Top 10 Wrestling Moments That Shocked The World

Top 10 Wrestling Moments That Shocked The World

Professional wrestling is a fake game, but the fact is that putting their bodies on the line for days to entertain wrestling fans out and does not hide that day. It shows like a weekly episodic TV sitcom or drama series, the weekly boat moving simultaneously from their peak are several storylines. With decades of history, the ship has countless moments to cheer for her fans. Come to provide the shock factor that took the cake has been some moments in the year. Here are ten moments that shocked the wrestling world.

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1. Brock Lesnar breaks The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak

WrestleMania is the yard. This is the very first time that a group of Jimmy Snuka at WrestleMania 7. laced shoes for them to win one match after two decades and defined his career since followed around, streak with legends, had reached such an impressive 21-0 Sean Michaels, triple H, Ric flair and hunting show to show the falling edge.

WrestleMania 30 fans at the Superdome were waiting for bankruptcy, which will take streak to 22-0, but put a 3rd F-5 down to the brook and pinned to seal the deal! The millions watching at home stadium with 70,000 plus fans, they were left dumbstruck just seen.

The biggest game streak in entertainment history eventually died.

2. Hulk Hogan turns Heel

Next, the second 80, Hulk Hogan in the real world as in the ring, was the epitome of a good man. The message "eat their vitamins and to" say your prayers and the help of WWE rake in millions of dollars every year in this nice guy image for their young fans.

Hogan joined the WCW in the early 90s. PPV buys among the fans was clear from his popularity was fading and when it is deemed unacceptable WCW! Bash at the Beach 1996 PPV, Hogan turned heel by joining Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, new villains, and formed the New World Order. This association has proved highly successful in defeating WCW WWE live TV ratings for more than 80 weeks.

3. Goldberg squashes Brock in 57 seconds

WWE Brock Lesnar had invested a lot in the last 3 years. They were unbeaten streak of the WrestleMania 30 and a month later, brutally beat the poster boy John Cena SummerSlam PPV. After a string of matches against top WWE stars with every superstar is destroyed by the Beast.

WWE Goldberg came back after 12 years of absence, the joy of the fans like the old days, but they will not be in 2016. WWE is not going to let Lesnar ended their clash Survicor Series I knew it all the more valuable entity squash at any cost.

But on the PPV Goldberg's Jackhammer is a quick and pins that broke two ribs Brook destructive spears! Goldberg's only just begun field as pure murder was the end of two years of the disaster.

4. DX invades WCW

During the war peak Monday night, WCW and WWE whatever they could to the best competitive. WCW went ahead and started giving me tape the show aired before WWE Raw Results broadcast live on TV.

WWE fan favorite faction, DX, and a step forward in the fight against a WCW event. Complete with a tank and a microphone for verbal insults vomiting out of the competition, headed straight out in the DX entrance. Doors can be closed off tank and DX, WWE legend, returned after a moment to remember forever led by Triple H backs fans were just before.

5. C.M. Punk’s Pipe-bomb

Punk, who had become one of the most popular Superstars in WWE, was on his way out of his contract with the company expires on July 17th, 2011. He said that at one point an episode of Raw weeks opens his heart made out of the first to speak.

Promo lasted six minutes and would have gone on longer, the production team Mike was not going to bite. Cena Punk, rock and took out his frustration by blasting stars like Hulk Hogan. She noted Brock Lesnar and children's Cabana, usually never mentioned on WWE TV who likes. The promo has progressed further but Punk kicked the height of the top of the WWE food chain, cut off the fans were in the way.

6. Undertaker throws Mankind off the 16 ft high Hell in a Cell

WWE is one of the most famous scenes in the history, it has chills looked back as when the audience was broadcast 'spines directly sent.

Mind Games and attacks Months face off inside Hell in a Cell was the most strange and fear in the opponent. War, were so dominant cell can not hold it for long and had a great personality and climbed on top of the cell. Fans feared the worst and exactly the same, threw Mankind off the cell was announced on the table, the legendary announcer Jim Ross as you go out of this now famous words, "God is my witness, that one half as is broken! "

7. The Montreal Screwjob

I found a lucrative multi-million dollar contract to Bret Hart WCW, he decided to be his last match at Survivor Series 1997, Canada left the WWE in their home. Brett had to leave the promotion as champions and will leave it to allow the promoter to win the bout, Vince McMahon Vince request and agreed to the title the next night on Raw.

During the final moments of the match in front of a warm crowd, put Shawn Michaels Brett signature move, the Sharpshooter for the referee, Earl Hebner bell. The match was finished and was damaged beyond Bret Hart WWE title.

8. Owen Hart falls to his death in front of thousands of fans

The Over The Edge at the 1999 PPV, Owen Hart down to the ring as blue light, which was part of his entrance was about. Something went horribly wrong and the audience watched in horror, Owen Hart fell from the rafters inside the ring. EMTS screaming fans rushed to the ring.

Minutes later, Jim Ross announced spectators in the crowd and it was Owen Hart died tragically. In the mainstream media as a booming career unfortunately fell short of the accident is covered extensively reported.

9. Vince McMahon buys off WCW

Late 90s, Ted Turner's WCW come a time when the WWE put out of the business. Popularity of the WCW fans to change their products to children and adults rather than forcing WWE's demographic target.

The move succeeded and got back with your audience through the raw. On the other hand, turned out to WCW, ideas and running by early 2001, bankruptcy was on the verge of bankruptcy. Before WrestleMania 17 match on Raw, McMahon words in my hands the fate of "WCW was discussed nightmare- every WCW fans."

Shocked viewers died that night kick starting a new era of domination Raw-Nitro simulcast WCW WWE, watched.

10. Sandman crucified on ECW

While WCW and WWE is starting wars against each other during the late nineties, there was a small increase raking in fans with their antics on a weekly basis. ECW, run by Paul Heyman, the boat was moving cutter eyeballs with its own style, but that night, he took it a step too far.

Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle was in attendance and saw terror in ECW was crucified by Raven during a segment of the real, Sandy. I left the field in disgust and Letters fans. Heyman pouring had to apologize for the incident and started the campaign with Kurt Angle also threatened a lawsuit.

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