Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Women

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Women

Each country has its fair share of beautiful women, Japan is no exception. But slightly different beauty standards in Japan. Since the 1970s the "cuteness of" women emerged as a desired aesthetic. Therefore, expect the list to have some beautiful girls. Here are some of the 10 most beautiful Japanese women and the cutest girls in the world.

10. Misaki Ito

This beautiful Japanese model and actress has appeared in several TV shows and movies. They also provided for the 2004 Games "not everything or James Bond 007" "Miss Naga". Although he is now 39 years old, but can still be called one of the most beautiful Japanese women.

9. Keiko Kitagawa

His first name is kinda cute. This girl is an actress and former model. She decided to quit modeling to focus on "Seventeen" (a particular model for a Japanese magazine), but soon her acting career. The number of films and TV shows, including The Fast and Furious has appeared in a Hollywood movie: Tokyo Drift (2006).

8. Mao Inoue

Mao after a long running film ever in Japanese television shows, especially "children", started his career at 5 years old. Also working in the TV series ever to do occasional modeling projects, Mao also appeared in several Japanese films. Since 2006 he has worked in over 10 films, and contributed to some of them.

7. Aragaki Yui

Aragaki is known for TV dramas with her incredible beauty and several characters in the movies Yui. This beauty has starred in a series of sounds, from a Hollywood movie and video game. In addition to being a recognized actress, a model, singer and occasional radio host Yui.

6. Honda Tsubasa

Honda turned actress and model. He started as an exclusive model for "Seventeen" magazine in 2006. In 2007, he decided to switch the magazine, and became a special model for Love Berry. In 2010 he changed again to work for the no. He made an appearance in various TV shows, movies, music videos and commercials. But he landed on the list is her looks, according to the most beautiful Japanese women.

5. Nozomi Sasaki

The Nozomi is a Japanese glamor model and former professional fashion model. He basically started modeling at the age of 14. They modeled for fashion / cosmetic advertisements. In the years since her modeling career, she was a model and contributor to the magazine member.

Like many other entries in this list, he has starred in movies and television shows. But the most impressive feature of this woman is amazingly beautiful, and even can be considered not only in Japan but around the world, the most beautiful woman, it is her looks.

4. Masami Nagasawa

A highly talented and popular Japanese actress Masami Nagasawa, who has been working in one of the most successful Japanese films. The smile can melt the hearts of millions, this beauty does not look good around the stand. He has received many awards for outstanding acting. There is some real money behind the beautiful outdoor talents.

3. Mikie Hara

The fact that we could not find much information about a Japanese gravure idol and actress Also this beautiful woman. Talk about beautiful women subject, so let's allow that to happen. That Mikie Hara is one of the hottest women in Japan do not doubt there, but her beautiful face can melt the hardest of men that just adds to the overall appeal. The Mikie our list of 3rd most beautiful Japanese women, but they very well may be the most beautiful woman in the list, according to you, and that's totally fine.

2. Kyoko Fukada

Often it is called with the nickname Fukakyon, the Japanese beauty is also a talented singer as a successful actress. She won the Best Actress Award at the Yokohama Film Festival for girls Kamikaze. She has appeared in several films, and released multiple albums. But above all, he is an extraordinarily beautiful woman, in fact, he is one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

1. Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki is the most popular and one of the most successful Japanese singer and recording artist. During his career, he has developed his lyrical content and sometimes wrote all of his musical partners. With more than 83 million records sold worldwide, is one of the most successful singer in Southeast Asia.

Often called Japanese Madonna, the singers Ayumi beat several women's race, with his talent, but also the most models not only in terms of beauty. He called fashion icon, a trend setter, and often listed as "the most fashionable artists". Greek is the most beautiful Japanese woman Ayumi Hamasaki with the goddess.

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