Top 10 Outdated Gadgets Still in Use

Top 10 Outdated Gadgets Still in Use

The technology we breathe has become more ubiquitous, we are no longer aware of his presence." - Godfrey Reggio's

True enough, when we wake up until we go to bed, so we use it regularly Gadgets that we barely notice. Even when we are sleeping, there are gadgets like, work out at the right time to wake up in the morning there are UPS ticking clocks. With the development of science, new gadgets replace older ones. , Out on the verge of pieces, and now many gadgets. However, there are still some old gadgets that are being used. Now, take a look at 10 still use the old gadgets.

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1. Dedicated GPS Device

Although most have a GPS functionality most smartphones, dedicated GPS systems still remain alive, and for many good reasons. Most in-dash GPS devices or even find it easier to balance on the dash portable than a smartphone. In addition, it also can be a problem, when a phone driver is about to take a turn. But above all, try to update the maps of their manufacturers.

2. Vinyl LPs

CDs, DVDs and other modern devices can record music, should not black discs, LPs escape alive from the vinyl. But, instead, he is in the market. Like a classic touch to music lovers who cling LPs. gramophones are still available, change the music on LPs to digital files that modern digital turntables, this is sure to use vinyl LPs are still outdated gadgets.

3. Typewriter

We typewriters, straight, say what you need to print on paper as the paper can print directly from this device is a combination of modern keyboard of a computer and printer. A high that it's upgraded version, the series of electricity. It does not allow for modification or reproduction of documents, saving, it is still used by small businesses, individuals, particularly etc.

4. Portable Media Player

Everyone uses a cell phone in a portable media player. Why, then, there are dedicated media players? They usually use more memory than other phones which can be committed to the music. Some portable media players can be plugged to a TV or other devices. Most importantly, it is saved to the phone's battery Other works by separate portable media players.

5. Landline Telephone

Or reject - - at any time and place, landline phones still are important not just sometimes, the cell reception is not easy to achieve, especially at home inside and on top of tall buildings , but people call cell phones to participate in the establishment provides a sense of reliability while providing a constant number of men. Rotary phones, however, only antiques collected.

6. Answering Machines

With a landline still have survived as obsolete gadgets in use, answering machines are pretty much inevitable. Dedicated answering machines or voice mail as a work of modern mobile phone, they are installed separately, except perform to record messages. Custom same wish - Drill stressed the caller to leave a message that can be played back later.

7. Analogue Watches and Clocks

As with most portable devices, cell phones, are a perfect replacement for wrist watches and clocks show the time as they perform and alarm clocks. But, to be honest, cell phones still does not match the real clocks and watches. With watches, wrist away from the point of knowledge about the time, while large clocks are ticking time reminding.

8. Digital Camera/Camcorder

Smart phones and other high-end phones come with a built-in camera can capture high quality images in one. It can also double as camcorders and shoot videos in high definition. Quiet and cozy, like a Selfie or take a quick video recording. However, professional use, mobile phone, a digital camera, or a digital Camcorder, you can not beat outdated gadgets that are still in use, and largely so.

9. Non-Smart Mobile Phones

Everyone has a cell phone, still a child, and no one wants anything other than smart phones. But, do not use the smart cell phones, yet. They are mainly used by elderly people until you get the hang of smartphones. They prefer the older phones that do not want to be bugged by all the technology that can be used to call messaging, or the best, photos.

10. Local Storage Device

Cloud storage system that can act as a virtual storage device, and a backup storage of files. It is also possible cloud anywhere, anytime access to the data. It is not enough, cloud storage can be reached rather than a compelling reason to lose or damage it to use local storage device. However, the probability of being poor network connectivity, and hack into local storage devices are still sure.

Today, there are still plenty of other obsolete gadgets in use. For example, 80s scream, but because of their reliability fax machines are still unbeaten in the case of digital signatures. Then, portable DVD / VCR player is still used in homes to watch a movie on the big television screen. It may be hard to believe, but even laptops outdated, with the advent of tablets, although their main problem virtual keyboard, small screen size of the laptop, or even if it considered over the top. There are many more, and although these are old and very replaceable, these modern versions are still in existence as most tablets and smartphones with the Internet, there are too many things in one, and therefore , they do as devices dedicated to maximum performance can not perform the tasks. Older mode will automatically update and replace them in the market and hold on our lives, or would improve the modern equipment and wipe the older ones? Only time will tell.