Top 10 Successful Actors Who Were Once Pornstar

Top 10 Successful Actors Who Were Once Pornstar

We think that while being a pornstar, is the worst thing in the world but none of us want our favorite celebrities have become porn. However, some big names from the film industry have already pornography. Has accepted almost all worked in Films publicly Entries in this list. This is not a very successful porn actors and actresses.
10. Sibel Kekilli (Dilara)

10 Pornstar been successful actor who once
By Sibel is a German actress, who rose to fame and gained wide public attention after starring in the 2004 film. That for her performance in the head, the two Lolas, the most prestigious German film awards which has won two and when we left (2010). One of the most popular American TV show Game "Shae" game the throne. He also gained some attention for his activism against violence against women.

Surprisingly the stage name Sibel began her career as a porn actress with "Dilara". But today he is a successful actress and porn world was past.

9. Cameron Diaz

Pornstar as Cameron Diaz
A tall, strikingly attractive blue eyes and natural blonde, Cameron Diaz currently one of the most successful and popular actress of Hollywood. The Star Trek series, Spiderman and Knight and Day, including several highly appeared in films in which the film is the second highest for the box office 7 billion $, a model worldwide combined All.

He has been praised for acting talent in films like Gangster in New York, and there is nothing about Mary. No doubt he is one actress play the most. But a surprise for her fans, she has appeared though, a brief moment in pornography.

8. Angelique Pettyjohn

By Angelique Pettyjohn
Angelique was a popular American actress. They can do more than as many television series like Lost Empire, Repo Man, Biohazard and speed of a helper has appeared in classic films.

He has also starred in several films nude during the early 1980s, the titillation of, Stalag performing in hardcore adult films of the 69, and the body. Angelique cervical cancer caused by 48 years of age died in 1992.

7. Shu Qi

Shu Qi as Pornstar
Remember the woman first installment of the Transporter series? Well, she was a porn actress once. But today she has starred in multiple films including the highly successful Chinese actress, who is a Journey to the West.

6. Karrine Steffans

Pornstar as Karrine Steffans
The author of a popular series of books won with Vixen. He has also worked as an actress in many of the more than 20 music videos, multiplatinum-selling rap artists.

Obviously, this tough woman had a troubled childhood. He was an alcoholic mother grew up in poverty and facing emotional and physical abuse at the hands of indifferent father, and was raped when she was 13. However, she decided to jump out of the situation, and at the age of I ran away from home 16, and began working as an exotic dancer. Hard times hit, they did a porn movie. But there is a bright and successful we can easily forget the dark past.

5. Jackie Chan

Pornstar, as Jackie Chan
Shocked? This entry will be probably the most incredible sense for most readers. This extraordinary actor and martial artist who has starred in over 150 films, has also appeared in a porn movie.

In 1975, due to a porn movie, all the commercial failures of Jackie Chan's family was a suitable nude sex scene said. To this day, it is the only film without any fight scene or stunt.

4. Sunny Leone

If you are in India you already know everything about it, including voice connection with the porn world. He had a number of films, and a porn actress won several awards from the porn industry.

But that was then and this is now. Why he is one of the most personality of all Google searches and 21 million followers on Facebook alone is not a reason. He is very famous in India.
Sunny Leone's television show Bigg Boss, the Indian entertainment industry, began his career with the Big Brother oriented. After gaining fame on the show, he received several offers from Bollywood filmmakers. Today, he is an established actor, and the industry's most respected work with people.

3. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, aka Rambo or Rocky Balboa. But once they suffer misfortune. In Stallone evicted from his apartment, and found himself homeless for several days. To earn some money, they have a role in soft-core pornography feature film kitty party and stud (1970) agreed to do so. He was paid $ 200 for two days of work.

2. Helen Mirren

Very few actors Helen won a best actress in the world between the Triple Crown of Acting, and Best Actress Academy Award. But surprisingly many people are unaware of the fact that the woman appeared at the Gold, which includes a movie, the "Roman orgy" scene called Caligula.

1. Peter O’Toole

For one actor received the most Oscar nominations of the most acclaimed actresses. Similarly, Helen, who appeared in Caligula, a clear pornographic film. A heavyweight actor Peter O'Toole mainstream, he had received 8 Oscar nominations, but unfortunately missed every time. Also Read: - 10 great actor who has never won an Oscar.