Top 10 Female Celebrities Who Rocked Short Hair!

Top 10 Female Celebrities Who Rocked Short Hair!

In a secret Hollywood glittery and luxurious world, women do not always try to be different every other actress or little open over, it was praised for doing something than it is to set a different trend and the I do not have to compete as unusual.

Many celebrities trending and new short hair suit everyone, even people thought that was chasing short hair did not look good on them, made it routine.

There are lots of hair Hollywood diva rocked:

10. Pink

As good as he is his music, not always been rosy, with her short hair, her hair is worn long growing. Her pink hair in a style and many people followed him settled trend. This attractive, many people have short hair, particularly hair shaved parts that do not suit them. But celebrities to prove people wrong.

9. Jennifer Lawrence

J- The only time law hearts when she was 21, when he was taking small roles in films before he became a Everdeen Katniss'? The world lost it.

By far, they rocked flawless hair is one of the most popular female celebrities. He has done this on the shoulders of hair styling and nailing every time it has been for the past 2 years. She slays! everything.

8. Halsey

He began raising new favorite of industry and youth music, even in adults, but can not appreciate good music. It's a fact of sadistic Tang to emo feelings inside and out.

Halsey recently to make any hard spikes his hair shop. It is a popular hairstyle among its fans.

7. Anne Hathaway

It lends itself to all kinds of women's roles and the same clothes as well as hairstyles. All this properly! He got rid of most of her hair several times, but he still looks pretty flawless.

Wears a fantastic kit was Satan Prada Anne trick, and they would hurt people to think they cut the greasy locks, but they did-and still rocked it, is (he's a pro).

6. Kaley Cuoco

We played this beautiful woman was the perfect neighbor know they hunk of 'Henry Cavil', many of our globally recognized and Superman in the 'Big Bang Theory'.

The existence of Sheldon Cooper and Clark Kent must be something extraordinary girlfriend and showing it proves that the best of this beautiful blond hair perfect hairstyles.

Kayley more hair adorn proves that quite well.

5. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon looks flawless as ever, and she was a teenager. He once said goodbye to him, but it is still embedded in the hair style, beauty, people's minds. People still like it, they can not pull off some shaking hair.

4. Halle Berry

Cat Woman long hair has never been, but Halle Berry character, he just said that this stone because it is the spiky going heck of truth, preferring to modern hair, because hair is not cut!

Halle Berry rarely though, she looks good in her hair, her hair grows long, her hair is so famous hair salon, it is high in demand.

3. Charlize Theron

I'm Sean Penn and Charlize girlfriend, he was alongside Jason Stathum, Chris Hemsworth and Mark Wahlberg. Girls like her to keep themselves fit, they are so in demand in Hollywood!

Charlize statements made in continuous mode and short hair was one of them. In this way they have since continued to keep her hair that looked so good on her.

2. Rihanna

Who does not know the Riri? We adored him, "Love the Way You Lie came out, and Best was also good to be true of her collaboration with Eminem and can still be heard in the vehicle as well as clubs.

He consistently maintained her hair in a short style, kept a very stylish and beautiful phenomenon!

1. Taylor Swift

Pop queen who knows? The heart is the government came out with its first album, Taylor Swift. Take her song Love Story, chart, great fans and teenage girls was topped when still sing fairy tale themed song lyrics and released 7 years ago to this day, even if he rose to fame absolutely loves.

Taylor Swift recently cut around off her hair, one with each of the trips had a new hairstyle, then it was a short-haired style which styled consistently in different ways trying something new, like, forever.

He was a perfect copy of its fan base and love her style!

Hope you enjoy our top 10 celebrities who rocked the short list! .. You can also list "bald look rocked the phones!" Like.

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