Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities Vocal about Their Political Stance in 2017

Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities Vocal about Their Political Stance in 2017

Speed ​​occurring in 2017 has been the most exciting year ever in terms of political changes. A man famous for celebrities, a man is still left secure in the past. Even began to take an interest in migration policies seems like monks. Australia Since existing power, thus affecting every bit of its policies in Third World countries. Every couple of controversial move can destroy countries and can literally bring a good move enrichment. Since Donald Trump became president, the US mainstream media burning the opinions of celebrities about the new US migration policies. The SAG Award for Grammy celebrities have been speaking out what's going on in their minds and animated American politics. Here are the top 10 list of US celebrities vocal about his political stance.

1. Meryl Streep

History will remember the 2017 scenario, Meryl Streep will always name. He fired back at the loud person in 2017 for speaking out against the policies of President Trump. While delivering a speech at the Golden Globes Event, Hugh Laurie Meryl quoted saying:

Do you and we all belong to the most despised classes in American society right now in this room. Think about it: Hollywood, foreigners, and press.

Women Meryl nature against Donald Trump and Trump was rated as "high" immigration policies for the actress on Twitter has been called ends. Meryl Streep also demonstrated this aversion to the scene of a disabled journalist mocked Mr. Trump.

2. Ashton Kutcher

Welcome to the Fortunately, the announcer Ashton Kutcher's SAG Awards and it is he to believe a murder Opening the "Airport welcomed the audience as each" This belonged to my American award said, "we love you and we welcome you". Social media artist take his wife are also dealing with the Cold War that is a haven for a country that the current refugee policy more resentment.

3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia is the daughter of an immigrant who fled from France had the right to speak out against the Nazi occupation he certainly prohibited immigrant.

I love this country and I am horrified by its flaws. Immigrant ban is un-American and flawless

He has spoken to hundreds of millions of people in the SAG Awards and the online audience.

4. Highly Suspect

The music industry could not be avoided but hatred and to express his hatred of racism during the entire migration policies. Johnny Stevens wrote that a jacket that "impeachment" and we all know what it means to be worn.

5. David K. Harbour

Stranger things have a solid hour to get David K. Harbor Star Award. His acceptance speech, the actor spoke in favor of migrants and refugees. He indirectly called Trump a monster. Speaking as he said:

We haven Satan and outcasts, no family. We'll get past it. We will be hunting monsters. And when we are at a loss between hypocrisy and certain persons and entities casual violence

6. Jimmy Fallon

The young guy did not do anything but say the party Trump by refusing to perform most of the opening day of the musicians poked the Trump Golden Globe Awards. After calling a bad actor Meryl Streep music, he refused to perform at the inauguration of even further. It turned out to be a blast.

7. Beyoncé

Although Buenos literally did not talk much about the political scene, but he was done in respect to the violation of women's rights on the presidential level. The performance of women's power, raised his lyrics like "1000 Girls weapons, so we're going to be healed, let the glorious" went

8. Katy Perry

Golden Globe Awards, performing the song, Katy Perry projected behind the US Constitution. He also wears a clearly Armband are "" Whoever said. What about it do her last words "No hate as he put his whole performance was" one of the most important and even though I feel strange about the current political climate.

9. Neil Portnow

Neil Portnow political stands in 2017
Awards Neil Portnow, Grammy, to have Mr. Donald Trump "It is our collective responsibility to protect what is behind us." I mean in the case of immigrants.

10. Kerry Washington

Celebrities vocal about his political stance
It is known for scandals, Kerry Washington posted an image of unity and harmony represents a safety pin attached to her dress on Instagram. "For the safety of our fellow citizens to protect humans and will not stop fighting," he said. Using the hashtag #NoBanNoWall ban and Mexico in the wall.

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