Top 10 Strange Things Banned Around the World

Top 10 Strange Things Banned Around the World

Things, and you want to get it, and if you want you still can not get it. Well, either you will feel like a kidney sold Iran a minigun prohibition or restriction in the United States banning things is admirable, but "why ketchup" Your balls. We already had the most weird and craziest laws and regulations or is still practiced in some countries, published a few articles about some of it. Like, Iowa for a woman kissing a man in public with a mustache, it is illegal. Countries have banned a lot of strange things in the world, but things on this list are standard unless you are out of those infernal regions. Blue jeans or wearing yellow dress and give a child a name, banned worldwide 10 only strange things.

10.Greece: Video Games

The Greek government has imposed a ban on all games in the country since 2002, the government intends to stop illicit gambling which leads to ban video games in error. If you're playing video games, including those that run on your home computer, you go to jail.

9. Malaysia: Yellow Clothing

Yellow, perhaps even your shoes, hats, T-shirts you wear boxers, which is completely illegal in Malaysia. Yellow "protesters color is considered" a certain group of Malaysian government activists of the opposition often be caused by using the yellow stuff to ban yellow dress for their political the decision.
8. Denmark: Naming a Child

Denmark strange names that implement rules for parents to name their children in a safe place for Danish children were with mother's choice. You can do something, make something of a name) list of 24,000 names for girls (the boys. In this case, if you want to give your child a name for himself in order to get permission from the government.

7. Iran: Western Haircuts

The Iranian government has decided to impose many Western things, bans tattoos that cover Western music, rap music, skinny jeans, pet cats and dogs to control the influence of Western civilization much effect. But when it comes to the forefront among the bunches of annoying things about the West Haircuts. All Haircuts ponytails, including hair growth, mullets. He thought because I worship the devil accused Iran of Western hairstyles haircuts thick hair all EU ban.

6. China: Jasmine

Jasmine Chinese government barred from mainland China. Guys, increasing its sales, and is not allowed to talk about it. After the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution, China Jasmine thought it has the potential to destabilize society almost identical to undermine democracy in China. Jasmine is a word one step ahead of China's Internet censors.

5. Burundi: Jogging

It looks like a walk in the old prison in the morning. Apparently, Burundi, despite the ban it imposed a ban on running wars, was the president who love football. Yes, in Burundi jogging is considered as an act of war, and President Pierre Nkurunziza's official ban on morning jog to prevent conflicts between Burundi ethnic groups and to sink against the law will believe.

4. France: Ketchup

French students will no longer be able to taste delicious on their lunch Glop. France banned felt the course of the school cafeteria consume more ketchup and ketchup youth lead him to ruin the traditional originality. Thus, you have to order some french fries as a partner that is a reliable way to get some of that red gloppy, and again this is a legal matter.

3. Australia: Small Breast Pornography

"Under the" land of the free, but they can not understand some of them are some strange rules, even after the experience of those funny experiences. There is no crime in Australia acting in porn when some massive melons. Featuring women with small breasts in Australia pornography is a bond, encourage average citizens to him this kind of logic of activity behind the action to be rape as a hate child molesters or even worse is used. However, children are not prohibited from using alcohol, cigarettes, and condoms.

2. Saudi Arabia: Strange Things only for Women

When it comes to women is to be more restrictions in Saudi Arabia, considered tightening the planet. The ban on women driving around the country, including some women, women at work, roaming the gym for women and girls. The government can not concern the public theaters, banning social mixing (the joints), and some strange rules in place to protect the mixing of the sexes in public by Valentine's Day. They wrote a constitution imposed ban Saudi Arabia, and he "is used." Even some of those things that is not described in the Bible to the sole national law.
1. North Korea: Almost Everything

Isolated country in the world, I do not know how there is just cause of who you crazy. North Korean people not driving, people connecting to the outside world is allowed in your opinion, religious belief laugh, to share Watching TV, playing music, leave the country, and wearing blue jeans. Finally, it is a crime called North Korea. You have to call it as "Korea". You should be prepared to go to jail if you do not.

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