilt and to protect the 5th Chinese empire's borders northern tribes there, so between Christ 16th century, which was built in the Ming Dynasty as a series of fortifications today. the majority, it stretches to an amazing length of 5500.3 meters, with all the branches, and the man-made disturbances.

1. Berlin Wall

Beautiful wall in Germany, is a modern building, built in the middle of Berlin in 1961. It was built at the height of the Cold War in East Germany who fled to the west of the city in a desperate attempt to stop the East Berlin This proved to be an effective step. About 5000 people, resulting in several deaths, trying to escape circumventing. In 1989, it finally landed with the fall of Soviet Russia. The remains of the wall are covered with colorful eye-catching graffiti art.

Not, as well as many other of the most famous walls in Bethlehem, the Israeli West Bank barrier like a wall around Israel argues, citizens from Palestinian terrorism, or Vietnam a protective wall for the veterans Memorial wall, a Washington, DC., as a tribute to the soldiers who fought died or went missing in the Vietnam War, the destruction of war and violence in the course of the National Memorial in south East Asia, is the subject of dispute. These walls, and many more, as well as a remarkable man-made obstacles and walled cities, a witness to the history of the world, and stand to tell many stories.

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