Top 10 Most Popular Pets in America

Top 10 Most Popular Pets in America

What are America's most popular pet? The American people own cats and 88.3 million plus 142 million freshwater fish 74.8 million dogs and 24.3 million small animals. Although the number of dogs than cats owned, it still wanted most in any average American home and family and is much loved pet. Pets serve as companions and help fight boredom. He alone can fill the emptiness in life.

Why Americans when it comes to pet you want, however, is considered to be disturbing reasons. These pets were easy to talk to socialize with others and do not pet people looking to start a conversation with the Make it easier because. Science says that by the way, because people in America is annoying having a pet.

Pets are creatures that can be cuddled and can be enjoyed by people from the daily grind of work for their affection. Pet normal, especially senior homes being used for therapy against depression and loneliness. We have compiled a list of the most popular pets in the United States. Approximately 73 million homes in the US have at least one pet.

10. ferrets

America's most popular pet
Queen not only during the reign of Queen Victoria commissioned the building special cages for ferrets, gained the popularity of ferrets, but the ferrets began gifts for visiting heads of state. In 1994 as pets in households was estimated that more than 7 million ferrets in the United States. Although there are ferrets (the large differences) due to the characteristics of both cats and dogs are popular. Playful yet they are small and do during their entire life. Unlike dogs, they do not need to be taken for a walk at 2 am, and yet they are highly social and dirt more training. Around 15-20 hours of sleep a day ferrets and neutered Depending on their state, they go by different names.

9. iguanas

A large orange iguana
Although they appear to be very scary, iguanas can be non-trivial pets. Also because of their merit and not take them for a walk around being lazy, persist their pets and responsible person. They can look for appropriate care, food and shelter to 20 years that are difficult animals. Since most of these iguanas live happily in terrariums they grow, there needs to be enough space to move around. It loves basking in sunlight (it is a solitary animal!) And no sunshine comes in the house of the pet doctors recommend artificial light.

8. Snakes

Pet Snake
If given proper care, Snake can be aged more than 40 years. Because of growing demand for pet snakes, snake industry is particularly attractive to a ball came to life in the United States under the python species like corn snakes. A snake often have to be fed and the food does not need all five to fourteen days. Snakes are bred and born in captivity, so they are considered good pets as these pets are caught from the wild. Snakes can be very low maintenance pets. The most common species is not more than five feet in length and requires minimum space.

7. Birds

Best Pet Birds
The birds had already been imprisoned for more than 4,000 years ago, their beauty. Birds have always been associated with dinner, but there are many animal species are kept as pets. A few types of birds actually very beautiful and rare parrot family with birds. Pets are more commonly placed on canary birds and parrots in the home. cockatiels, pigeons, budgerigars, sparrows and the Lovebirds, such as certain species can thrive and develop proper parrot care but there are better left in the wild as pets with other species. Birds can make wonderful companions and can last for dozens of years until the big guys. Bird nutrition, need attention and care factors should be taken into account before taking a pet.

6. The Guinea Pig

Pet Guinea Pig
British immigrants brought to America in the early 1900s, the first guinea pigs with them. Has been popular pets because they have a friendly disposition with no tendency to bite since. Their caging needs is very easy to handle since they can not jump or climb. Pets are relatively robust with fewer health problems. He is fun and easy for children to play with the newborn guinea pigs are fully prepared with his eyes and mouth open. This is not only a popular farm animal non-pork popular diets for Muslim Americans in rural areas.

5. Mice

Pet rats
Pet offspring mice was first launched in China. He was placed in the royal palaces, but they are in the world. Usually a mouse can live up to 3 years. The garden rat were also surprised us live for twelve years when Ronald Weasley, but not surprised because we forgive loophole in the excitement of Harry Potter. Mice are the most widely distributed mammals after humans. Mice live in homes that night. They feed on insects, small plants and seeds. Female mouse can give birth to 4-7 younglings every thirty days, but due to the large number of predators, these younglings do not survive for long.

4. Fish

Tiny pet fish
Fish that have been discovered and some fishing Other people in the US is the most popular hobby 25,000 species. Keeping fish is always looking for a pet that is a favorite because it brings both the company and relaxation. Now is also a good amount of stability exuded by comfort fish floating in the water. It brings relaxation and soothes the mind. See slow moving fish is comfortable for people with swimming hyperactive minds. Very high energy level with children can benefit from seeing the fish. Fish are popular pets because they feed, are cheaper to buy, cheaper and does not require much space. They are relatively clean and low maintenance pets. The most popular among pet goldfish known species.

3. Hamsters

Hamsters two
as history is interesting enough hamsters are descended from hamsters were brought today in North America first. When it comes to scientific experiments when Hamsters are popular because they can be free to reproduce at a fast rate and disease. Farmers are trying to consider them a nuisance and to kill them in different ways, but the most popular is the one who saved them from the cruel.

2. Cats

Pet Cat
Cats in the wild in North America could be present but pet specie was brought in with the first English. It was originally imported to control the problem as rodents. Very few people know that cats will eventually become the favorite pet in North America. Although the number of cats in the United States is bigger than dogs, we would still like to keep up on the most favorite pets of the dogs in our many families like the limited space like dogs, but problems because. Cats very playful but not as loyal dogs and are usually finished to be a little selfish. Siamese is ranked as the most popular breed of cats in the United States. This inward and is eager to discuss with you all day and night if you want.

1. Dogs

America's most popular pet
Dogs are the most popular pets in the United States. There are several reasons for this. Dogs are very loyal and protective. Research has proven that a dogs loyalty to his master is none. They generally love with the children and their owners. Some dogs are good with children and can be trained better than others. Less master dog will know and will try to engage playfully surly mood. Do not need a lot of care for dogs that are strong animals. They will be fed on a regular basis though, but it's out of habit than out of need for food.

Dogs are not very expensive and even dog food is not very expensive. However, if you choose to buy a pedigree dog or if you have unusual health problems, it can cost you a fortune in terms of doctor's fees. According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever is America's most popular breed of dog.

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