Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities Famous for Humanitarian Work

Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities Famous for Humanitarian Work

Feature to help the innocent victims of the righteous. We are not against the truth, but for the strength and courage to speak. What about just a few of the seven billion people around the world some courage, almost everyone we could get back to and feel less like a chicken to show hidden courage to do so for most of the time. Famous is no ordinary feelings like every other average person will be different from men. Although this assumption, but it is not the inauthentic. Celebrities are more like us, ordinary beings that kind of heart. They're full of sympathy. That's just one reason why we see a very different range and working for human rights in the region Hollywood. Out against the oppression of the oppressed race, religion and discrimination in the country, he raised his voice. Following are notable for the big names, his philanthropic work.

10 Hollywood celebrities famous for charity

10. Mark Ruffalo

Saving people from the political destruction is also a service to mankind. Such is the ideology of Mark Ruffalo who got Americans ponder for once to get serious for election 2016. He was urging his audience to vote against Trump owing to his self-centered views on almost everything.

9. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek will hear the name not only men but also for women enthusiasm. It's a beautiful spirit reflected in his work, not only for the beautiful face of hot air but with love. She has a powerful voice in the immigrant countries against violations of children's rights. He worked for Mexico's poor children to help prevent these drugs.

8. Brad Pitt

Just like the former wife of Brad Pitt Make It Right Foundation and the Human Species savings on various platforms such as Global Green. He met former US President Barack Obama, and various senators speaker to promote the idea of ​​green housings. With Angelina Jolie, he paid almost $ 8 million for charity.

7. Kanye West

If the record is a multiple award winning notice and the recording industry, Kanye West is excited to spread love in the work of human rights. Dr. Donna West Foundation worked with the ambition of magic ratio of students in the school. In addition, he worked for Doctor Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, and.

6. Lindsay Lohan

Many in this list may be surprised to see him but he acts against the violation of human rights, has only just started a few months ago. Syrian refugees now be the main focus, and he looks like a stick in the mud deep about it. Working with Turkish President and Turkish charities is detected by one of the fans. Now she has her own foundation built to work out the political implications.

5. Beyoncé

Spoken out against the dark shadow of the dominant ethnic difference in Buenos world. World 2011 run, that breaks the restrictions as they formed up and show the world how to be a black girl in the world. Beyonce is set to discuss a whole new level. The beacon of hope for black people in America and around the world.

4. Lady Gaga

Sexual assault is one of the most common violation of human rights. It is to be considered for one of the most needed areas. Lady Gaga not only to talk, but I have the courage to show some actions. The singer performed in highlighting this issue 88th Academy Awards.

3. George Clooney

Ah, that George Clooney, knows the crush of girls? It is a very beautiful aspect of it as well, besides being charming, George. He is sensitive, compassionate and very human. These are attributes that prompted it to work for poor people around the world. The most prominent part of it all, he does not hesitate to seek the help of people. Internationally renowned organization "is not on my watch" George Clooney and Brad Pitt, and an initiative of his Hollywood friends like Matt Damon. The purpose of this organization was to stop the genocide in Sudan. He personally talked to people visited the place and assured of their moral and financial support. Prevent genocide and deeper engagement is a peaceful protest outside the Sudanese Embassy in speaking out against the Sudanese government on various platforms, was arrested in the United States.

2. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey stunning face humanist philosophy of modern times is none. He's a loud actions to speak out against violations of women's rights. The show "Oprah Winfrey" She often educating its audience on the issue.

1. Angelina Jolie

How can we speak about human rights and about Angelina Jolie? With the charismatic actress known for soft by itself. Angeline of 2011. It is working for the UN's grave after the film was shot torn Cambodia as a Raider after the war. This was to be the inspiration behind his great appreciation for the humanitarian crisis. Miss Julie refugees and displaced persons went to the United Nations to lend a hand in working for people. He Tunisia, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Sri Lanka, worked for Costa Rica, India, Syria and many more. It works the most, though, either from outside or inside had affected Muslim-majority countries from the crisis.

In other refugees, Angelina Jolie human rights in the work area to which refugees Jolie Pit Foundation built its own organization called poverty. The Foundation focuses on rural poverty, natural resources and wildlife. It also plans to eliminate the medical problems with less financial donate a small charitable organization of medical doctors.

Was the third biggest of racial equality Angelina Jolie. A much-needed lesson we all need today. She became popular in his speech on Radio 4 in May 2016 than was thought emphasized the need for compassion towards one another beyond ethnic differences. Angelina, has 26 articles, has written 196 articles for 29 charities and participated in 12 videos in this regard. He will be remembered only as a social worker than an actress.

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