Top 10 Most Fascinating Facts About Dreams

Top 10 Most Fascinating Facts About Dreams

You stand alone in the dark, stormy night and your heart is pumping like a drum. A killer is following you in a black coat and his next victim. Your body is shaking and you could probably walk, you still come to life. ... Then suddenly you wake up.
Sounds familiar?
This is one of the most common dreams of all seen all over the world. Dreams and questions connected with it has always been a mystery from the start. Why do we dream? They mean? The list of questions is long, but responses are blurred.

The following are 10 of the most interesting facts about dreams:

10. Blind People Dream

We see faces and objects in my dreams. But those who are born blind and do not know anything about color images. Despite this, they see auditory dreams. She acknowledged hearing smell, and feel the vibration in their dreams. However, that is blind in the next life, see photos. In addition, a Danish study shows that blind people have dreams of people.

9. We Forget 90% of Our Dreams

We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, and unfortunately we can not remember most of it. We lost 95 percent of our dreams as she gets out of bed. Than full night's sleep if awakened from REM sleep, although we are most likely to remember our dreams, but that does not explain the whole story. Teen A study in the Journal of Health in 2011 showed that adolescent girls were more likely to remember the dreams their male counterparts over.

8. We only dream of what we know

We see strange faces in my dreams. About 48 percent of the people in our dreams are unknown to us. But they are really strange and is creating mind the faces of these people? No, they are real faces and the faces of those we have seen anywhere in our lives. Man, in the last one you were trying to kill who, they might meet you in the grocery store when you were a child.

7. Few people dream in black and white

Although we often see visions of color, but there are certain percentage of people who claim that dreams without color. He dreamed in black and white. He said, to choose a color chart after waking, the dream, they often choose soft pastel. 2008 study at Dundee University in front of black and white television in childhood is more likely to dream in black and white.

6. Lucid dreams

Imagine that you meet, where you decide to go, and what your dreams. It is possible to imagine for some people and they do it all the time. They have a whole community of people who claim to have mastered the dream, and the ability to fully control their dreams. He returned to use different techniques to learn to control their dreams and incredible things like flying, traveling to different dimensions and even time, passing through the walls. The lucid dream.

5. Inventions inspired by dreams

Dreams have always been motivation for writers. But for some the dream inspired discoveries and inventions.

A dream first female American self-made millionaires have made the hair products invented Madame C.J. Walker inspiration. Elias Howe invented the sewing machine driven by one of her dreams. There are other discoveries;

4. Premonition dreams

Warning dreams to see the error. In many cases where people have seen what he claimed before this event happened in my dreams. You can say it's a coincidence, but they claim things that have happened in the same way that he saw in his dreams. Some of the most famous guess dreams are:

Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his murder.
About 19 Titanic disaster confirmed precognitive dreams.
Mark Twain dreamed of his brother's death.
About the destruction of 9/11 victims had warned them dream.

3. DMT (A Dream drug)

Some addiction such dreams that they are created artificially by using a drug known as DMT. "DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is a chemical produced in trace amounts by the pineal gland during normal metabolism, and birth, death, hallucinations and can be released in large quantities during the dream," says Dr. Rick Strassman. This is illegal and wanted a psychedelic drug is rare to get more. In an experiment with severe mental compound between 1990-1995, Dr. Strassman, articles alien abduction, found the mystical religious experience and see things which were not there.

2. Dreaming can help you learn

Keep track of all received training through the movie "The Matrix" where no dreams. To learn the stuff may sound fanciful dreaming, but it is not. One study found that a job is associated with better performance in activity that we have been dreaming about've learned. In an experiment in 2010, 99 participants were asked to navigate a virtual maze on the screen. After the task in half again allowed to sleep and did not allow half. Students study found that a computer maze showed a 10 percent improvement compared to the participants who dreamed about was learned that was not a dream.

1. Men vs Women Dreams

Some common dreams still they differ depending on gender. A dream world of women is different from men's dream world. Women are more likely to remember their dreams and the dreams again, and men tend to watch more than men. While 67% of men dream characters other men, 48% women dream characters are women. While men often dream about aggressive encounters with other men, women dream more often from family and familiar surroundings.

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